What we've learned so far about sm


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What we've learned so far about social media for busin

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What we've learned so far about sm

  1. 1. What we’ve learned so farabout social media for business
  2. 2. Agenda1. Our 5 rules of social media for business2. Content is King3. Facebook4. Linkedin5. Twitter6. YouTube7. Resources
  3. 3. Our 5 Rules of Social Media for business1.Social media is a collection of communication tools. It’s what you do withthose tools that matters2.Social media is about people – not technology or your products andservices3.Develop a give first mentality – don’t sell – connect4.If you’re going to do it, do it on a consistent basis5.Create, find and share content that people will want to consume andspread
  4. 4. Content is KING!
  5. 5. Webinars Podcasts Videos Articles Audience BlogsWhite Papers eBooks Photos
  6. 6. FacebookWhat is it…1. Primarily for connecting with family and friends2. You can share photos, videos, links and have online conversations3. The worlds biggest social network4. Over 750 million users and counting (16 million in Canada)
  7. 7. Facebook5 Action steps for your business…1. Create a separate page for your business2. Identify the FB friends you have that have a business connection3. Direct message these individuals and invite them to join4. Share content your friends will find interesting5. Join in conversations
  8. 8. LinkedinWhat is it…1. Primarily for connecting and sharing with business colleagues2. The worlds biggest business-to-business social network3. Over 120 million users (3 million in Canada)
  9. 9. Linkedin5 Action steps for your business1. Create your profile – what do you want to be known for?2. Build your network – who do you know – who do you want to know?3. Join or create groups – listen first and ask great questions4. Connect directly with at least 2 people a day and start a conversation5. Share content daily
  10. 10. TwitterWhat is it…1. Primarily for connecting with people/topics you find interesting2. Must use 140 characters or less to communicate3. Over 200 million users
  11. 11. Twitter5 Action steps for your business1. Create a profile that describes the real you2. Follow people that you want to connect with or learn from3. Start conversations4. Share what you’ve learned, ideas you have and great content5. Tweet at least 5 times a day
  12. 12. YouTubeWhat is it…1. Primarily for uploading and sharing videos2. The worlds largest video sharing site – 3 billion videos viewed per day3. 490 million unique visitors per day
  13. 13. YouTube5 Action steps for your business1. Create videos that people will want to watch2. Start your own YouTube channel3. Embed your videos in your website – don’t send people to YouTube4. Spread the word about your videos via other social tools5. Create a calendar so you produce new content regularly
  14. 14. What would happen if I Googled YOU?
  15. 15. ResourcesBooks1.Unmarketing2.Content RulesWebsites1.Triggerstrategies.ca2.Hubspot.com3.Mashable.com4.Marketingprofs.comHelp from the horses mouth1.Business.twitter.com2.Help.linkedin.com/app/home3.Youtube.com/t/about_youtube4.Facebook.com/help/?ref=drop
  16. 16. Thank Youtriggerstrategies.ca