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Creating win-win partnerships in business & social life


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Join Tristan from Australia & Jason from San Francisco to explore the most important principles of developing strong, sustaining relationships in BOTH the Professional & Social Worlds.

This will be quite a Unique presentation for Lviv! It is the follow-up to 'Creating A Meaningful Career', a presentation mentioned on 'The Art of Charm Podcast'

By adopting the correct mindset and having access to suitable partners, win-win outcomes can be achieved in the majority of business and personal interactions, resulting in major commercial & personal opportunity.

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Creating win-win partnerships in business & social life

  1. 1. Creating Win-Win Partnerships In Professional & Social Life
  2. 2. Life constructed as Win-Lose • Education System •Sports • Traditional Legal System • Traditional Corporate World • Politics • We are conditioned to think there are always winners and losers
  3. 3. Our Goal! Win-Win Mindset • Win-Win sees life as a cooperative, not a competitive arena (row) • Scarcity vs Abundance Mentality • Win/Win is a belief in the Third Alternative •Mutually Beneficial, Mutually Satisfying • No thinking in dichotomies, i.e. in Black & White •Based on principle rather than on power and position MINDSET NETWORK SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME
  4. 4. Alternative Arrangements - Negative Options Poor alternatives to Win-Win that will have impact in the long-term relationship • Win-Lose = You Trample others Values • Lose-Win = Fulfilling the agenda of others but not our own • Lose-Lose = War • Win can turn into: • Win-Lose OR Win-Win
  5. 5. My Personal Road to Win-Win University of Western Australia Actively encouraged to compete Engineering Career Professional/Social relationships mostly irrelevant Task Oriented rather than Relationship oriented Until I started receiving mentorship Project manager Encouraged to think Win-Lose and manage by iron fist. Product Manager Work as part of a network of interdependent companies
  6. 6. Playground of Professional Win-Win Partners Professional Me DownstreamPartners UpstreamPartners Friends / Lead Generators Users for testing products PR by co- blogging Clients Investors Co-workers
  7. 7. Getting out of Flawed Thinking • Avoid competitive thinking •No zero sum games •Focus on interests and not on positions •Invent options for mutual gain •Based on external standard or principle that both parties can buy into •Avoid Duplicity (Actions matching words)
  8. 8. Win-Win Process • First, see the problem from the other point of view • Second, identify the key issues and concerns (not positions) involved. • Third, determine what results would constitute a fully acceptable solution • Fourth, identify possible new options to achieve those results.
  9. 9. Benefits of Win-Win Thinking • Cooperation and Synergy - Life is a multiplayer game •Creating new opportunities • Share Resources •Network / Social Capital (Jason Example) •Influencers / PR •Subject Matter Experts •Marketing •Tech Infrastructure •Knowledge, Experience •Fast Feedback
  10. 10. Benefits of Win-Win Thinking Cont. • Individuals take ownership • Unleash unbelievable motivation and creativity • Deposit into Emotional Bank account (def) • Monetisation of network
  11. 11. Now to switch 2 Social Win-Win
  12. 12. Playground of Social Win-Win Social Me Knowledge/Experience Sharing Co-Creation Co-Hosting Parties Connecting with new people Intimate Relationships Outer Circle Dynamics
  13. 13. Going for Win-Win Outcomes • Emotional Bank Account • Deep issues and fundamental differences have to be dealt with • Maturity •Nice but Courageous •Empathetic but Confident •Considerate and sensitive but Assertive • Strive to achieve Win/Win in the face of difficulties • Failure reframed as experiment
  14. 14. Growing towards Win-Win Outcomes • Networking •Inner Circle/Outer Circle Dynamics •Nurture Existing Contacts and/or creating new ones •Rekindling Existing Contacts • Building Social & Human Capital • Paying it forward • Personal Branding & Differentiation • Experimentation
  15. 15. Networking Effectively (Basics) • Are you in the right room? • Focus on developing friendships, not having an agenda (Sydney example) • Connection before Contact • Pitch about the subject/outcome rather than yourself •Strengthen Network by adding connections •Be prepared / Call to action (Business cards)
  16. 16. Networking Effectively (Basics) • Communicate Differentiation (AE) •Pistachio OR Vanilla •Overcome indifference •Fascination & Humour •Expertise / Mastery of a Niche •Speak about what you are passionate about •Become a Person of Interest •Body Language / Vocal Tonality • Following up
  17. 17. Networking Effectively (Advanced) • Hosting Social / Network Events • Filtering the right people in • Don’t waste time on unproductive people • Adding value to the other person • Recognise productive people in your network •Someone who does what they say they'd do •Gracefully dismissing disused connections • Charisma / Building Rapport • Selling of ideas
  18. 18. Biggest Outcomes • High value relationships • Stronger Character • Fun and Fulfillment • Money
  19. 19. Questions and Answers. Hit me with your best shot.
  20. 20. Sources and References