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Tringgr is 'video conferencing on the fly' product which provides Video Conferences or chats, Audio only conference and chat, group or private text chat, File Transfer features as of now. Its roadmap involves video integration API release, Mobile full support, Screen Sharing, Contact saving & chatting with your Facebook contacts from within Tringgr chat.
"Tringgr" has been developed with our RTC API called TringgrRTC on top of WebRTC platform and it works on low bandwidths smoothly 10kbps to be more precise. Our API is due to be released for other websites to extend Live Audio\Video customer chats support.
Tringgr is intended to bring Smooth conferencing solution for Live Tutoring in eLearning, Live Product display for e-commerce with product sales assistant for high value products to give that personalized touch - this would be the ultimate experience from E-commerce. Other Prospective area includes Matrimonial websites, Enterprise Video Support etc.
Our Market Areas Includes-
• Video Conferencing on the fly for instant needs without any plugin.
• Live tutoring for Education.
• Live Product Demo for e-commerce high value products.
• Live Audio\Video chat support on your website.
• Matrimonial Websites
• Banking Sector for Video Calling Support
• Online Travel Websites
• Making Social Media Experience More Interactive.
• Enterprise Organization
• Real Estate Market
• Hospitality Sector
For consumer facing businesses Tringgr will help them in transforming from transactional businesses to interactive businesses. Face2Face interactions will be the game changer as it adds that extra touch and provides businesses with opportunity to convince their customers provide better product info and help in increasing sales etc. TringgrAPIs and Tringgr Cloud infrastructure will help businesses in taking the next steps towards customer acquisition more interactively.

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Tringgr- WebRTC Powered Video Conferencing Solution

  1. 1. Free Video Conferencing on the fly!!
  2. 2. What is Tringgr
  3. 3. Allows instant Video conferencing and Video Chat Do not require any plugins or additional software Start Video Chat or Conference by sharing just a link Tringgr?? Why Tringgr Features Different
  4. 4. Requires only the browser to start Video Chat Built on top of Simple WebRTC Tringgr?? Why Tringgr Features Different
  5. 5. Why Tringgr
  6. 6. Tringgr?? Why Tringgr Features Different Tringgr has made complex video chat Simple Tringgr is fast and reliable Requires only Browser to start a Video Chat No signups and completely hassle free
  7. 7. Connect, Communicate and Collaborate with your friends from anywhere anytime
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  9. 9. Tringgr?? Why Tringgr Features Different
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  11. 11. Tringgr?? Why Tringgr Features Different No plugins No Signups No downloads No Charges
  12. 12. Tringgr?? Why Tringgr Features Different Completely Hassle free Instant Video Calling solution Made video chat Simple Can be used anywhere anytime
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