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The future of facebook marketing in 2014


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Some thoughts about how you approach your facebook marketing as part of an integrated plan in 2014.

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The future of facebook marketing in 2014

  1. 1. The role of Facebook in your 2014 Marketing strategy   Prepared  by  Trish  Barry  -­‐  February  2014  
  2. 2. •  This  week    facebook  turned  ten!     •  As  a  pla7orm,  it’s  provided   marketers  with  lots  of   opportuni<es  to  connect  directly   with  consumers  to  tell  your  stories   •  However,  no  longer  can  we  expect   the  same  results  as  we  have  when   the  pla7orm  was  launched   •  Like  any  ten  year  old,  it’s  oBen   unpredictable  and  how  we   approach  needs  some  wisdom!   Image  source:  SMH  online  
  3. 3. Look at the bigger picture •  There over over 12 million facebook users in Australia •  9 million of these users use facebook daily •  63 per cent connect and interact with brands •  80% of Australians use a mobile device to logon to facebook •  40% of Australian users post and share news articles regularly •  In last year facebook links to news media sites has increased by 170% - they are very much looking to reposition as a news portal (12% of a users news and media consumption coming from facebook) Source:  Facebook  Australia  –  August  2013  
  4. 4. How about reports of Facebook fatigue? •  Seeing decline in younger users as they moving platforms like snapchat –  They don’t want to be friends with their parents who there to see what their kids up to… –  Whatsapp is popular from 16-18 years •  •  •  •  Instagram is also rapidly growing However, for many of our target audiences the younger age group is not who we are talking to so don’t write facebook off yet There’s still no alternative social media platform with such engrained daily usage and in some age groups (over 45) Facebook is still growing Best advice is to diversify your platforms and use facebook strategically, remembering to always think about how you can drive to website or capture details to enhance relationships offline (events, tastings, dinners etc)
  5. 5. Some facts about Facebook you might not know •  Facebook now makes more money from mobile than PCs –  Now worth $US135billion and successfully shifted to focus on mobile. For the first time in 4th qtr earnings they earn more sales from ads on phones and tablets than traditional PCs •  It’s king of social referred traffic –  Facebook is still the king for social referred traffic, according to Adobe’s most recent social intelligence report. –  But Facebook is slowly losing ground to other social media, in particular Twitter and Pinterest. •  Facebook tried to buy Snapchat –  In 2012 Facebook bought instagram for $US1 billion even though there was no revenue source. Facebook also offered snapchat $3 billion to buy Snapchat. They are always on look out of ways to keep platform •  Facebook positioning itself as a news hub –  Facebook positioning to be news aggregator. Release of new Paper app this week highlighting need to be source of news information. Facebook Aust reported that 12 percent of users news and media consumption comes from Facebook currently and this expected to grow.
  6. 6. It’s worth remembering why consumers use facebook in the first place… and brands are not the core priority Which means for our branded pages to make an impact, we have to think about what we’re offering and why people would want to continue to engage if we’re not providing value.
  7. 7. So why do fans “like” a page hGp://marke<­‐do-­‐consumers-­‐become-­‐facebook-­‐fans-­‐49745     hGp://­‐content/uploads/2013/04/Syncapse___Value_of_a_Fan_Report_2013.pdf    
  8. 8. Facebook continues to drive more website traffic than other social media platforms
  9. 9. The measurements of social media have moved beyond direct sales as ROI •  Success has moved beyond number of fans or $ return •  Monitoring engagement, traffic drivers considered just as important by organisations hGp://­‐myth-­‐of-­‐social-­‐roi-­‐2013-­‐10  
  10. 10. Keeping  your  finger  on  the  facebook  pulse.     What  does  the  future  hold   and  what  do  we  need   to  do  differently  in    2014?  
