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Overview Brochure

  1. 1. Proudly Celebrating 25 YEARS
  2. 2. SERVICES • In-situ Machine Regrouting & Foundation Repair •  Strengthening & Repair of Concrete Structures • • Precision Grouting • • Anchor Bolt Design & Controlled Bolting • • Machinery Alignment Mounting & Chocking • • Machinery Installation & Relocation • • Biomechanics Force Plate Systems • • Structural Clamping • • Robotic Demolition • • Hydro Demolition • • Concrete Cutting • • Concrete Drilling • • Wire Sawing • • Electrical Division • PRODUCTS • Chockfast Orange® • • Epocast Celloflex • • Epocast 36® • • KS-Jackscrews • • RotaChock® • • Thordon Polymer Bearings • • Abrasion Resistant Ceramics •
  3. 3. ESI Alphatec began in 1989 as Alphatec Engineering – a highly specialised and efficient enterprise in the heavy industrial and marine fields. A restructure in 2003 saw the integration of our mechanical services company, Engineered Solutions International (ESI), and the renaming of the company to ESI Alphatec. Today ESI Alphatec has grown to a group with more than 9000 contracts completed in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South-East Asia and Africa. We provide highly specialised services to the Mining, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Offshore Structures, Marine, Defence, Energy, Cement, and Manufacturing industries. ESI Aphatec provides a `one-stop’ Engineering, Maintenance and Asset Performance solution to offshore and onshore clients around the globe. With offices and facilities in Perth, Western Australia, Batam, Indonesia and Singapore, we can supply on demand, safe, competent, specialist maintenance teams and equipment to your assets. Our long, established history in the marine, offshore, cement, petrochemical, power and mining industries has allowed us to excel and exceed endorsed industry standards, providing leading edge solutions and techniques that avoid downtime and productivity loss. SPECIALIST SERVICES During our 25 years of successful operation, ESI Alphatec has developed a reputation of excellence and safety in areas such as in-situ machinery regrouting, machinery foundation refurbishment & structural repairs, machinery & geometric alignment, controlled bolt tensioning/torque & foundation, bolt design, relocation of machinery & production lines. These specialised services commonly involve work on a wide range of equipment and machines including reciprocating compressors, diesel engines, turbines, crushers, ball & sag mills, stamping presses, and paper & plastic manufacturing equipment. Our specialist services group provides survey and set-out to new equipment facilities and construction projects, and laser & optical alignment service – including thermal growth studies to generators, pumps, compressors and gearboxes. ESI Alphatec also specialises in geometric alignments such as measuring the straightness, flatness, parallelism and bore alignment up to 60 metres. ESI Alphatec also includes research and development into machinery mounting products and the advancement of machinery installation techniques. We also design, manufacture and supply specialist rolled thread fasteners complete with tension monitoring devices where applicable. SPECIALIST PRODUCTS We are the authorized distributors and applicator of Chockfast Orange® , Epocast® , Rotachock® , and other society approved marine machinery mounting systems. We provide support to owners, builders and engineering activities in obtaining classification society approvals or military qualification for machinery mountings. We also provide other industrial solutions including Thordon Bearings and KS-Jackscrews. WORKPLACE HEALTH & SAFETY AND QUALITY We deliver the safest and highest quality services and products on every contract, striving to be incident and injury free whilst ensuring out environmental footprint is ever reducing. Through our experience over the last 25 years we have grown with our clients and industry expectations, having established a culture that is committed to a safe, sustainable and client focused environment. Our integrated management approach links all aspects of the business risk framework, ensuring we are constantly aiming for risk levels that are as low as reasonably practical. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION To ESI Alphatec, customer satisfaction is paramount. We believe in meeting and exceeding the continuing demand for more innovative methods of engineering, project execution and management techniques to provide construction and maintenance processes that are safer, more efficient and more cost effective. ABOUT US
