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Indian Wedding directory

Truely Marry Wedding Directory, the one and only online resource portal you will need to plan and organize your big day. We have a full comprehensive list of wedding service providers around the India. As all Wedding Services like Dress to Beautician, Mandap to Music, Flower to Decoration , Wedding Planner to Caterers must be required for a Perfect Wedding day. Free Wedding Directory provides you one stop solution to make your dream wedding favorable and professionally.

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Indian Wedding directory

  1. 1. Wedding Directory ??? Wedding Directory is a process of finding right suppliers, vendors and service providers for your wedding ceremony. Indian Wedding Directory is the collection of wedding files like as Wedding Planner System, Video & Photography, Furnishing System and many more…
  2. 2. As Indian Marriage ceremony is elaborate and complex with lots of ceremonial events, requires immense planning and preparation. All aspects from the beginning to the ending of this gracious occasion has to be done appropriately in order to give it a perfect shape. We hope to help, not only bride and groom but also your family, to inform every tiny little aspect of your planning related to organizing your wedding ceremony.
  3. 3. Wedding Directory Services Wedding Planner System Video & photography Hotels/Accommodations Sarees Boutiques Jewelers Sweet shops Beauty Parlors Tours & Travels
  4. 4. Enjoy your Wedding Day Wedding Day should be most happiest days of your life. Here at have found some great information to help you plan your perfect wedding. If you are looking for wedding dresses, wedding jewellery and wedding music and more and more… You have come to the right place.
  5. 5. Phases
  6. 6. Planning is the process of thinking about and organizing the activities, in which different vendors are planned in different categories.
  7. 7. Implementing is the process of designing and execution of a plan, idea, model, design… Some services like as B2B service, Online Marketing, Direct Marketing, E-Commerce etc…
  8. 8. B2B Services Wedding Directory provides the Business-tobusiness(B2B) service which describes commerce transactions between businesses, such as between a suppliers and a customers. Online Marketing Online marketing is used to deliver marketing messages to consumers. Indian Wedding directory provides the different messages to suppliers.
  9. 9. Direct Marketing Wedding Vendors provides the Direct Marketing Services which helps to the suppliers to communicate directly to the customers via cell phones, email and online display ads and Text messaging. E-Commerce Wedding Services provides the E-Commerce Services where selling and buying of products are conducted by an electronic media.
  10. 10. Review is the evaluation of the products and services which are the conducted by the suppliers. Suppliers review all the product and their services of the wedding directory system that includes the various categories. Product reviews can be done either individually, or as a comparison to similar products.
  11. 11. Wedding Directory Services provides the assessment phase in which each and every suppliers assess the final products and their services after that use their services in the wedding ceremony.
  12. 12. Wedding Directory Gallery You always wish to get exclusive designs for your wedding items like Wedding Cards, Dresses, Jewels, etc. To fulfill your wish, check our exclusive design gallery categorized to each and every wedding items.
  13. 13. Different Products
  14. 14. Search Here
  15. 15. Market Needs Wedding Directory is providing to the customers with a high quality wedding services that specializes in both Consumer needs as well as demand of society.
  16. 16. Why It necessary??? Confused? Frustrated? Planning your dream wedding and don’t know where to start? If that’s the case then Truely Marry Wedding Directory is for you. Whatever your needs, whether it is your wedding day or simply someone close to you, we are proud to provide the details of reliable suppliers, their inspirations, advice and services.
  17. 17. Planning a wedding is no easy task. Booking the venue is considered the most important step, next comes the wedding attire, jewellery, florists, the décor and the list goes on and on. Make your special day come alive, just the way you want it. Simply log on to the Truelymarry Wedding Directory and find everything you need to make your wedding day simply magical. From hotels, wedding attire, jewellery, shoes, beauticians, florists, musical bands, DJs, wedding planners, caterers, photographers, honeymoon locations to traditional wedding service providers it’s all on line!
  18. 18. Wedding Business & Service Providers The directory also serves as a way to make new businesses and promote new products. We understand the stresses for new businesses in order to succeed in this competitive market. Wedding Services shows how to select your products for the wedding ceremony to make it perfect & magical.
  19. 19. Service Provider provides the various services like communications (with the suppliers), Storage (new products) and many more…. It is more generally used to refer to third party or outsourced suppliers.
  20. 20. listing options available in the directory??? We offer 2 types of listing which helps to select the product from wedding directory. Basic Listing Enhanced Listing Contd..
  21. 21. Basic Listing With a Basic Listing you can manage your own profile. A basic listing will show your business name, address, phone number and directions. Basic listing which offers the most basic listing type, or you can choose from one of our premium package.
  22. 22. Enhanced Listing This listing type will always appear above all Basic listings. Enhanced listings get a logo and a short description to help your business stand out from basic listings .
  23. 23. Category package This option give your business maximum exposure on our directory with a guaranteed top 3 position for every single search in your county and category, and we support your listing with a 'Top Supplier'. This has priority over and will always show on the front page of wedding directory.
  24. 24. Growth Wedding Directory increases to help in the demand for a particular product or service over time. Here, Market growth increases on the demand of the products and their services.
  25. 25. Future Plans Wedding Directory increases the growth of the products for the future use day by day. It helps to provide more products related to the wedding directory and whatever a supplier demands to the products, it helps to provide the accurate product to the customers. And moreover, It will provide the online transaction for the customers. It helps to book your product via online easily.
  26. 26. Customer Satisfaction It is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or customer expectation. Customer satisfaction should not be viewed in a vacuum. For example, A customer may be satisfied with a product or service and therefore rate the product or service highly in a survey and yet same customer may buy another product.
  27. 27. Customer Satisfaction Customer’s view about a product or service are useless if customer’s view about competitors products are not understood. So, Firstly, it should be considered the services or basic details of any product.
  28. 28. Wedding Planners Wedding planners typically coordinate the activities of caterers, photographers, musicians and other service providers on behalf of the couple. Planning, launching and running a wedding planning business involves researching the current look for the wedding industry, writing a business plan and finding to start your wedding planning business.
  29. 29. Steps for Wedding Planning… •Plan your budget •Find Your Perfect Wedding Venue •Select wedding date •Select Your Wedding Rings •Plan your Wedding Guest List •Choosing The Dress •Order Wedding Stationery •Book a Wedding Photographer •Arrange Stage Here, Wedding Directory helps to search out these things by wedding directory products and their services.
  30. 30. Wedding Planning Tools Online wedding planning tools, provide you with all the necessary steps and tools to effectively plan your wedding. We understand that wedding planning is stressful, so we didn't want to create MORE stress. Our mission was to create a set of wedding planning tools to relieve stress and create a fun with the wedding planning process.
  31. 31. Wedding Supplier Directory This wedding directory has been specially designed to enable prospective wedding couples to easily find suppliers and vendors in their locality. You can add multiple businesses to the Wedding Supplier Directory. Simply login to the self service system to create, update and manage your listing(s). Alternatively you could call our sales team
  32. 32. Why we use online Wedding planner??? As we know, organization is the key to success. Even the most organized person may think they have a handle on their wedding planning and don’t need a wedding coordinator or online wedding planner to help them get organized. The truth is many people have no idea as to the depth of detail and the amount of details that go into wedding planning. Wedding Planner provides you with the tools to get organized and to log every detail of your wedding. This wedding planning service and online wedding planner is extremely user friendly and simplifies the whole wedding planning experience.
  33. 33. Login here !!! To find a true life Partner Log in Search Here !!! To make your wedding life perfect