  11. 11. Competition for attention on facebook is intense •  Over 12.8 million active users in Australia •  +6% growth in last six months •  Average user spends 7 hours 19 min on facebook each month •  68% facebook users return daily •  86% return weekly •  3 billion photos uploaded every month •  50 million likes everyday More activity means more competition for news feed distribution. Your content not guaranteed to Be seen unless it’s engaging and memorable
  12. 12. 18 months ago, it used to be all about edgerank •  •  Having an insight into how the algorithm worked for content gave you a better chance of your branded page posts being seen. But as more people joined, more brands entered the space facebook has had to evolve to make sure they keep the users and are not just spamming the news feed with irrelevant content.
  13. 13. The algorithm is now changing constantly •  •  Now there is so much science behind the algorithm that it’s impossible for us to guess their trade secrets. “There are as many as 100,000 individual weights in the model that produces News Feed. The three original EdgeRank elements — Affinity, Weight and Time Decay — are still factors in News Feed ranking, but other things are equally important.” Lars Backstrom, Engineering Manager for News Feed Ranking at Facebook – August 2013 hGp://marke<­‐is-­‐dead-­‐facebooks-­‐news-­‐feed-­‐algorithm-­‐now-­‐has-­‐close-­‐to-­‐100k-­‐weight-­‐factors-­‐55908  
  14. 14. December 2013 we saw major impact on organic reach of posts as the algorithm was tweaked •  What does this mean? –  Need to continue to test different types of posts to work out what most effective •  Don’t rely just on images –  –  –  –  Allocate budget for occasional promoted posts Provide reasons for consumers to engage or interact with you Content creation even more critical Less images and more high quality content will be shown – more importance than ever to have a blog and encourage people to share the link driving traffic back to your website
  15. 15. And changes continue to be rolled out… •  Text updates used to get most reach for brand pages – now facebook is differentiating between personal and brand pages •  In Jan 2014 announced brand page algorithm favouring other type of content •  Link sharing and photos for brands is being encouraged as has images and news feed becomes more visual •
  16. 16. Just  because  it’s  got  harder,  does  not  mean  you   walk  away  from  your  communiIes.     Fight  for  those  relaIonships  and  think     about  how  you  can  stand  out.  
  17. 17. What you should be doing now… 1.  Develop a plan –  Make it easy to manage and spend your time wisely by planning in advance to have the right mix of messages and platforms. Ensure you’ve got a mix of ways to engage your community over the year 2.  Diversify your exposure –  Social media has always been a way to engage in communities. It’s time to think about diversifying your exposure and growing other relevant communities 3.  Focus on creating excellent content –  Brands creating excellent content are still cutting through the clutter. You need to be thinking about how you will add value and be true to your brand messages. 4.  Be prepared to invest some money from time to time –  Facebook continues to get more refined in the way that you can target your audience and let’s face it, advertising is how they make money and continue to evolve. In 2014 you will need to assign a small budget to help ensure relevant messages are seen.
  18. 18. Use the page analytics to guide what is working •  •  Use the page insights to test what is working over time. What posts working best, is your audience targeted, is your page growing, are people checking in, what demographic groups responding best. There’s so much that you can find out with this free information.
  19. 19. Integrate your social activity in google analytics reporting… where is your traffic coming from? •  •  •  Ensure google analytics correctly set up to measure social conversions Know what platforms are working best and where traffic sources are coming from You can actually set up specific campaign targets in google analytics to test performance
  20. 20. Plan your content •  Develop a content plan and the pillars of content around your brand •  Having a calendar means that you can upload content and then focus on interaction •  Also means your content can be differentiated across mediums so not always doing the same thing •  Our content expert Sophie Knox is here to help you make content planning easier… spending one day planning content can save you hours of work and ensure your content is relevant and on brand message
  21. 21. Where to start… content pillars defined VISION:     To  be  widely  as  leading  Restaurant  group  providing   excep<onal  customer  experiences     Local  Produce    4  Core  content  pillars  of  focus       Dining/   Entertaining  Tips     Promo<ons                           MaG  Moran           The  house  of  content  does  not  work  in  harmony  when  one  pillar  dominates  
  22. 22. A content plan has to work for you and the team..
