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TriplePulse Pitchdeck

  1. 1. Your custom pack of vitamins, samples of the latest supplements and expert fitness advice.Tuesday, November 6, 12
  2. 2. Target Audience “I don’t have the time to research what vitamins and supplements I should be taking, then go out and buy each product.” The TriplePulse target is male, 18-35 and eager to lead a healthy lifestyle. Save me time! Save me money! Focus on me! Plug me in! 2Tuesday, November 6, 12
  3. 3. Beta Product for Initial Customer Set *See appendix (slide 14) for sample packs. Discover Curated Samples Replenish Personalized Energy Essentials (TriplePulse-Branded) Sleep aids Month’s worth = of custom Hangover Healthy + vitamins Recovery Cheats and more ... 3Tuesday, November 6, 12
  4. 4. Business Model E-commerce: (i) Subscription (ii) Full-size upselling Lead Gen & Market Research: (i) For consumables, durables and service providers, i.e. Met-Rx, Polar, Gold’s Gym Phase II Content: (i) Newsletter ad sales, affiliate commissions, sponsorships Phase II 4Tuesday, November 6, 12
  5. 5. DTC Customer Acquisition Campaigns, Blogs, Thought Acquisition Referral Contests Leadership, Public Media Relations Partnerships Ambassador Email & Widgets Program Campaigns, Partnerships Email Bartering with Health & Contests Fitness Clubs Activation Trainers/Clients Affiliate Network Athlete of Fitness Endorsements Trainers Social Networks SEM SEO Curated Expert Retention Content System Events & Domains Direct, Tel, TV Time-Based Email & Alerts Features Blogs, Content, Apps & Widgets Thought leadership 6Tuesday, November 6, 12
  6. 6. Market Size & Opportunity $1.2 12% billion Percentage of VMS sales by nutrition Online vitamin mega chains such and supplement as GNC and Vitamin market Shoppe 50% $1.01 40.3% Adults in U.S. Percentage of men taking vitamins or billion in U.S., 18-45 that supplements Total addressable use vitamins and/ market for or supplements TriplePulse $11 billion 43.9% Percentage of men Market for vitamins, in the U.S. that use minerals and vitamins and/or supplements in the U.S. supplements 7Tuesday, November 6, 12
  7. 7. This is our beta web app ( It allows for subscription and purchasing of full-size products (dropshipped from supplier), 8Tuesday, November 6, 12
  8. 8. Mobile App Beta *See appendix (slide 13) for additional details This is a mockup of the TriplePulse member dashboard following Facebook/social login. Members track their workouts, discover our latest offers and interact with the experts. Most importantly, they share and compete with their friends and peers. Offers and alerts. See how you stack up this month versus friends and age group. Alerts from TriplePulse community (friends, trainers, nutritionists). Log your workouts, call out your friends, manage your plan, remix your pack, stock up on the supps you sampled. 9Tuesday, November 6, 12
  9. 9. Competition Progressive, Content by Replenishment Curated targeted fitness of essentials discoveries voice experts 10Tuesday, November 6, 12
  10. 10. The Founding Team CO-FOUNDER CO-FOUNDER Marketing, Branding, Business Development Business Development, Procurement & Fulfillment Chris Thompson Constantine Anastasakis MBA, Duke ’08 JD, Fordham Law ’11 BA, Georgetown University ’01 BA, Georgetown University ’06 Unilever Brand Management for Suave for Men and Director, Business Development @ ABOVE Kids Shampoo ($120MM Retail) Risk Management Analyst, Merrill Lynch & Co. VP, Marketing & Business Dev. @ ABOVE Government Affairs, American Express Co. Engagement Manager, Kepner-Tregoe DEVELOPER DEVELOPER DESIGNER Front-End Lead & UI/UX Back-end Lead Front-End Web Dev & Design Kyle Libra John Marquiss Tom Mudgett BA, Transylvania University ’08 BS, CompSci, Georgetown ’01 MS, Strategic Design, Parsons ’14 Product Manager, Inquvision Software/Systems Engineer, Synaptitude BS, UNC ’10 UX/User Acquisition, Development Engineer, Ciphent FENAFUTH ( Co-founder at codeSpark Development Engineer, MITRE Corp. Nuhou Media ADVISOR ADVISOR ADVISOR Customer Acquisition & Affiliate Network Strategy & Business Process Strategy & Business Process James Garvin Sumeer Kapila Nitesh Arora MBA UC Davis ’10 Executive MBA, Duke ’12 Executive MBA, Duke ’12 Senior Market Research Consultant, MarkeTech Senior Analyst @ Wells Fargo Product Mngr. Supply Chain & Logistics @ Oracle Co-founder of FiGuide, online personal finance Senior Associate, Cognizant Technology Solutions Supply Chain Solutions Architect @ Oracle ’05-’11 marketplace (Sold in 2012) Programmer Analyst, HCL Technologies Senior Consultant for Logistics, Transportation/ Warehouse Management @ Manhattan Associates 11Tuesday, November 6, 12
  11. 11. Timeline & Milestones First shipment, 3PL supplier selection, November ’12 September ’13 2014 2013 Beta launch, Phase II Launch October ’12 Full launch, January ’13 November ’13 Progress, August through September ‘12 PRODUCT TESTING Conducted detailed market research (hosted events, feedback sessions surveys). Agreed with FITist ( to whitelabel our pack for their brand (test B2B revenue stream). Consulted with industry experts (suppliers, trainers, nutritionists, competitive athletes). WEB DEVELOPMENT Developed beta web app (Customized Wordpress w/subscription e-commerce plugin). Brought on lead developer. PROCUREMENT & FULFILLMENT Lined up supplier of private label vitamins and supplements (all-organic, U.S. made). Lined up third party service to handle full-size product fulfillment. Sourced designer exclusives to feature in packs. Agreed with several established brands to feature their samples in our packs. 13Tuesday, November 6, 12
  12. 12.     Christopher Thompson 202.236.4675 Constantine Anastasakis 551.208.2140Tuesday, November 6, 12 APPENDIX
  13. 13. Mobile App Beta continued This is a mockup of the customization process for new members post- Facebook/social registration. We want to learn enough about them to personalize their mix of essentials and discoveries for the month. I don’t know. Guide me. 17Tuesday, November 6, 12
  14. 14. Beta Product Testing We have identified the ideal product mix for our target by testing out packs like these during feedback sessions with our beta customers. Through this market research, we determined the packs must be anchored with monthly essentials in addition to curated discoveries. 18Tuesday, November 6, 12
  15. 15. Tuesday, November 6, 12