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Inspecting and Adjusting Hurricane Sandy Claims in New Jersey


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Trinity Insurance Services ( ) is an independent insurance adjusting firm. Our expert teams of independent adjusters and managers are capable of handling all lines of coverage to help our clients settle claims accurately and quickly.

Independent Claims Adjusting after Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey (October 2012). Trinity Insurance Services have a team of dedicated property and casualty adjusters to handle all claims. We have the experience, technology, processes and people to quickly and efficiently provide catastrophe claims adjusting services. Our claims adjusters were quickly on-the-site to help all those affected and quickly get them back to business. Visit us today.

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Inspecting and Adjusting Hurricane Sandy Claims in New Jersey

  1. 1. www.trinityclaims.comInspecting and Adjusting Hurricane SandyClaims in New Jersey
  2. 2. Date: 26th October 2012Date: 26th October 2012www.trinityclaims.comTrinity Catastrophe department mobilized and deployed its catastropheadjuster team to the Hurricane Sandy affected areas in New Jersey.Trinity catastrophe team is in the area handling claims for its clients atthis time. As residents return they must now focus on rebuilding theirlives.Wind and storms have damaged residential/commercial properties andautomobiles. Business interruption losses are high for commercialentities.»»»
  3. 3. Claims continue to pour in – our property and casualty adjusters aredoing everything they can to inspect, adjust and close claims as quickly aspossible to get them back to business quickly.www.trinityclaims.comWe have the technology, processes and expertise to manage largenumber of claims. As people return back and rebuild their lives, we areworking with them to get their life/business back to normal.»»
  4. 4. In the United States, Hurricane Sandy affected at least 24 states, fromFlorida to Maine and west to Michigan and Wisconsin, with particularlysevere damage in New Jersey and New York.www.trinityclaims.comGovernor Chris Christie said the loss was "going to be almostincalculable...The devastation on the Jersey Shore is probably going to bethe worst weve ever seen." President Obama signed an emergencydeclaration for New Jersey.»»
  5. 5. Following losses were confirmed in New Jersey (NJ) Sandy struck land near Atlantic City, New Jersey, around high tide, whippingup a storm surge that ripped apart piers on the Jersey Shore. The state was hit the hardest by power outages, and more than 2 millioncustomers were without electricity, according to CNNs tally. The effects of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey in 2012 were severe, withlosses to businesses of up to $30 billion. According to CNN, motorists lined up in front of service stations for blocks topurchase gas in the town of Hazlet, NJ. Others, on foot, stood in long lines,holding red canisters, waiting their turns to fill them up. It will take weeks for rail service to resume on the coastline, according toNew Jersey Transit Rail. Downed trees covered the tracks in many areas,ripping down power lines with them, while other sections of track arewashed out. Service on the Northeast Corridor Line also remains suspended. A 50 feet of the Atlantic City boardwalk was wiped out by strong waves. United Airlines accounts for more than two thirds of the flights at NewarkLiberty International Airport, where more than 2,600 flights were canceleddue to Hurricane Sandy.
  6. 6. Trinity Insurance Services have a team of dedicatedproperty and casualty adjusters to handle all claims.www.trinityclaims.comWe are able to respond to your adjusting needs whenever andwherever they occur because of our 24-hour access, our highlyexperienced staff, and our nationwide network of adjusters.• 24-hour Access• Experienced Staff• Nationwide Network• Single Source Contact• 24-hour Access• Experienced Staff• Nationwide Network• Single Source Contact»»
  7. 7. We will provide you with a single source contact, who willwork with you to ensure that your claims are handled to yourspecifications from first contact to
  8. 8. Contact us today for your insuranceclaims handling and we will help yousettle claims quickly and
  9. 9. Twitterwww.trinityclaims.com888.370.8484Fax to 800.978.2650EmailFacebook
  10. 10. Twitterwww.trinityclaims.com888.370.8484Fax to 800.978.2650EmailFacebook