Apostas desportivas betclic portugal


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Usufrua já da primeira oferta Betclic tornando-se nosso membro: os primeiros 20€ apostados são totalmente reembolsados se não acertar a aposta.

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Apostas desportivas betclic portugal

  1. 1. SM- Portugal Case Study Strategy and Results Tristan Walker- Social Media Manager - Portugal
  2. 2. Intro We will highlight what has been done in Portugal as from January 2010 and the reasons behind it. We have looked at ways in how we can REACH to prospects via multi-channels and in ways that they can become CLIENTS of BetCLic Portugal. We have a taken an AQUISITION approach towards our strategy!
  3. 3. Our Social Media Vision Different Networks Measure: Competitors BetClic Buzz Key Words Effective Platforms Profiling ROI Display vs SM-CPA Push Content Engage/Stimulate Inform/Reward/ Interlink Plaftorms/ New Clients-CONVERSION
  4. 4. Social Media Campaigns and Communication Measure Traffic SM Network to Landing Pages/Site Registers in BetClic Analyse Activities Click Tags Click Tags Keep a Track On Things + INVESTMENT
  5. 6. We created a Fan Page with an objective in acquiring new clients and to engage “sports” converstions. Launched in January, we have been pushing information on major games of interest and also the occasional competition with tickets to match games. Fan base grew swiftly during the first 2 months, then levelled out. Unfortunately no clients have been made via this channel. We currently see this as “push information” to most probable existing clients. Fans also seldom comment on engaging posts. However we still see this as a valuable push-info tool, to remind pundits about matches/events. Fan Page “BetClicPT”
  6. 7. Fan Page “Eu Acredito” Due to the popularity of ever increasing Fan Pages in Portugal, we decided to jump on the Band Wagon and see how we could make the most of this. We created a fan page that would support Portugal and it’s participation in the World Cup. We kept BetClic out of the Limelight due to people’s opinions on betting. We increased fan base via: prize give aways in competions (highest vote winners-viral), Google Ads, Facebook Ads postings in other pages/blogs. We were posting “uplifting messages” in support of Portugal. We also had 1 sponsor, Samsung, which offered mobile phones to winners of a competition. We also promoted an offline campaign “Correr por Portugal”, which was BetClic’s pre- World Cup campaign. This was done due to the fact that when BetClic would be a PAGE sponsor during the World Cup, there’d be no suprises. When World Cup was underway, BetClic it became a sponsor and we were pushing articles from our BLOG as well as giving away a €25 no risk bonus. We have also adopted the same strategy to 4 main national clubs for acquisition purposes: 97,00 fans and growing Total NC to date:
  7. 8. Fan Page “Partners/Sponsors” BetClic PT also has partnerships with other footbal based Fan Pages. In Record and Bruxitas (5 fan pages) we are currently hosting WC banners in order to give Portuguese matches more visibility. I recent past we have pushed extra New Client bonus cash back. We will wait for the return of the next Portuguese in order to re-engage with fans. We also also have visibility in 2 Fan Pages from our sponsored clubs: Academica & Vitoria Guimarães, where we have given away Club Shirts and tickets to new clients. We currently are currently sponsoring the biggest Portugal Team fan page: Selecção Nacional. They are posting the same content as our fan page: Eu Acredito. We are giving away a cashback bonus of 25€. For both Partnerships and Sponsorships, we are currently working on a Revenue Share basis. Our coverage is currently at: Bruxitas: 450k fans
  8. 9. “ Poker” <ul><li>Due to the popular growth of Poker in Portugal, we decided to create a Fan Page dedicated to Poker. We are posting news concerning tournaments, our 2 national players, Tip of the Week, and BetClic Poker news. </li></ul><ul><li>We have also created Profiles of André Dias and Sofia Mendes in order to give them more visibility in the Poker World and for people to know about BetClic’s Poker activities. Both Fan Pages and Profiles are both linked together. </li></ul><ul><li>This project has 2 objectives: </li></ul><ul><li>Let poker players know about Betclic competitions and opportunities. </li></ul><ul><li>To help recruit people who wish to know more about Poker. </li></ul>
  9. 10. Other Channels
  10. 11. Correr Por Portugal As part of a pre-world cup campaign, Correr por Portugal was also present in various SM channels. Our Fan Page “Eu Acredito”, gave a lot of visibility via: Posting Updates, Videos and Images. It was a time that the brand BetClic would be visible to our community. The campaign was well received, and created nice visibility for the campaign. It increased interaction with our Fan Base. The site hosted photos, videos, and allowed supporters to post their support via videos, photos and comments. There was also a real-time GPS tracking system, to let one know the exact positioning of the the runners. We also had an increase in Fans, due to the “LIKE” button that appeared in the site. We uploaded all videos into our You Tube Channel and all images in our Flickr and Picasa photo albums.
  11. 12. Blog We have a Sports Blog, where we post relevant news that would interest viewers. Each post is carefully adapted in order to to be SE friendly and all links are tracked for analytical purposes. When a new article is posted, then we share articles in our Eu Acredito Fan Page, in order to increase traffic and to hopefully convert new clients. We have recently adapted the BLOG in order to make it fit into GOOGLE PT rules. We have a Google AdWord campaign in order to increase traffic and to convert prospective clients.
  12. 13. Other Platforms We have a You Tube Channel, where all BetClic video content is uploaded into. Main objective is for Google purposes and You Tube search. Each content is laballed carefully in order to maximise visibility. We are are also tweeting big matches, that would interest potential pundits. Twitter is not as strong as in other countries, and our fan base has not grown as expected. However with 317 followers, we feel that it is necessary to tweet. We will look at ways to engage followers. Both Flickr and Picasa are fed with BetClic images, including events and campaigns. This is seen as a useful platofrm for both Google search purposes and internal channel searches. Uploaded content is carefully labelled in order to maximise visibility.
  13. 14. In the Pipeline
  14. 15. We will be launching a new site for people wishing to learn Poker. Areas will include: BetClic Poker News- Latest BetClicPoker News, Tournaments, Promotions, About Poker Players - contributors (André Dias and Sofia Mendes) Tips/Lessons – Quick Tips for beginners. Video, Text, Photos We will also be offering free lessons for new clients, using the BetClic software. Both BetClic national players will be the teachers. We also aim to link project to Social Media platforms (Twitter, You Tube Blog and Facebook) in order to increase project visibility. We will implement a Google Ad Word campaign, when set up and running. Poker School
  15. 16. Just like our Eu Acredito Fan Page, we wish to keep this type of action continuing but on a more permanent level. We aim to deliver quality content in order to create fan loyalty, as well as offering prizes for new clients. We will continue to post big match “betting teasers”, as well as posting engaging material and competitions. Big Club Fan Pages