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Marketplace Growth at Taiwan Startup Stadium by Tristan Pollock


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I gave this talk on growing a marketplace startup at the Taiwan Startup Stadium growth weekend workshop with 500 Startups.

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Marketplace Growth at Taiwan Startup Stadium by Tristan Pollock

  1. 1. Tristan Pollock 500 Startups EIR &Venture Partner @writerpollock MARKETPLACE GROWTH
  2. 2. ~ Most ActiveVC ~ 5Years Old ~ 1,200 Startups Invested
  4. 4. ~ 2.5YEARS OLD ~ RAISED ~$10M ~TEAM OF 20
  5. 5. OVER 1,000 STORES OPENED
  6. 6. Tristan Pollock HOWTO GROW A MARKETPLACE?
 ART, MUSIC, FOOD B2C, B2B, or something else. Who are your customers? 1
  8. 8. 1 IN 10 STORES ARE EMPTY
  9. 9. 28 MILLIONsmall businesses and entrepreneurs in the US. *1/6 work in the creative industry.
  10. 10. KANYE
  11. 11. MINNEAPOLIS =
 ART, MUSIC, FOOD Build lists Write amazing emails Mass personalized outreach Automate, use virtual assistants Buy it, scrape it, or build it B2B: Sales Hacking
  13. 13. MINNEAPOLIS =
 ART, MUSIC, FOOD Craiglist growth hack for supply Automated posting for their users Massive early growth Craigslist now “ghosts” spammy/repeat posts Need to always be innovating B2C: Growth Hacking
  14. 14. MINNEAPOLIS =
 ART, MUSIC, FOOD How to differentiate. Supply and Demand 2
  15. 15. MINNEAPOLIS =
 ART, MUSIC, FOOD Online directories Forums and communities Social networks Conferences and events Unique to industry Where Do They Hangout?
  16. 16. MINNEAPOLIS =
 ART, MUSIC, FOOD Often B2C marketplaces have customers who are very similar and use both sides of the platform (e.g.Airbnb, DogVacay, Lyft) B2B marketplaces are usually more different (e.g. Storefront, Upcounsel, Kinnek) Same Same, but Different
  17. 17. MINNEAPOLIS =
 ART, MUSIC, FOOD Use smoke (tests). Test Everything 3
  18. 18. MINNEAPOLIS =
 ART, MUSIC, FOOD Try everything; stop/start Use smoke tests before development resources Find out what works Understand unit economics (CAC, LTV) Double (and triple) down Tune Into Your Channels
  19. 19. MINNEAPOLIS =
 ART, MUSIC, FOOD PR Hacking Pitches Relationships SEO Long tail listings Content Organic (Growth) Food
  20. 20. MINNEAPOLIS =
 ART, MUSIC, FOOD Paid Acquisition Adwords Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter/Instagram Referrals &Viral Sharing Give $10, Get $10 Build a Movement Never Stop Exploring
  21. 21. MINNEAPOLIS =
 ART, MUSIC, FOOD Take your growth from 0 to 100 (Drake wants you to). Understand Scale 4
  22. 22. MINNEAPOLIS =
 ART, MUSIC, FOOD Upwork (Odesk) for virtual assistants* Growbots for lead generation Tout or Outreach for mass emailing Socedo for Twitter automation Rapportive for guessing emails And on, and on… Scaling Growth
  23. 23. MINNEAPOLIS =
 ART, MUSIC, FOODSo. Many. Tools.
  24. 24. See for yourself: Tristan’s sales hacking resource guide
  25. 25. MINNEAPOLIS =
 ART, MUSIC, FOOD Always Be Closing (and make good margins). A.B.C. 5