The errant cow


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The errant cow

  1. 1. The Errant CowThe errant cow was accosted one dayAs she grazed on grass a mile away fromher home,The accoster was another cow Belle whohad been allowed to roam.“But child, I see you have a calf followingyou,How did that really happen? You werealways so tight-rope till you couldn’tlaugh,How come, and who with, you get acalf?”“Take care what you say to me,It’s a good thing we are not in company,For I would sue you for libelling me! “
  2. 2. The Errant Cow“I never did see, far less did feel any bullharassing me!That creature you see at my side, withthat faceThat ain’t no calf at all! It’s an alien beingfrom Inner SpaceThat the satellite repairman from OuterSpace forgotWhen I was being friendly and what not.” The other cow lowed and mooed,And shook her head in disbelief andcouldn’t admitwhat she thought she had heard of thematterShe collected her wits which were allscatteredBy the startling news of the alien visit.
  3. 3. The Errant Cow“Come my dear, and graze byhere, I want to hear about thishappening for see,This is surely a new one on me!”The errant obliged, and movedclose to her ear.She whispered in a low solow, The other tried her best tolisten, but no,Try as Belle might, and with allthat she triedNot a single word to her ears wascarried.She asked errant cow to speakmore clear.
  4. 4. The Errant CowSo the errant replied, “Sorry mydear,Just put your ears on hold, you’re soeagerLet me adjust the volume of thespeaker.”She snorted and cleared herthroat, Then began to relate herstory by rote.“One day some time ago, my ownertied me near a satellite dishTo graze there on the green grassdelish.When I moved over for the greengrass to reachThe satellite dish started topreach, Boasting how he was theGreatest,The most powerful in the West!”
  5. 5. The Errant Cow“He said that he was better thanMohammed AliWhose feet were really made fromclay.Greater than Emily Post he was, hedid sayThat high arbiter of good taste, for oflegs, she had only two and since hewas on a tripod, he noted that twowas less than three.”“As for cable news they provided theviews only after it had alreadyhappened, did they present. But hewas able to forecast the importantevents minutes before they all tookplace! The further the distance theless time on his forecast he had towaste. “
  6. 6. The Errant Cow“There were some other cows in thearea and an animal that I first mistookfor a bull.On his neck there was no rope, and nosign of a tail behind,so of course I felt like a dope, to be sosadly mistaken and blind,for obviously he was no bull at all!When he came up to greet me, I toldhim I don’t talk to strangers,and who the devil he thought hewas, coming by a respectable cow likeme.He told me that I didn’t have to be souppity to space-beings from anothergalaxy.The satellite dish had picked him upAnd beamed him down here to makefriends with the polity. “
  7. 7. The Errant Cow“Look, do you see all of those cows down there?I personally consorted with them all and so,But since you don’t talk to strangers, I’ll just bidyou good day, and adieu! ““Well girl I was feeling un-neighborly and wantedto receive the guest like the other cows.He provided the same service he gave to theothers and how , and said that the next year Icould get another service for free.”“ Now I have a little space-being calling meMaamaaAlways coming to me for milk he wailsSometimes he looks like a calf, then when I lookat his bottom halfI remember he doesn’t have a tail. If that satellitealien comes near to me again,I’m going to give him a good piece of my mind! ““My dear don’t do that” said Belle “because ifyou so do, He will boast like all males that heplayed you for a fool.”