  4. 4. ESI Alphatec has gained considerable experience in providing clients with innovative and practical solutions encompassing complete engineering solutions – from investigation of the problem, design, procurement, and coordination, through to project execution. Our core services and products are designed to provide “Process & Operating Integrity” to our clients rotating, reciprocating, and static equipment assets. Our solutions focus on the structures on which these assets are mounted, the way they are mounted, and the design of the anchoring systems. The complete engineering solutions ensure that alignment of the equipment and drive train are maintained over many years of operation. Our services at first glance may seem diverse, however, on closer inspection, it can be seen that they represent first principles for successfully mounting and maintaining alignment of machinery in order to operate reliably and free of vibration. SERVICES IN-SITU MACHINE REGROUTING & FOUNDATION REPAIR We provide the design and implementation services for machinery regrouting and foundation repair to large reciprocating compressors, diesel engine generators, gyratory & cone crushers stamping & forging presses as well as other critically aligned rotating machinery mounted to both concrete and steel foundations and structures. We can help If your machinery is suffering any of the following:-  Excessive vibration in any rotating machinery  Machinery operating at less than full capacity because of misalignment and/or high vibrations  Broken anchor bolts  Grout and concrete in poor condition  Machines that won’t keep their alignment  Foundation cracks STRENGTHENING & REPAIR OF CONCRETE STRUCTURES Superior technical knowledge and years of experience enable us to identify specific problems and match them to the most beneficial solutions. We work alongside leading material manufacturers to develop cutting-edge solutions to meet diverse environmental and technically challenging environments. We have expertise in all aspects from foundation stabilisation, repair of structural elements and, strengthening or protecting the structures following repair. including:-  Replacing defective, damaged, or deteriorated concrete  Restoring structural function, and any lost performance requirements  Protecting the surface or underlying concrete from aggressive environments PRECISION GROUTING We offer a very special insight into precision grouting selection and installation for rotating, reciprocating and other highly dynamic equipment. We have access to state of the art products for setting and aligning machinery baseplates prior to grouting. This ensures a higher level of precision and faster turn-around than other methods. BIOMECHANICS FORCE PLATE SYSTEMS Our force plate installations meet the needs of virtually all researchers from the study of dynamic sporting activity, through to the quiet rhythm of standing balance. Our designs are flexible allowing multiple setups and configurations, enabling our clients to maximise the investment in the force plate measuring systems.
  5. 5. ANCHOR BOLT DESIGN & CONTROLLED BOLTING Anchor bolts prevent excessive movement and wear on moving parts such as the bearings, rotors, mechanical seals, couplings & crankshafts. We design replacement bolts that allow for stretch within the bolt’s elastic limit that are suitably resilient to dynamic loads, and which accommodate the appropriate the creep of the foundations with respect to bolt stretch. Spherical Washers are used to prevent point loading of the nut. Our competent technicians use advanced techniques and calibrated equipment including bolt torqueing, hydraulic bolt tensioning, and bolt elongation using ultrasonic measurement. We also offer manufacture, supply and installation of multi jack bolt nut assemblies. MACHINERY ALIGNMENT, MOUNTING & CHOCKING We provide alignment services to cover a number of critical alignment issues, and are highly proficient at performing accurate recordable readings, complete with full hard copy reports for your reference. We offer the following services to the industrial and marine:-  Flatness  Squareness  Parallelism  Shaft Alignment  Thermal Growth Monitoring  Straightness  Plumb Line  Spindle Alignment  Condition Monitoring  Electrical & Mechanical Thermography In addition to alignment we offer a range of machinery mounting options including epoxy poured in place and adjustable mechanical chocks to marine survey requirements. MACHINERY INSTALLATION & RELOCATION In conjunction with sister company ESI Tech Services we are able to offer our clients machinery installation and relocation, from a single machine to a production facility. This service includes initial inspection, planning, licences, project management, heavy lifting, transportation, mechanical and electrical services, and PLC programme and commissioning. Distance is not an issue - we can carry out relocations to another part of your factory, interstate AND overseas. Typical industries we service include:-  Food Industry Production Lines  Metal Forming  Stamping & Metal Forging  Machine Tooling  Crushing, Mining & Cement  Skid Mounted Production Machinery
