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Shipping for your Yahoo store can be easy and efficient with ReadyShipper. Follow these step by step directions to connect ReadyShipper to your Yahoo store. You'll instantly have one system to print all your UPS, FedEx and USPS shipping labels. ReadyShipper even updates Yahoo with tracking and shipping after you're done printing all your shipping labels.

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Yahoo Shipping Setup - TrueShip

  1. 1. © TrueShip lnc. 2012 Page 1 How to get started with the Yahoo! Module The Yahoo Module for ReadyShipper is designed to get the most out of your Yahoo! Store. It delivers a simplified shipping process through one powerful solution for all your UPS, FedEx and USPS shipments. Easily import your orders automatically or on demand, the Yahoo! module supports the way you work with great flexibility. This is a complete shipping integration that will assist you in quickly organizing and shipping your orders and delivers the features to post the shipping and tracking information back to your Yahoo! Store. This Module is compatible will all versions of Yahoo! Merchant that support the API integration. The following pages will walk you through the standard set-up. To get started: • You must have be an active Yahoo! Store with access to Admin Panel. • ReadyShipper 6.5.4 or greater installed and running on your PC or Mac. • The Yahoo! Module for ReadyShipper must be downloaded to your desktop. The first step is to set-up the authorize ReadyShipper for use with your Yahoo! Store. Select: “Real-Time Links” Yahoo! Store Manager
  2. 2. © TrueShip lnc. 2012 Page 2 Yahoo! Module Set-up Select “API Settings” • Select “Add New Partner”. • Enter TrueShip Partner ID below exactly as shown: ypa-002633114459 • Click “Next”. API Settings Screen Real-Time Links Screen
  3. 3. © TrueShip lnc. 2012 Page 3 Yahoo! Module Set-up To complete your set-up follow these three steps: 1) Enter the Partner Access Token that that you received by email. 2) Enter your Store ID. Your Store account name or Store ID can be found on your Account Info page. In Store Manager, click the “Account Info” link under the Site Settings column. At the top of the page you will see “Store Account Name”. *** When copying the account name (ID), the “yhst” must be included.*** 3) Enter your Starting Order Number See the following page for an examples... Once the partner ID has been added, a partner access token will be generated and sent to you by email. You need to enter this Partner Access Token field in ReadyShipper’s Yahoo! Module Settings screen. If you have not done so already, download the Yahoo! Module from Save it to your desktop. It will look like a puzzle piece. Double click on the puzzle piece to install the module and continue set-up. The Yahoo! Module will ensure all remaining connections. Once the Yahoo! module is installed in ReadyShipper go to : Modules > Yahoo! > Settings Yahoo Module Yahoo! Module Settings Screen
  4. 4. © TrueShip lnc. 2012 Page 4 Yahoo! Module Set-up Yahoo! Starting Order Number 12 Total Orders 2 New Orders 485-493 492-493 • Copy the value in this position and paste it in the “Starting Order ID” field in ReadyShipper’s Yahoo! Module Screen. Store Account Name yhst-123456789123456 Yahoo! Store ID • Copy the value in this position and paste it in the “Store ID” field in ReadyShipper’s Yahoo! Module Screen.
  5. 5. © TrueShip lnc. 2012 Page 5 Yahoo! Module Set-up For a video demonstration on how to import and update your Yahoo! orders look to the Modules page at For additional instructions on how to use ReadyShiper, including demonstrational videos, PDF’s and sample import files look to the Demos and Manuals page at You can also contact us with your questions by visiting the Support page at and submitting a service ticket. Yahoo! and the Yahoo! brandmark, are trademarks of Yahoo!, Inc., All Rights Reserved. You are now ready to import your orders. Like other modules, your can access your Yahoo! order import from the Modules menu or from the “Import” button shown on ReadyShipper’s main screen. Either way takes you to the Yahoo! Order Browser where you can set your import to run automatically or on demand.