Industrial Success Stories


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Four short case studies showcasing industrial firms overcoming challenges like declining sales, disengaged employees, low morale and increased competition.

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Industrial Success Stories

  1. 1. Industrial Success Stories
  2. 2. Client Profile:• Direct sales of high performance welding filler metalsused for fabrication, repair and refurbishment• Offices across North America• 28 employees• $8 - $10 million in sales• Market: North America
  3. 3. The Situation:• 18 months of declining sales• Phones stopped ringing• Sales department primarily made up of individuals with farmingskills not hunters• Competition getting more aggressive
  4. 4. The Solution:• Profile sales team to determine best fit and assess sales skills ofentire team• Assisted in hiring new business development reps• Develop “new client acquisition” campaign• Train sales team in hunting skills• Established sales targets and built in accountability to the wholeteam• Deliver some training via Skype
  5. 5. The Result:• Sales team better equipped to take on the new market reality• Sales team focused and accountable to achieve goals• 40% increase in new account acquisition in just 9 months
  6. 6. Client Profile:• Provider of public and private water and wastewatersystems including design, construction, and plantoperations• Located in Niagara ON & Western New York• 110 employees• $12 - $15 million in sales• Market: Global
  7. 7. The Situation:• 3 out of 5 divisions under performing in a sales capacity• Competition undercutting price and winning more projects• No sales department – traditionally companies have calledthem, but this has slowed of late• Sales and marketing looked at as “not my job, I’m an engineer”
  8. 8. The Solution:• Profile division heads to determine how to best work with them• Assisted in hiring marketing coordinator• Developed skills like sending email, how to use the phone forfollow-up and how to build trust and rapport• Created accountability measures by instituting regular salesmeetings and sales targets and introduced the art of funnelmanagement• Developed team selling approach to share abilities, skills andexperience
  9. 9. The Result:• Division heads better understood the need for an aggressivebusiness development process• Number of inquiries, proposals and quotes increased by almost50% over the last year• Ability to secure meetings with new prospects increasedsignificantly• Sales revenues increased in 2 of 3 problematic divisions
  10. 10. Client Profile:• Retailer with two locations focusing on power tools andfasteners• Located in Niagara and Hamilton ON• 14 employees• $3 - $4 million in sales• Market: Golden Horseshoe
  11. 11. The Situation:• Two retail locations operating independently with an “us” vs.“them” mentality• Competition undercutting price and winning more customers• Sales department – no targets or accountability• Everyone going through the motions – no corporate vision – lowemployee moral
  12. 12. The Solution:• Got the entire team involved in developing the corporate vision• Brought accountability to the sales effort by creating salestargets and instituting 90-day plans for each sales rep• Developed a sense of team by having every employee takeownership of small initiatives and seeing them through tocompletion• Assisted in hiring new key sales rep to help grow new markets
  13. 13. The Result:• Sales team held accountable to meet targets – increasedprospecting and new client acquisition• Employees feel part of the future and feel heard – employeemoral increasing• Implemented strong and measurable processes to buildaccountability into all areas of the business• Removed the us vs. them mentality between the two branchesand created a “one company” vision
  14. 14. Client Profile:• Construction company focused on concretefoundations and flatwork• Located in Niagara ON• 150 employees• $30 - $35 million in sales• Market: Niagara
  15. 15. The Situation:• Company has had steady growth for years but is now starting tofeel the complications of their size• Communications between divisions is becoming strained• The company vision has changed and now unclear• Competition from outside Niagara is starting to make a dent insales
  16. 16. The Solution:• Developed a team of people from each division to help craftthe new corporate vision• The team also identified key initiatives that needed to beimplemented within the next 6 – 18 months• Developed internal champions to ensure initiatives wereimplemented and measured• Worked with estimating team to help them move from justproviding quotes to providing overall value
  17. 17. The Result:• Overall employee accountability increased• By having the multiple divisions work together they developed abetter understanding of each others realities and needs andinternal communications increased significantly• Estimators focused on selling value and the “we lost the bid toprice” excuses diminished by over 50%
  18. 18. Capabilities:• Sales Team and Sales Process Development• Key Hiring and Online Employee Profiling• Corporate Vision Development• Accountability ofYourWhole Team• Marketing, Social Media and Online Presence• Family businesses – Transition and Succession• Helping you get things done
  19. 19. Partial List of ClientsScotia Bank Convention Centre Horizon Utilities Dell Smart Home SolutionsNiagara College Niagara Christian Community of Schools Dominion Auto BodyBeatties Basics Advantage Restaurant Supply Willix Personal TrainingIronworks Niagara Crescent Flooring CRL Campbell ConstructionCotton Dunnville Credit Union Cedarway FloralExocor Fort Erie Public Library Primeway CompaniesCataract Savings & Credit Union Felton Brushes Aquatrue WaterGlenny Insurance Niagara Block Design ElectronicsFastek Reuter & Reilly Insurance Homes by HendriksASI Group White Meadows Farms Millers Auto RecyclingInnovative Kitchen Design Janco Steel Ltd. Modern MosaicMars Metal Salit Steel Regional Doors & HardwareDuratherm Vintage Hotels SVAT ElectronicsWentworth Metal Recyclers Benefit Partners Vermeer’s GreenhousesBrand Blvd. Corporate Chemicals Weinmann ElectricCanadian Tire Fortis Ontario First Ontario Credit UnionRinaldi Homes Tremont Yacht FurnitureCarpet Emporium