APTs: Filtering Out the Marketing Hype to See the Real Threat


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A lot of marketing hype around Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) has diluted what the actual threat is. In fact, many security vendors have convinced organizations that their products cover these types of threats, when really they just cover the usual suspects- malware, rootkits, and bots. But an APT is not so much a specific mechanism; it's bad people out to do bad things to a specific organization or individual for a specific bad purpose.

In this webcast, Matt Olney, Senior Research Engineer of Sourcefire, the real-time adaptive network security solutions company, talks with Tim Zonca, Product Marketing Manager of Tripwire Log Center, about his concerns about APTs and the approach he thinks organizations must take if they're to ward off these very real threats.

By listening to this webcast, you will:

- Learn what an APT is compared to how it has been marketed

- Hear about specific examples of APTs that have occurred recently

- Understand why these threats are perhaps even more concerning than your garden-variety threats

- Understand why out-of-the-box security solutions are basically useless against APTs

- Learn what's essential to adequately address APTs

Webcast available here: http://www.tripwire.com/register/apts-filtering-out-the-marketing-hype-to-see-the-real-threat/

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  • Title slide
  • Bear vs. sniper – What are APTs
  • This goes along with processes etc…to deal with APT threat
  • Talking about intelligencedriven response.
  • This slide addresses the split challenges in security – The traditional security threats and the high-end, targeted attacks
  • No matter how awesome you think you are, you aren’t the best.You don’t have all the answers, you don’t have all the data.You don’t even have all the questions.
  • And even if you were a walking, talking embodiment of all that it technical network defense, you are still just you.You are time constrained, resource constrained and data constrained.
  • If you take just one thing from this presentation, it is this:Know, absolutely, unequivocally that the bad guys talk. They exchange 0-day, payloads, footprints and money. They also trade your data and even your computers.This gives them an incredible advantage in terms of tools at their disposal, both for the initial exploit and post-exploit activities. This activity only accelerates as exploits become publically known.So what do you do with this information? -
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