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Giacobello joshua ted_assignment


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Giacobello joshua ted_assignment

  1. 1. Brené Brown“The best way to live is to embrace vulnerabilityand to stop trying to control and predict whathappens in your life.” Brené BrownThe Power of Vulnerability Changing Perceptions
  2. 2. Qualitative Researcher or Storyteller?An event manager called Ms. Brown wonderingwhat they should call her in the newspaper forthe event she had scheduled. The eventmanager called up Ms. Brown and said they didnot want to call her a researcher in fear that noone would show up to her conference. Thewoman then asked her if she could call Ms.Brown a storyteller, as a way to get morepublicity, and Ms. Brown thinks to herself “whynot just call me a pixie”
  3. 3. Intriguing Isn’t It?• Ms. Brené Brown brings information to the table in a informative and unique way, she keeps you on the edge of your seat. Anticipation is her best storytelling quality.• Brené has a very positive attitude, she uses a lot of dynamic in her voice, and knows exactly when to use it.• She has a way of keeping you focused on the topic she is informing you about because she is well taught on the subject.
  4. 4. Lean Into the Discomfort• Connection gives purpose and meaning to the lives of everyone; neurobiologically it’s how we are wired• In order to allow connection to be truly established we have to show people who we really are and embrace vulnerability• Whole hearted people live with a strong sense of worthiness
  5. 5. Shame• Shame unravels connection, shows the fear of disconnection• Boils down to two things1. People who have a strong sense of belonging believe they are worthy of love and belonging2. People who have a weak sense of belonging believe they are not worthy of love and belonging• Vulnerability is the core of shame, fear, and our struggle for worthiness but it is also the birthplace of joy, creativity, belonging, and love.
  6. 6. Courage• To be able to tell who you are with your whole heart• Willingness to let go of who you should be and to show people who you really are• Embrace Vulnerability
  7. 7. Can we Embrace Vulnerability?• Our generation numbs vulnerability; you can not selectively numb emotions, numbing some means numbing them all• The more afraid we are, the more vulnerable we are, the more afraid we are
  8. 8. Examples of Numbness in our Society• Religion, once a question of faith and mystery has now been made certain by people scared to embrace the unklnown. They use I’m right you’re wrong as a way of defending their beliefs.• Politics has lost its conversational appeal and gone straight towards tossing blame on the other party instead of cooperating and making the world better• We use blame as a way to discharge pain and discomfort, somewhat like pain pills.
  9. 9. Stop• Trying to perfect things like your figures and your children. Your job as parents is to say “ you’re perfect and you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.”• Pretending like what you do has no effect or impact on other people• Faking authenticity in your apologies, show that you are capable of Embracing Vulnerability and don’t mask the pain your emotions create
  10. 10. What We Should Do• Let ourselves be seen, deeply seen, vulnerably seen• Love with our whole Hearts even though there is no guarantees• To practice gratitude and joy in moments of wonder and terror• Become vulnerable for it means you are alive• Believe that you are enough• Stop screaming and start listening, if we are kind and gentler to ourselves, we are kind and gentler to the people around us
  11. 11. Brené Brown Sir Ken Robinson • Has a good dynamism • Uses very powerful dynamism • Has relevent information • Has relevant information and that keeps listeners keeps you intrigued intrigued. • Is concerned about our future as well as the future of our kids • Uses her body launguage • Has real world applicable as a way to convey how she information is feeling and relays her • Stays on topic and uses stories feelings to others well from his own life to keep you laughing