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Developing a Continuous Monitoring Action Plan


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At the direction of OMB and NIST, security and IT pros in federal government must develop plans to implement "continuous monitoring," the practice of using IT security controls to constantly monitor and manage the security status of their information systems and networks. The transition from static security to continuous monitoring requires a new approach to IT security, and IT teams must devise a strategy and roadmap to be successful.

In this editorial Webcast, cybersecurity experts will help discuss the tools and processes involved in moving from a traditional security environment to one designed around continuous monitoring. This Webcast will help government IT pros:

Understand the objectives of continuous monitoring, such as reduced threat exposure through real time risk assessment and response.

Identify the steps involved, including determining the security impact of changes to IT systems and producing assessment reports.

Assess system requirements in areas such as malware detection and event and incident management.

Determine the need for upgrades and investment in new technologies.

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