  6. 6. STRUCTURAL CLAMPING We provide a full range of structural clamping services that contribute to structural integrity management and best practice methods, to ensure effective maintenance and life extension of offshore structures. Each clamp is designed specifically for each application, these are fitted offshore and the annulus between clamp and structural element is grouted with either high strength cement or epoxy grout materials restoring or adding structural capacity. ROBOTIC AND HYDRO DEMOLITION We utilise robotic demolition equipment for the safe and rapid removal of concrete associated with our foundations strengthening & repair services. Robotic Demolition provides a solution where it may not be possible for hand held demolition machinery to be operated either efficiently or safely. We use the latest techniques in Ultra-High Pressure Hydro Demolition employing powerful jets of water for cutting and blasting. We can combine robotic and hydro-blasting technologies to create higher pressures and volumes without compromising the safety and health of your personnel. CONCRETE CUTTING, DRILLING WIRE SAWING & COLD CUTTING Our team use the latest machinery to cut concrete walls, slabs and foundations of a wide range of thicknesses. As almost 100% of our work is conducted during plant outages and shutdowns, we maintain strict schedules and deadlines to mitigate potential downtime. We specialise in large, complex and deep diamond core drilling capable of 10mm to 2m in diameter and unlimited depth. We do not just limit ourselves to concrete cutting projects, we also perform cold cutting works associated with industrial, and offshore structures. Using our factory trained personnel we have access to manufacturers in Europe, to assist us in the design of specialised tooling solutions. for the most unique and challenging cold cutting projects. FABRICATION, INSTALLATION & PRESERVATION ESI Alphatec provide fabrication and installation of production skids, and mechanical/electrical assemblies. Our project management capability includes the management of turn-key projects for various structural steel supports and frames including design, fabrication, preservation and installation.
  7. 7. PRODUCTS CHOCKFAST ORANGE®, EPOCAST 36® & EPOCAST F® Survey approved epoxy based chocking compounds are a conveniently pourable, two-component, structural epoxy “chock” that replaces blued and scrapped hand fitted steel chocks typically associated with main population equipment, shaft alternators and gearboxes. Correct application of the resin chocks ensures intimate contact with machined or un-machined equipment bedplates. Resulting in virtually 100% effective bearing area underneath supported equipment. The resinous properties of Chockfast Orange® and Epocast 36® also make it an ideal solution for the installation of stern tube bearings. This eliminates traditional and costly, labour-intensive and time-consuming onsite machining to accommodate the bearing. Typical applications include:- ITW CELLOFLEX-M & PHILLYCLAD Both CELLOFLEX-M & PHILLYCLAD are environmental friendly protection for propeller shafts. These systems protect against corrosion damage to propeller/stern-tube shafts and couplings exposed to seawater. These systems are proven world wide in both Naval and Commercial applications including corvettes, frigates, aircraft carriers, submarines, patrol boats, police and coast guard boats, research vessels, ice breakers, yachts . These systems can be applied or repaired in dry dock without the need to remove the shafts and simply over coated with your choice of Anti Foul Coating. ROTACHOCK® The RotaChock® allows for infinite height adjustment within the range of travel, is self aligning meaning there is no requirement to machine the sub frame of foundation. This allows the alignment and foundation bolt tensioning and operation of the equipment or vessel within a day as curing time associated with resin chocks is eliminated. RotaChock has Type Approvals with Det Norske, Bureau Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping Lloyds Register, Germanischer Lloyd and China Classification