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Highway Re-route Movement - New Flier (Nov 22, 2012)


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Highway Re-route Movement - New Flier (Nov 22, 2012)

  1. 1. WAR ON THE PEOPLE Camp Re-Route destroyed, 27Jun 2012, at entrance to Debe-Mon Desir highway1. The PP Government was refused a loan for this project by the 4. The people in the communities between Debe and Mon Desir were Inter American Development Bank (IADB). The Government NOT consulted before the decision to build this segment was told to repair, widen, and add to the existing roads 5. The cost of this segment would be over $ 5 billion. This would incur a2. Key Government Ministers were totally against the Debe to Mon debt which our children would have to pay for decades Destructive Debe to Mon Desir Highway Desir segment when they were in Opposition Destroying 300 homes, 13 communities, 20 streets, temple, church,3. The EMA granted a Certificate of Environmental Clearance to Highway Re-Route Trinidad Highway Re-Route mosque, 13 businesses, 65 oil wells, oil and gas pipelines, the the Government without having seen a hydrological report highwayreroutemovement@gmail.com 461-1822 / 385-1185 / 771-5181 Oropouche lagoon, fertile agricultural lands, our heritage and Published by the Highway Re-Route Movement system of tenure...and will cause permanent flooding
  2. 2. THE GOVERNMENT’S PROPOSAL THE RE-ROUTE PROPOSAL Why has no cost- AGGREGATE AND benefit analysis been TRANSPORT ALONE FORThere are THREE (3) highway 1. Remove Debe to Mon Desir done for this project?? 9.1 MILE EMBANKMENTsections in the Government’s 2. Add a new highway section IS OVERproposal: between Debe and Mosquito $ 1 BILLION Creek, La Romaine end Because hiding costs (1) San Fernando to Pt Fortin 3. Repair, widen and add to the hide corruption!!! (2) Golconda to Debe numerous existing bypass COMPENSATION AND (3) Debe to Mon Desir and connector roads in the RELOCATION FORThe Highway Re-route Movement Debe, Penal, Siparia and Why has NIDCO CEO HUNDREDS OF HOMES, Fyzabad districtsFULLY SUPPORTS: Carson Charles FARMS, BUSINESSES IS OVER Feed them into the new high- claimed that this $1.5 BILLION  San Fernando to Pt Fortin way sections:  Golconda to Debe segment is costing $2.1  San Fernando to Pt Fortin billion?The Movement does NOT  Golconda to DebeSUPPORT the: DESIGN AND BUILD  Debe to Mosquito Creek CONTRACT FOR 9 BRIDGES,  Debe to Mon Desir The real cost for this so that Debe, Penal, Siparia and FOUR INTERCHANGES, 9.1 section, which crosses the segment is not $2.1 Fyzabad are within minutes of MILE EMBANKMENT IS OVER Oropouche Lagoon the highway system billion. $2 BILLION BENEFITS OF THE RE-ROUTE PROPOSAL FOR TRINIDAD & TOBAGO The real cost is over $ 4 billion will be saved; $ 1.5 billion instead of $ 5.5. billion  Road connectivity for South West peninsula will be improved $5 billion. HIDDEN COSTS: COST OF Savings could be used, for example, to build Pt Fortin hospital LOAN, CAPPING OF 65 OIL  13 businesses and more than 1500 jobs will be preserved and develop infrastructure for agricultural development in the WELLS, RE-ROUTING  Places of religious worship (temple, church, mosque) will be OIL/GAS LINES, LEGAL, AD- Oropouche lagoon communities And that is for saved MINISTRATIVE, SURVEYING Permanent flooding in the Oropouche lagoon districts will be Debe to Mon Desir  65 oil wells will be preserved SINCE 2005, LOSS OF FERTILE prevented alone!!! SOIL, COST OVERRUNS,  Oil and gas transmission lines will not have to be re-routed 300 homes will be saved FLOODING IMPACTS, OVER  Burden on the taxpayer will be reduced by spreading the costs $1 BILLION 13 communities will be saved Source: Government’s Environmental for repair, widening and adding of roads over a longer period of Impact Assessment and statements 179 agricultural plots of fertile land will be saved time from Government Ministers