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Indoor 3D indoorLBS tristian lacroix


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Indoor 3D maps and indoor location

Published in: Technology, Business
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Indoor 3D indoorLBS tristian lacroix

  1. 1. Indoor 3D, Cape Town Dec 2013 Tristian Lacroix IndoorLBS MARKET TRENDS & EXAMPLES
  2. 2. FOCUS ON THE INDOOR Airport Subway Convention Hall Garage Campus Retail Store Casino Stadium Mall
  3. 3. RETAIL Businesses  $500B retail commerce will be conducted on mobile phones by 2015  70% of all brand / purchase decisions are made in-store (ABI, IDC Retail)  Loss of business:   90% of shoppers say they have trouble finding things while shopping in store. Over 20% of shoppers claim they leave a store without buying everything on their list because of difficulty finding items 87% of retailers see value in using smartphones to drive traffic to the store compared with 65% last year (RSR Research) (c) Indoor LBS  Consumers  Don’t want to wait 1+ business days to receive an eCommerce purchase – they want the opportunity to experience it immediately, and buy it NOW.  Increasingly looking to their mobiles for shopping: finding the store, product, deal, directions, price comparison, etc.   79% of smartphone owners use them to help with shopping 73% of shoppers with smartphones favor using them to handle simple tasks in stores (e.g., finding a product) compared with 15% who favor interaction with an employee
  4. 4. TRAVEL  Improve customer service    Way-finding inside terminals (reduce stress) Passengers can plan their time inside airport and get info on gates, shops, restaurants and other services in a fun and interactive way Monetize the opportunity  Target layover passengers with offers to buy products or services
  5. 5. EXAMPLE PROJECT – AIRPORT  Goals:  Airport wanted new revenue sources from its retail stores within the airport  Indoor location services for airport users (restaurants, parking, car rentals, customer loyalty program) (c) Indoor LBS
  6. 6. USE CASE: AUTO–WAYFINDING  (a) Auto wayfinding features (i) Geo-fencing – a virtual perimeter that triggers an alert when you pass through it. For purposes of this project geo-fencing can be utilized via a call to action message to the user.  (ii) WiFi location technologies ***      (b) Explain the technology required for each ***   See next slide (also presented in original presentation). Our technology uses these sensors together with a WiFi signal map to estimate the position of the user. No additional infrastructure needed - 100% software solution (no hardware needed) Today’s smart phones are equipped with several motion sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, altimeter, etc.), WiFi, and Bluetooth (c) Describe the accuracy of the auto way-finding solution   (i) Where am I? Accuracy 2-5 m (Android); 10-20m (iPhone) (ii) Show me the way: depends on map data: CAD/spatial files include scale, distances, etc. Data freshness/updates.
  7. 7. REVENUE GENERATION OPPORTUNITIES Transaction fees  Advertising/sponsorship  Third party vendors e.g. hotels/services  Loyalty membership fees 
  8. 8. SOLUTION COMPONENTS Indoor Location Providers Indoor Map Providers App Developers Content Providers Indoor Analytics Providers (c) Indoor LBS Store Inventory
  9. 9. IBEACONS    Beacons use bluetooth 4.0, LE to enable proximity triggers ranging from approx. 5cm to 70 meters. Apple created the ibeacon API in iOS7 for developers to use, to enable these proximity services within applications. Bluetooth 4.0 is increasingly included in Android phones such as the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy SIII and upward. Since Android Jelly Bean (4.3), Google has included support for BLE signaling industry support for the
  10. 10. IBEACONS AT APPLE STORES   iBeacon offerings allow a retailer or brand to introduce hyper location messaging and interactivity Beacons can be used for entry/exit messaging, check-out notifications, in-aisle promotional targeting
  14. 14. WHY IT IS IMPORTANT     As indoor location gains traction in the Marketplace, bluetooth 4.0, LE completely redefines the user experience for contextual engagement. Offering a personalized, relevant, and intuitive experience to engagement will revolutionize verticles from healthcare to retail. Increased optimization reveals more opportunities for increased revenue. Will be offered “as a service”, in addition to hardware and integration costs. LinkedIn Group
  15. 15. INDOOR LBS MARKET ADOPTION 2013 Customers want “cool” technology Customers want solutions and convenience
  16. 16.  Thank you  Email: