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The Perils that PCI brings to Security


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Josh Corman, Research Director, Enterprise Security Practice, is often known for his deep insights into and candid discussions about the state of enterprise security and the variables and trends that impact it. Listen as Josh discusses how and why PCI compliance has affected the state of security-specifically, the impact of approaching PCI as a checklist. He also gives ideas for what we need to do, and the types of solutions we need to have to not only satisfy the PCI audit, but to also provide real system security. Josh discusses this in an informal back and forth format with Gene Kim, Tripwire co-Founder and CTO.

In this webcast, you'll learn:

How compliance introduced cost complexity by causing a divergence between what we need to do to pass an audit versus avert threats.

The fallacy that being PCI compliance means you're secure.

Controls that both help you pass your PCI audit while also deterring advanced threats.

How Tripwire VIA solutions provide that rare combination of controls that address both compliance and security.

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