Philips go lite blu light therapy device


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Philips go lite blu light therapy device

  1. 1. Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy DevicePrice :CHECKPRICEHERETECHNICAL DETAILSPortable, rechargeable blue therapy light withqBluewave.Sleek new compact designqNew diffusion optics for softer, even lightqWider treatment field gives you more flexibilityqFully programmable, adjustable intensityqNot to be used by people with Bi-polar disorderqRead moreqPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONStart feeling better now. "After a week with the goLITE, my wife happily announced that her summer husband hadreturned." "I feel great: more energy, more positive and optimistic, more like the person I am in the summer." Wecouldnt have said it better. These are real quotes from real people who improved their moods and beat the winterblues using light. And you can too. Light is natures stimulant. The upbeat feeling you get on a bright sunny day is noaccident-its the result of light triggering our bodies to release "active" hormones, and we feel great. Winter can be achallenge for many because the shorter days and longer nights leave us simply "light-deprived". Without the normallight stimulation, we often feel down, lethargic or sad. Light therapy provides a natural boost that helps you feel better,increases energy and even helps you sleep. Using the right wavelength of light, you can trigger your active hormonesnaturally, boosting your mood and overcoming those down feelings, whatever the season. Blue light is the key.Researchers have learned that receptors in our eyes convert the blue light from the summer sky into the chemicals ourbodies need to be active and energetic. We dont get this light in the winter, and indoor light doesnt replace this color,which is why our mood, energy and sleep patterns suffer. Twice as effective. The goLITE is the newest breakthrough inlight therapy that provides just the blue light our bodies need (we call it BLUEWAVE technology). Studies have shownthat low-intensity blue light (470 nm, like that from the goLITE) is twice as effective at managing our body clockscompared to other sources of light. As little as 15 Minutes per day. Using light therapy fits easily into your normal dailyroutine. You can do it while eating breakfast, exercising or getting ready in the morning. Read morePRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThe Philips goLITE BLU Plus HF3332 is clinically proven to naturally boost your mood and energy and fight winter bluesin as little as 15 minutes a day. Featuring breakthrough Bluewave technology, goLITE BLU is a portable innovativedesign that allows you to get the light you need at home or in the office.
  2. 2. Clinically proven to boost mood andenergy and fight winter blues in aslittle as 15 minutes a day. View larger.Go about your daily tasks whilereceiving energizing light therapy.View larger.Helps to alleviate the Symptoms of the Winter BluesIn countries with long winters, many people experience loss of energy and low spirits due to lack of light. Thesesymptoms are referred to as the winter blues. They typically start in autumn and may last for several weeks. PhilipsgoLITE BLU is a simple and natural way to alleviate these symptoms and restore your summer mood and energy level.Uses Specific Blue Light Like a Clear Sunny SkygoLITE BLU energy light produces a particular kind of pure blue light that occurs naturally on very sunny, clear days.Special receptors in the eyes absorb this blue light which makes you feel energetic whenever you need it.Helps to Increase Energy LevelsOur busy lifestyles demand a lot from us and we want to be at our best both during work and private time. Sometimeswe experience low moments or dips during the day. Using the goLITE BLU at any time of the day will help you toincrease your energy level and alertness in a natural way.Conveniently Portable and rechargeableCompact design, travel case, and a rechargeable battery make the goLITE BLU Plus easy to use, easy to store, and easyto take with you when you travel.Easy To UsePlace goLITE BLU in your field of vision - no need to look directly into the light. Using the goLITE BLU energy light for atleast 15 minutes naturally improves your mood and energy level whenever you need it. Using it for longer is absolutelysafe. Regular use every morning during winter months will help to alleviate the symptoms of the winter blues.
  3. 3. Backlit Touch Screen to Adjust Timer and IntensitySet the timer according to your needs (1-60 min) by using the touch display and choose the right level of brightness outof the four levels by using the dimmer. Set the treatment time alarm to ensure that you dont miss your session of bluelight.Extra Durable LED LightsThe durable LEDs in the goLITE BLU Plus can be used 30 minutes a day for 50 years without losing efficiency.Whats in the BoxPhilips HF3332 goLITE BLU Plus energy light and instruction guide.goLITE BLU PlusEnergy Light HF3332At a Glance:Clinically proven to boost mood and energy and fight winter bluesUses advanced Bluewave technology for results in as little as 15 to 45 minutes a dayRechargeable battery and travel case make it ideal for travel purposesWide field of illumination allows you the freedom to engage in other activitiesTimer and brightness settings to customize your light exposureSafe to use and UV free45-day money back guaranteePhilips Light Therapy Product LineHF3321 HF3332 HF3318 HF3470 HF3510 HF3520 HF3550Benefits Energy Lights Wake-Up LightsIncrease Energy Level • • • • • • •Fights winter blues • • •Increase alertness • • •Wake up feelingrefreshed• • • •Helps you fall asleepmore easily• • •
  4. 4. FeaturesDimmer 3 settings 4 settings Yes (0-10k lux) 20 settings 20 settings 20 settings 20 settingsSession Timer 15, 30, 45, 60minutes0-60 minutesBacklit touch screen withclock•Treatment time alarm •Rechargeable battery No, corded useonly•Travel case included •Replaceable Lamp • •Adjustable sunrisesimulation• •Dusk simulation • • •Number of wake-upsounds2 3 5 8FM radio • • •Wake-Up Light AppCompatible•Read moreYou May Also Like