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History of spam


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History of spam

  1. 1. Web Research y/default.aspx
  2. 2. The Hormel Food CompanySpam is owned by the Hormel FoodCompany and was founded by Jay Hormel inthe late 1930’s. Spam was a popularalternative to corned beef in the secondworld war, and has since thrived in sales dueto its historical and comical values.George A. Hormel, an ambitious entrepreneur and the son of German immigrants, establishedtoday’s Hormel Foods Corporation in 1891 as Geo. A. Hormel & Co. in Austin, Minn. Sales offresh pork products flourished in the late 1890s. The company set up its first branch sales officein Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1901. It was Jay C. Hormel who brought a penchant for inventionto his father’s company. Jays innovative thinking brought about a host of exciting newproducts, including Dinty Moore® beef stew and Hormel® chili in 1935. In 1937, Geo. A. Hormel& Co. introduced a product that would become world-renowned–SPAM® luncheon meat.Hormel Foods has been named one of “The400 Best Big Companies in America” by ForbesMagazine for ten consecutive years since1999. In 2008, Hormel Foods was honoredwith the Food Processor of the Year award byFood Processing magazine, recognizing thestrength of its portfolio as a successfulbalance between innovation and tradition.