Society. The Marine Industry is not the only application where RotaChock® excels, other success stories include Oil & Gas industry, Power generation, Compressor skids, pumps, gearboxes and wind turbines to name a few. The RotaChock® offers easy & fast installation, permanent re-adjustability, high load capacity, corrosion resistance and competitive pricing. To deliver our customers the best possible solution within our range of services, ESI Alphatec seek out products that ensure we are at the cutting edge of best practice within our areas of expertise. This allows us to provide not only a unique service to our clients, but also an exciting and challenging environment for our employees who are exposed to current technology and ongoing training opportunities for a range of product solutions.  Main Engines  Missile Launch Systems  Gearboxes  Anti Aircraft Weapons  Alternators/Generators  Capstan Anchor Winch  Radar Mast  Stern Tube Bearings
  8. 8. KS-JACKSCREWS A KS-Jackscrew is an aid for easily levelling base plates and sole plates during construction activities typically associated with rotating machines, general equipment, pipe supports and steel construction found in industrial complexes. The KS-Jackscrew can also be used for foundations of buildings and bridges. KS-Jackscrew are inserted between the foundation and the machine plate or base frame. The final height can be set following installation of the equipment or building element by adjusting the nut of the KS-Jackscrew. Use of the KS-Jackscrew avoids the need to constantly use cranes. The KS-Jackscrew can be inserted with the machine plate or base frame once the construction part has been secured. Unlike multiple steel plates and or shims, the Condisk allows for uniform contact without high spots and associated load concentrations. The initial height can be set prior to the base plate being installed saving time and money. THORDON POLYMER BEARINGS ESI Alphatec is the official dealer in Western Australia for Thordon Bearings. Thordon Bearings designs and manufactures a complete range of high performance, non-metallic journal bearing solutions for marine, pump, hydro-turbine, offshore oil and other industrial markets. From water lubricated stern tube and rudder bearings for ships, to grease free wicket gate bearings for clean power generation, we provide innovative non- polluting Thorndon bearing solutions that meet or exceed the technical requirements of your application. Since the first Thordon bearing was developed in 1966, Thordon has continuously improved its high performance polymer technologies and bearing designs to become the world leader in elastomeric bearing technology. Our applications engineering and global technical support teams can support your most unique bearing technical challenges. Thordon engineered polymer bearing solutions can:  Provide long bearing wear life  Eliminate oil or grease  Operate in dirty, abrasive environments  Withstand high shock loads and edge loading
  9. 9. ZUPPER ESI Sourcing & Supply are pleased to offer a range of specialist electrical tools from Zupper Tools. Zupper formally JULI Tools has had a long and successful history of more than 20 years. ZUPPER will continue the long tradition of innovation, design and development and a passion for and commitment to quality. Zupper Tools operate a quality system in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, and their products are GS and CE certified by TUV. They operate a modern computer aided design and production facilities which is an ideal platform for ongoing design and development of our range. Zupper offer a range of traditional and battery operated hydraulic cutting, punching and crimping tools. MBP ESI Sourcing & Supply are pleased to offer the range of MBP industrial and commercial spray painting equipment in Australia along with more than 60 countries MBP is focused explicitly on the precise needs of our market: spraying, transferring or manipulation of any paint, liquid or fluid. Thanks to a dynamic technical team, flexible production and rigorous quality control, MBP is moving into more and more sectors and adjusting to new markets. ESI Sourcing & Supply like MBP has done away with old fashioned corporate structures, as such we are able to deal with each customer personally, providing a responsive service, developing loyal and friendly relationships, catering to each client’s personal needs and always paying attention to detail. As a result, MBP has become one of the most dynamic manufacturers and ESI Sourcing & Supply are pleased to bring this range of quality toll and equipment to our clients here in Australia.
