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Amazon shipping can be easy and efficient with ReadyShipper shipping software. Follow these step by step directions to connect your Amazon account to ReadyShipper.

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Amazon Shipping - TrueShip

  1. 1. How to get started with the Amazon Module © TrueShip llc. 2012 Page 1 The Amazon Module for ReadyShipper delivers the latest in integration technology from Amazon. This Module is available for use only with Pro Merchant or paid Seller Central accounts and is PC and Mac compatible. The new Amazon Module brings advanced multi-carrier shipping to your desktop. Features include batch import, view, update and more. This module reads the order status from your Amazon account so that only new orders are imported into ReadyShipper. You are protected from importing the same order twice. After shipping, ReadyShipper updates your Amazon account with the shipping method (carrier), status, tracking number and date. The shipping status is always updated to keep your Merchant account performance rating at the highest level. The new Amazon Module for ReadyShipper requires the following information: • Marketplace ID • Merchant ID Getting started is free and it takes only a few minutes. Start by going to: ™ Click here to get started. It’s free and takes only a few minutes.
  2. 2. © TrueShip llc. 2012 Page 2 Amazon Module Activation This is a short process. There are only 3 steps. To complete this screen you must: 1) Type the application name (ReadyShipper) into the text box. This name is for your own records and does not need to be exact. 2) Type the application‘s developer account identifier (2396-9851-7446) into the next text box. This must be exact. Click Next. Enter the email and password used with your Amazon Merchant account. You do not need to sign-up for a new account. Accept the MWS License Agreement in two places. Click Next. ReadyShipper 2396-9851-7446
  3. 3. © TrueShip llc. 2012 Page 3 Amazon Module Activation The final step delivers your AWS Merchant and Marketplace IDs Shown below is a sample screen of what you can expect to see in the final step of activation. It is recommended that you cut and paste these keys directly into the appropriate fields in ReadyShipper’s Amazon Module. Note that TrueShip does not have access to this information. In the event that these keys are lost TrueShip is unable to recover them. You will need to apply for a new set of keys. For additional instructions on how to use ReadyShiper, including demonstrational videos, PDF’s and sample import files look to You can also contact support with your questions at Amazon and the Amazon brandmark, are trademarks of, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Marketplace ID Save this Key for use in the Amazon Module for ReadyShipper. (shown below) Merchant ID Save this ID for use in the Amazon Module for ReadyShipper. (shown below) Amazon Module Settings Screen The new Amazon Module from TrueShip is for use only with ReadyShipper 6.5.2 and later. The screen shown to the left is located in ReadyShipper’s Modules menu. Select Amazon and then choose Settings. Cut and paste your Merchant and Marketplace IDs and click Save. XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX