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YouTeam Overview of Customer Development


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Gives an overview of our approach to Customer Development and why it's important when taking a new product to market

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YouTeam Overview of Customer Development

  2. 2. INNOVATE BETTER YouTeam is an innovation lab and a professional startup consultancy run by startup founders. We utilise agile development and lean methodology. More than anything, we rely on great people and collaboration.
  3. 3. CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT IS A FOUR-STEP FRAMEWORK: Customer Discovery Problem- Solution Fit Proposed MVP Proposed Funnel(s) Customer Validation Product- Market Fit Business Model Sales & Marketing Roadmap Customer Creation Scale Execution Company Building Scale Organization Scale Operations pivot
  4. 4. CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT IS A FRAMEWORK FOR: 1. Discovering and validating the right market for your idea 2. Building the right product features that solve customers’ needs 3. Testing the correct model and tactics for acquiring and converting customers, and deploying the right organisation and resources to scale the business At a high level, Customer Development is about questioning your core business assumptions.
  5. 5. WHAT HAPPENS IF WE SKIP CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT? (click below for Case Study)
  6. 6. STEP 1 of CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT IS ‘CUSTOMER DISCOVERY’ The goal of Customer Discovery is just what the name implies: • Finding out who the customers for your product are and whether the problem you believe you are solving is important to them. • Discovering whether the problem, product and customer hypotheses in your business plan are correct. To do this, you need to leave guesswork behind and get “outside the building” in order to learn what the high-value customer problems are, what it is about your product that solves these problems, and who specifically are your customers and users.
  7. 7. CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Insanely Great Idea Create (or modify) hypothesis: I belive [type of people] experience [type of problem] when doing [type of task]. Find people Did you find people? Interview them Did interviews validate hypothesis? Have existing customers? Build something Adapt customer development Incremental learning (optional) No Yes No Yes No Yes
  8. 8. CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT PROCESS 2-4 weeks 6. Conduct interview with relevant questions for this stage of customer development 2. Develop a list of the 3 – 10 most important questions 3. Develop engagement materials for the Customer Development trials 5. Configure User Experience Research Platform 1. Brainstorm Customer and Market Based Risks 8. Customer Development Reporting 4. Recruit Users from the Initial Target Audience 7. Iterate Question Set as more is learnt
  9. 9. PARALLEL PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROCESS The first step of Customer Development, often referred to as Customer Discovery, can be undertaken in parallel to: • UX Wireframe refinement • UI Development • MVP Map / Scope Refinement • Other forms of Prototyping
  10. 10. MAIN OUTCOMES OF CUSTOMER DISCOVERY • Clarifying how the Problem relates to the proposed Solution • Reduced resource utilisation on later steps by minimising abortive works associated by misunderstanding the market • Significantly accelerating the learning process on the path to commercialisation • Ability to discover customer and market risks and de-risk the business model systemically • Creation of Customer Representative Group