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Building Translate on Glass


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Slides from the Women Hacking Glass session. The slides describe how to use the Google Translate API within a Glass app.

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Building Translate on Glass

  1. 1. Translate on Glass Trish Whetzel
  2. 2. Outline ● Project Workflow ● Google Translate API ● Glassware ● Build App
  3. 3. Project Workflow ● Launch app ● Speak word of phrase to translate ● A card is returned with the translation
  4. 4. Google Translate API* ● API or Application programming interface ○ Set of routines, protocols, tools, or remote calls for building software applications. ○ Google Translate API lets websites and programs integrate with Google Translate programmatically ● REST Web service *paid service
  5. 5. REST Web services ● Accessed via HTTP ● Each unique URL is a representation of some object ● Operations include PUT, GET, POST, DELETE
  6. 6. Translate API operations Operation Description REST HTTP mapping translate Translates source text from source language to target language GET languages List the source and target languages supported by the translate methods GET detect Detect language of source text GET
  7. 7. Translate Text GET source=en&target=de&q=Hello%20world Required Parameters: API Key {key} - register on Google Console for an API Key Source text string {q} - text to translate Target language {target} - language you want to translate into
  8. 8. Response 200 OK { "data": { "translations": [ { "translatedText": "hola mundo" } ] } }
  9. 9. Glassware ● Glass Development Kit (GDK) ○ Add-on to the Android SDK ○ Runs directly on Glass ● Mirror API ○ Web-based services that interact with Google Glass ○ Functionality provided over a cloud-based API and does not require running code on Glass
  10. 10. Other Helpful Resources ● Coding questions ○ Stack Overflow ○ G+ Glass Developers group com/u/0/communities/105104639432156353586 ● Google Glass Sample Code ○ ● Report Bugs ○
  11. 11. Let’s Get Started! ● We’ll extend the ApiDemo sample project developed by the Google Glass team ○ ● Google Developer documentation for Glass ○
  12. 12. Future Work ● Add methods to translate TO and FROM any language supported by the Google Translate API ● Format Layout to display speech input and translated text and image to represent the country of each