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A new era of flexibility in hospitals


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Poul Martin Møller, Chief Robotics Officer (CRO), Sygehus Sønderjylland Hospital, Denmark presents a new era of flexibility in hospitals – how mobile robots relieve employees from monotonous tasks & optimize work flows.

Published in: Healthcare
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A new era of flexibility in hospitals

  1. 1. A new era of flexibility in hospitals How mobile robots relieve employees from monotonous tasks and optimize work flows
  2. 2. Poul Martin Møller Chief Robotics Officer (CRO), SHS Hospital Group, Southern Denmark
  3. 3. “What we are doing today, must not prevent us from being able to do better tomorrow”
  4. 4. Today’s healthcare challenges & the possibilities of mobile robot technology Use Case: Meet Ejnar @ Sønderborg Perspectives for tomorrow – what‘s next? Agenda
  5. 5. Today’s healthcare challenges
  6. 6. Complexity in healthcare logistics:  Planning  Ressource and task management  Service logistics  Garbage, linen, beds, food etc.  Clinical logistics  Acute, ambulant, surgical treatment runs
  7. 7. But it should be as easy as this…
  8. 8. The possibilities of mobile robot technology
  9. 9. Mobile robot technology  Autonomous mobile robot for tasks in the industry, logistics and healthcare sector  Integrated scanner and 3D-camera to see static obstacles as well as people  Drivng patterns: bus service, post & taxi  Operation via a mobile device  Easy module integration
  10. 10. Use case: meet Ejnar @ Sønderborg
  11. 11. Sønderborg without robots ... 11
  12. 12. Perspective Improve quality … The possibilities of robots More efficient work practises, less interrupted work processes.
  13. 13. Perspective Operational savings… The possibilities of robots Service logistics mastering the Big Four: beds, linen, dishes, trash.
  14. 14. Perspective Future tech investments… The possibilities of robots Modularity, scalability, longevity: smart use of industry wide technologies.
  15. 15. Knowledge Project TUG CytoMiR SBS (Ejnar) PostMiR Mobile workstation ScannerBot (RFID) UV sterilizer Hook MiR Logistics Clinical Service Interactions level Patients Room Clinics Infrastructure AGV-techs Lad agv Fixed top module agv Hook agv Collaboration amongst agv’s Integration to other systems Fleetmanagement RFID
  16. 16. Meet Ejnar  A flexible mobile robot, MiR100, by Mobile Industrial Robots  Handling of tasks like transport of drugs, lab reports, etc.  User-friendly and simple deployment allows adaptability  Fleet management with Fleet Control
  17. 17. Meet Ejnar
  18. 18. The next level  New hook system to add more flexibility for hospital staff  Pulling of laundry trolleys and other kinds of containers
  19. 19. Perspectives for tomorrow – what‘s next
  20. 20. “Technology must not define the organization, but instead create a new organizational reality.”
  21. 21. Thank you for your attention! Poul Martin Møller +45 2383 34 59