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Discover a new online mlm lead source and training program that will help you crush it on a very unusual website. The Sound Traffic Mojo Course unveils a very exciting untapped source of MLM leads. This new online marketing strategy can be used to promote your mlm business, affiliate products, trainings, and anything that can be promoted in audio form. Take a look and get a jump start on your competition today!

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New MLM Lead Source Exposed - Sound Traffic Mojo

  1. 1. New MLM Lead Source Exposed! How an unusual website can be used to get highly targeted FRESH leads to your MLM business, affiliate business, or any business, in any niche.
  2. 2. Hey everyone my name is Troy Webb and in next few minutes I will expose this brand new exciting lead source, and also provide you with proven results….but first! How did my partner Ford Fannen and I discover this hidden gem of MLM leads?
  3. 3. This new MLM lead source was introduced to us by My Lead System Pro. You hear us talk about this amazing system over and over; but once again the MLSP leaders Mark Harbet and Frank Marino came through by introducing this amazing step by step training course called Sound Traffic Mojo
  4. 4. The Sound Traffic Mojo step by step training course unveiled this exciting untouched source of MLM leads. What is this new lead source?
  5. 5. The site is called Soundcloud. This platform is mostly used for those that create and share music. The little secret was Soundcloud also allows podcasts, and audio files to be shared as well. This has opened the door for you to create audio files about your MLM business, trainings, events, or anything that you can promote in audio form.
  6. 6. Now before Ford and I shared this new MLM lead source with you, we wanted to be sure that it actually works, and produces results. Just like all products promoted on we purchased the Sound Traffic Mojo course, reviewed the training, and put what we learned into action. And here are the results!!!!
  7. 7. In 20 days of uploading our first audio file that focuses on our MLM company, we were able to get this listing ranked on page two of Google. As we continue to work this listing we expect it to climb even higher.
  8. 8. Our second audio was even more amazing. In just 8 days of uploading this audio file we were able to get this listing ranked on the first page of Google. Once again as we work this listing we expect it to hold it’s position on page one.
  9. 9. This new MLM lead source strategy has to be one of the easiest and quickest online marketing strategies that anyone can implement. It’s a great addition to other strategies such as facebook, or video marketing, and it’s prefect for the brand new online marketers looking to test the waters of the online marketing world.
  10. 10. You may be asking yourself, if this is so easy why do I need the Sound Traffic Mojo Course? Setting up your Soundcloud account, and creating your audios is easy for most people. The course not only shows you step by step on how to properly set up your account, but it also provides you step by step training on how to get your audio ranked on the first page of Google.
  11. 11. Ranking your content is the crucial step to your online marketing success. You can create content all day, but if no one is seeing your content you have wasted your time. Lets break down what you get with Sound Traffic Mojo Course!
  12. 12. Module One: Module one is going to provide you with a course overview from A to Z. After watching the video presentation you will see just how powerful this strategy really is, and how it will help you build your business, and make you money online.
  13. 13. Module Two: Module two is going to provide you the step by step process to setting up your account, keyword research strategies, the do’s and don’ts, and how to avoid the common pitfalls that keep people from getting results FAST!
  14. 14. Module Three: In module three you will learn how to optimize your Soundcloud account as well as Soundcloud page for search engine ranking and maximum results.
  15. 15. Module Four: In module four you will get the meat and potatoes of the entire course and learn how to get first page rankings on Google, using offpage optimization strategies. What you will learn in this module can also be used for your other online marketing efforts.
  16. 16. Module Five: In module five they wrap up the entire course, answer common questions from the beta testers of the course, and provide you quick access links to many awesome tools.
  17. 17. The Sound Traffic Mojo Course provides you with over 6 hours of training that will absolutely help you crush it on Soundcloud. This is a brand new MLM lead source. Get a jump start on your competition and learn more about this course today!