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  1. 1. Triinu ValgeEstonian University of Life Sciences Foodstuff Technology
  2. 2.  Recently identified virtues of chocolate is its lofty ranking as the third largest dietary source of antioxidants Chocolate is derived from the cocoa bean, one of the most concentrated sources of flavanols, a subgroup of the natural antioxidant plant compounds called flavonoids
  3. 3.  Flavonoids are thought to exert antioxidant protections against free radicals, help reduce platelet activation, contribute to vasodilation to improve blood flow and positively influence production of eicosanoids Chocolate also has been found to improve endothelial function, demonstrate abundant antioxidant activity and inhibit platelet activation and function
  4. 4.  Researchers examined cocoa’s relationship to cardiovascular health in 470 Dutch men aged 65 to 84 years over 15 years Men who consumed cocoa regularly had significantly lower blood pressure than those who did not Men in the group with the highest cocoa consumption were half as likely as the others to die from cardiovascular disease
  5. 5.  Healthy adults who consumed flavanol-rich cocoa had significantly greater acute and sustained increases in peripheral blood flow Consumption of flavanol-rich chocolate causes a rise in epicatechin antioxidant levels and in antioxidant activity and a fall in fat oxidation in a dose-related manner
  6. 6.  Researchers used the high- versus low-flavanol cocoa beverage technique with a sample of smokers. Consumption of the flavanol-rich cocoa was associated with significant improvement in blood flow and significant increases in circulating nitric oxide
  7. 7.  In a 15-year study with 470 elderly men, those who consumed the highest amounts of cocoa were half as likely to die from cardiovascular disease
  8. 8.  The darker the chocolate, the more likely it is to offer health benefits. Because polyphenols are found in the cocoa bean but not in milk, cream, sugar, or other additives added to other types of chocolate, the darker the chocolate, the better White chocolate, which is devoid of antioxidants, offers no health benefits
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