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Indoor LBS Navteq Focus On The Indoor


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IndoorLBS presentation at Navteq Developer Day

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Indoor LBS Navteq Focus On The Indoor

  1. 1. Tristian Lacroix IndoorLBS, LLC October 27, 2011The Great IndoorsLBS DEVELOPER DAY: FOCUS ON INDOOR
  2. 2. FOCUS ON THE INDOOR Mall Airport Subway Convention Hall Garage Campus Retail Store Casino Stadium95% of consumer purchases are made at brick and mortar locations
  3. 3. TIMELINEIndoorLBS has been reporting since 2003. There are at least 100 companies todayworking in indoor location, maps, tracking, and navigation. Consolidation needed? # of companies 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2004 2005 20 06 2007 2008 20091999.. 2003
  4. 4. THE BEGINNINGS - 1999 •  Talented team (Ex-Autodesk Experts) •  Technology ready? (no indoor position) •  Devices not ready •  Consumers not ready •  Brands/Retailers not ready
  5. 5. VERTICALS FOR INDOORÒ  Retail (big box retailers, malls)Ò  Travel (airports, subways)Ò  SecurityÒ  SafetyÒ  Enterprise (asset tracking)Ò  UniversitiesÒ  Entertainment (museums, casinos, arenas)
  6. 6. RETAIL Businesses Consumers Ò  $500B retail commerce will be Ò  Don’t want to wait 1+ business conducted on mobile phones by days to receive an eCommerce 2015 purchase – they want the Ò  70% of all brand / purchase opportunity to experience it decisions are made in-store (ABI, IDC immediately, and buy it NOW. Retail) Ò  Increasingly looking to their Ò  Loss of business: mobiles for shopping: finding the É  83% of shoppers say they have trouble store, product, deal, directions, finding things while shopping in store. price comparison, etc. É  Over 20% of shoppers claim they leave a É  79% of smartphone owners use store without buying everything on their them to help with shopping list because of difficulty finding items É  73% of shoppers with smartphones Ò  87% of retailers see value in using favor using them to handle simple smartphones to drive traffic to the tasks in stores (e.g., finding a product) compared with 15% who store compared with 65% last year favor interaction with an employee (RSR Research)(c) Indoor LBS
  7. 7. TRAVELÒ  Improve customer service É  Way-finding inside terminals (reduce stress) É  Passengers can plan their time inside airport and get info on gates, shops, restaurants and other services in a fun and interactive wayÒ  Monetize the opportunity É  Target layover passengers with offers to buy products or services
  8. 8. SECURITY Ò  Airportsecurity Ò  Federal, state, and local law enforcement Ò  Parolee tracking(c) Indoor LBS
  9. 9. SAFETY Ò  DHS Geospatial Location Accountability and Navigation System for Emergency Responders (GLANSER)(c) Indoor LBS
  10. 10. ECOSYSTEMAppMap ServerAPIAdsMapLocation
  11. 11. SOLUTION COMPONENTS Location Indoor Map App Store Inventory Content Analytics(c) Indoor LBS
  12. 12. COMMERCIAL SOLUTION EXAMPLE:End-User gets an app with: Customer (Retail Store) gets:Ò  Recipes Ò  Happy customersÒ  Shopping List Ò  In-store ad networkÒ  Product Recommendations Ò  Fill brand’s need to connect with shoppersÒ  Product Search (drive a product into shoppers’ shopping list)Ò  Store Map Ò  AnalyticsÒ  Turn-by-turn RoutingÒ  Coupons/Offers “This solution is another way that Schnucks can help ensure every visit to our stores is a spectacular shopping trip.”(c) Indoor LBS
  14. 14. BIOTristian E. Lacroix is the Managing Partner, VP Marketing &Business Development, at IndoorLBS, LLC. He has over 10years of business development, marketing, and salesexperience. He has worked for international Fortune100/500 brands and is applying LBS technology to helpthem better engage with the consumer.IndoorLBS, LLC is a consulting company doing research,product & business development, and go to marketrelated to location-aware technologies and