  23. 23. Don’t forget your website as the home base! Your  website  and  your  blog  will  always  be  owned  media  that    you   can  control.  Don’t  forget  to  drive  your  communi<es  ‘home’  to  assets   that  are  within  your  power.  If  you’re  planning  out  your  content  thinking   About  how  you  drive  traffic  to  website  will  be  top  priority.  
  24. 24. It’s a house you don’t own… •  A good analogy to think about… you’d never build your dream house on rented land… so don’t put all of your eggs in the facebook basket because it’s not a platform you own. •  Your website is your digital home and it’s often neglected
  25. 25. Timing your posts to ensure they are seen is paramount to success Timing  of  posts  is  cri<cal.   Users  not  always  online  from   9-­‐5pm  so  think  about   ensuring  that  you  target  and   <me  your  posts   If  you’ve  got  over  5,000  fans,  use  the     Targe<ng  to  post  by  loca<on  so  that   The  messages  are  relevant   hGp:// 2013/06/facebookprescheduling/  
  26. 26. Remember 9-5 actions can be limited Source:  Yellowpages  social  media  report  2013  
  27. 27. Think about the comments around the posts… how can you encourage comments and interaction?
  28. 28. Think about driving interaction with your posts hGp://­‐to-­‐increase-­‐your-­‐facebook-­‐ engagement-­‐by-­‐275/  
  29. 29. Don’t dismiss facebook ads – they can be very effective and targeted… •  Facebook constantly looking at ways for advertisers to better target their users •  Lots of options depending on your goals •  Assign some budget for 2014 for selective promotion of core messages
  30. 30. Facebook ads A  range  of  different  ad   formats  depending  on   what  you  are  looking   to  achieve.     Some  work  beMer  than   others…  
  31. 31. Be targeted… don’t just hit the promote button •  Power Editor gives you option of targeting: •  •  •  •  Demographic groups Only fans on page Blind posts – where hits newsfeed and not on the page Desktop vs mobile placements
  32. 32. Custom audience Targeting… You  can  now  upload  your  email  lists  and  via  power  editor  create  a  custom  audience   To  target  ads  to.  This  data  is  “hashed”  (to  keep  it  private)  and  then  the  ads  served  to   People  who  are  on  your  list.  A  great  way  of  growing  your  community  on  facebook   With  customers  who  oTen  already  have  a  relaIonship  with  your  business  
  33. 33. Look a-like audiences •  Similarly can use your email list to create a “lookalike” audience of people who have similar profile and characteristics to the people you already target.
  34. 34. NEW….website custom audiences… •  Website Custom Audiences allow you to create Facebook ads that target users who have previously visited your website. •  You can focus only on those who visited a specific page or section of your site, or those who visited pages that included a particular keyword in the URL. • hGp://­‐custom-­‐audiences-­‐facebook/  
  35. 35. Ad retargeting on websites… •  •  •  •  •  •  Also an opportunity to consider some facebook ad retargeting in 2014 This is where we place code on website to collect information and then we use this information to target ads on facebook or other networks. People will have interacted with the brand, maybe come looking for you via search and this is a way of closing the look and reminding of offer, giving information or prompting to buy. This is a growing way to increase conversions from people who have interacted with your brand and not yet bought. Adroll is one of the largest retargeting providers – have a look at their offering
  36. 36. Off the shelf apps continually appearing with new ways to engage •  Promotions can help in a number of ways: –  Encouraging fans to interact –  Getting email or other contact data –  Rewarding fans or giving unique experiences
  37. 37. Finally think about providing value offline with opportunities and experiences •  What can you do offline to enhance the brand experience and make your fans feel like a VIP? –  –  –  –  Exclusive events for fans Opportunity for trial Pre-releases Special promotions to keep them loyal •  Does not have to be everyday but the more offline interaction you have, the stronger the trust and engagement with your brand.
  38. 38. Where Mastermind Consulting can help Strategy  and  Planning   Content   Planning  and   CreaIon   Comms   Development   Social  Media   strategy,   campaigns  and   reporIng   Product   Strategy  and   Development   Visual  Design     web  and   online   Direct   MarkeIng   Workshops   and  Training