Property and Casualty Adjusters


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Trinity Insurance Services ( ) is an independent insurance adjusting firm.

Our expert teams of Property and Casualty Adjusters ( are capable of handling all lines of coverage to help our clients settle claims accurately and quickly.

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Property and Casualty Adjusters

  1. 1. Property And Casualty
  2. 2. Property & Casualty• Property insurance provides protection against most risks to property(commercial or residential), such as fire, theft and some weatherdamage.• This includes general and specialized forms of insurance such as fireinsurance, earthquake insurance, flood insurance, etc. Casualty insurancemainly protects a person or business against legal liability for lossescaused by injury to other people or damage to the property of others.
  3. 3. • The job of our property and casualty adjusters depends on a lot offactors like type of disaster, nature of loss or damage, liability,insurance policy, industry, and• For example, adjusters in property/casualty insurance must knowconstruction costs to properly evaluate damage from a earthquake orfires.Workers in health insurance must have the tools and knowledge todetermine which types of treatments are necessary and which can raisequestions.
  4. 4. When on-site our adjusters and claim managers are inspecting damagedproperty, adjusting claims, conducting research, talking topolicyholders, and• Our claims adjusters are aware of the fact that sometimes the siteconditions can be risky and they need to be careful and prepared.• When in the office they review documents, conduct research, get newtraining, and factor in what they learn on-site into industry best practicesto serve our clients better.
  5. 5. Trinity Insurance Services is an independent insuranceadjusting company with a nationwide network poised tomeet all your claims adjusting
  6. 6. Claim and administrative services are available for all property andcasualty lines, including but not limited• Workers Compensation• Auto Liability• General Liability• Property• Environmental• Catastrophe• Professional Liability• Medical Malpractice• Products Liability
  7. 7. Contact us today for your insuranceclaims handling and we will help yousettle claims quickly and
  8. 8. Twitterwww.trinityclaims.com888.370.8484Fax to 800.978.2650EmailFacebook