Our Mission to Spread Ideas and Change Minds by Cracking Creativity - TrueLogic Manifesto


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"We all are creative" is what TrueLogic believes. Creativity and art is an attitude, culturally driven and available to anyone who chooses to adopt it.

We have written a manifesto on "Cracking Creativity" to honor Filipino artists & see the creative things they have done. We hope by reading our Manifesto you will join us in this movement.

Contact us if your brand needs a creative kick, or you'd like to know more about TrueLogic.


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Our Mission to Spread Ideas and Change Minds by Cracking Creativity - TrueLogic Manifesto

  1. 1. Cracking CreativityA TrueLogic.com.ph Manifesto
  2. 2. Creativity is evolving into publishingwhere storytelling, advertising, andtechnology intersect. To be creative isto be human, and we are all artistsbecause art is an attitude, culturallydriven and available to anyone whochooses to adopt it.This manifesto is a call for change.Figure out what you Let your voice bestand for. heard across aWhether you are telling media-saturatedstories for your brand or world.for yourself, the first step Maybe it’s because we areis knowing what values all so overloaded withyou stand for. information, maybe it’s because we are all so starved for meaning. If you want to be heard, then you should learn to tell better AMORSOLO - Painter stories. HIDALGO - PainterAn audience can be your secretweapon.Talk about your values, design, business, andleadership. All companies have customers. Luckycompanies have fans.But the most fortunate companies have audiences. Ifyour audience likes what you write, they’ll probablywant to try your products and/or services. Don’t buypeople’s attention. Let them voluntarily give it. NICK JOAQUIN - Novelist Your competitors are doing the same things. Instead of always trying to out-spend, out-sell, or out-sponsor competitors, try to out-teach them. Teaching probably isn’t something your competitors are even thinking about. Most businesses focus on selling or servicing, but teaching never occurs to them.JUAN LUNA - Painter
  3. 3. The times they are a-changin.The future of your business is defined through sharedexperiences. What is the value of customer acquisitionif retention itself isn’t valued?The world is changing. Brands are experimenting withpaid, owned, and earned media to reach connectedconsumers in their channels of relevance. Great artists honor, study, credit, trans- form, and remix. “I rip off everyone I meet” by Wendie Macnaughton, illustrator and a graphic journalist based in San Francisco. You don’t need to be a genius, you just need to be yourself. In the idea economy, the role of remix - “stealing” art that resonates with your values - is totally fine. The sovereignty you have over your work will inspire far more people than the actual content ever will.So what are youwaiting for?We are not asking you tohurry up and get started.We are curious about whatexactly are you insistingbefore you stand for whatyou believe and make ithappen. Contact us if your brand needs a creative kick, or if youd like to know more about TrueLogic. Email Info@TrueLogic.com.ph