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Trinidad pigbooklet


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Trinidad pigbooklet

  1. 1. Table 11. Ethnoveterinary medicine used for pigsErythrina pallida, E. micropteryx Immortelle Remove dead piglets from wombCecropia peltata Cecropiaceae Bois canôt Boil leaf for labour painsBambusa vulgaris Gramineae Bamboo Boil leaf for labour painsCentropogon cornutos Deer meat, crepe Feed pigs coqCoffee arabica L. / robusta Rutaceae Coffee Grounds given to scouring pigsConstipation1) Epsom salts and cod liver oil will flush pigs out or push up a piece of soap. C.Worms1) For pigs cut a young Pawpaw in half and feed. W.P.2) Mayoc chappelle (Entada polystachya) give to pigs to eat. J.D.Cecropia peltata leaves boiled in water are used in a bath for rheumatism in Guatemala(Comerford, 1996). It is used for aches, abcesses, coughs, pains, fever, pertussis, skin lesionsand digestive problems in Eastern Nicaragua (Coe and Anderson, 1996a). Free fatty acidsincluding stearic, arachidic, behenic, lignoceric and cerotic acids were isolated from Cecropiaspp. Leaves of Cecropia peltata contain leucocyanidin. Cowleyin is found in the latex(Lachman-White et al., 1992).Bambusa bambos (Linn.) Voss. (Syn B. arundinacea Willd.) a similar species to Bambusavulgaris Scrad. ex Wendl., contains silica (90%) or silicum as hydrate of silicic acid, peroxideof iron, potash, lime, aluminia, vegetable matter, cholin, betain, nuclease, urease, proteolyticenzymes, diastatic and emulsyfying enzymes, and cyanogentic glucoside (Kapoor, 1990). Anunnamed alkaloid has been reported from Bambusa spp. Fresh juice of the leaves of thebamboo plant had a weak ecbolic action in doses of 1 to 10 mg/ml and maximum activity at3mg/ml on isolated human as well as rat uteri. Uterine stimulation was due to its action oncholinergic receptors (Kapoor, 1990). Ecbolics are only effective for retained placenta ifgiven immediately after parturition (Peters and Laven, 1996).