  10. 10. SOV Through our distribution agreement with SOV, ESI Alphatec can provide all your hydraulic tooling needs from cylinders, pumps and bolting tools to PLC operated synchronised lifting solutions. SOV products are specifically designed to cover multiple industrial applications, and to solve the problems which can be encountered with the movement of heavy loads in a simple and economical way. We use the most advanced technology in our design department to make sure customers problems are solved quickly, utilizing proven design and manufacturing processes. We can also custom engineer specific project solutions for our client utilising the best design, manufacturing techniques and control. We test each product to guarantee performance, price and reliability. This process is supported by the Registered Firm Certificate ER-0404/1995 of UNE-EN ISO9001:2000 standard and the application of several European and International standards which we apply for each product range. We are a manufacturer in tools, such as:-  Hydraulic cylinders, jacks (5-1000ton), single acting and double acting, hollow plunger  Hydraulic/ electric /pneumatic torque wrench (100-72000Nm)  Hydraulic bolt tensioner (100-11486NM)  Hydraulic pullers (5-100 ton)  Hydraulic pumps, manual and electric type (max up to 3000bar)  Integrated hydraulic lifting system solutions (4-72 points lifting system for house translation or leveling, bridge supporting and tank welding supporting)  Hydraulic nut and couplings. (M50-Tr1000) Our products have been widely used in industrial fields such as steel plant, cement industry, chemical and refinery, bridge, railway construction and maintenance. KINGCERA Rubber Backed Ceramic Tiles ESI Alphatec supplies and installs KINGCERA wear resistant linings with excellent abrasion and impact resistance for Mining and Industry applications. If you have process equipment that suffers impact, wear and abrasion then our ceramic rubber backed tiles will assist to help reduce downtime and maintenance. The benefits of an abrasion resistant composite liner are that the alumina is exposed to the material flow and is fully embedded into a specially designed rubber backing. This results in a sytem that provides superior performance in high impact /abrasion applications by absorbing impact while also offering excellent sliding abrasion resistance. The rubber backing also assists in reducing noise levels within the plant and is engineered to resist the size and type of impact in each individual application. Wear resistant ceramic tile rubber backed ceramic mats are easily installed by means of either bonding or bolting directly to steelwork Our wear resistant liner ceramic rubber composite wear resistant linings are highly resistant to abrasion from bulk materials such as: coal, coke, feed, fertiliser, fly ash, glass, grain, limestone, ore, potash, bottom ash, slag, silica sand and other abrasive materials.
  11. 11. Standard & Custom Ceramic Tiles Our industrial ceramic tiles are produced with the highest quality alumina ceramic made from pure aluminium oxide.We offer only the highest wear materials available for abrasion protection. Kingcera alumina ceramic tiles deliver superior wear resistance, excellent mechanical and anti corrosion properties. ESI Alphatec can supply alumina tiles in a variety of custom sizing as well as standard sizes and shapes that can be installed easily and economically in any situation. It is recommended that Kingcera ceramic tile adhesive be used for attaching the alumina tiles where applicable. Cyclones Solutions Our Mining Cyclone Series systems offer resistance to abrasion during the gravity separation process and help protect the life of cyclone material handling equipment. ESI Alphatec can custom design and build your industrial cyclone, wear protection system or material handling system then apply the most approriate Kingcera tile solution to provide maximum protection to your mining, Wear Resistant Pipe, Fittings and Bends Proper Abrasion Protection for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Conveying Lines To achieve both technical and economical wear protection, many factors have to be taken into account.The choice needs to be based on the application.The best solution for long life and economical abrasion protection depends upon the proper selection of the wear resistant pipe linings as well as a knowledge of expected cost. A wide range of different materials with different characteristics can be chosen to protect against wear. Pipe linings made of mineral, metallic or ceramic materials have proven to work well. Clear Advantages of Using Wear Resistant Pipe Linings:  Long lifetime and maintenance free operation  NO operation interruption or production losses  NO contamination of the conveyed materials due to abrasion, mixture or oxidation  Physiologically harmless, suitable for food products  Smooth surface to achieve good flowability and to avoid plugs  Reduced pressure losses and lower energy cost  No spilled material to clean up
  12. 12. Proudly Celebrating 25 YEARS 1/13 Blackly Row Cockburn Central PerthWestern Australia Australia 6164 P: +618 9412 6666 F +618 9412 6600 E: W: