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Secrets To Getting A Federal Government Job


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Presented by Dr. Anna and Mr. James Lint, authors of the book Secrets to Getting a Federal Government Job, this webinar is packed with information from the inside. Mr. Lint has over 38 years experience in military and federal government, and recently retired as a GS-15. So he knows how to get hired, how to move up and how to thrive in the system. Dr. Anna Lint shares how to move into a position in the government if you are bi-lingual.

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Secrets To Getting A Federal Government Job

  1. 1. Secrets to Getting a Federal Government Job Presenters: Dr. Anna & Mr. James Lint Tanya White-Earnest | | 714.816.0366 x1943
  2. 2. WELCOME ▪ TODAY’S HOST: Tanya White-Earnest – Director, Center for Career Planning and Workforce Strategies ▪ TODAY’S PRESENTER: Daniel Sloan – Content Marketing Specialist Webinar Wednesdays
  3. 3. WELCOME GET THE MOST OUT OF TODAY’S WEBINAR ▪ Turn off email, phones, instant messaging ▪ Get involved in the webinar ▪ Use the Q&A panel to submit your questions, comments, and suggestions ▪ Let family/colleagues know you are on a webinar to avoid distractions ▪ Participate in polls and ask questions ▪ You will receive a copy of the recording and slide deck
  4. 4. AGENDA • MARCH 8TH, 2017 ▪ Presentation by Dr. Anna and Mr. James Lint ▪ Your questions answered Secrets to Getting A Federal Government Job
  5. 5. Presenters Dr. Anna Lint Mr. James Lint
  6. 6. Are you currently. . . • Employed with the Federal Government? • Seeking a Federal Government job? • Just curious if Federal employment is right for you? Poll Question
  7. 7. SECRETS TO GETTING A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT JOB Authors: James R. Lint Dr. Anna H. Lint John Wiseman ebook/dp/B01MZEZL0Z 7
  8. 8. AGENDA  Introduction and Why  Hiring Freeze  Pros and Cons of Working for the Government  Long term enjoyment  Questions to consider for your job placement  Federal Application & Hiring process  5 thoughts on acquiring a federal job  A life plan & Improving marketable job skills  The secrets of federal job hunting success  Improving your online appearance  Opportunities for bilingual applicants ebook/dp/B01MZEZL0Z 8
  9. 9. INTRODUCTION AND WHY  Recently retired as the (GG-15) civilian director for intelligence and security, G2, U.S. Army Communications Electronics Command.  38 years of experience in military intelligence with the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army, government contracting and civil service.  The 2015 national vice president for the Military Intelligence Corps Association.  Also served in the Department of Energy’s S&S Security and Department of Homeland Security.  I enjoyed my years with the Federal Government.  You can have a meaningful job. ebook/dp/B01MZEZL0Z 9
  10. 10. FREAK OUT DUE TO THE HIRING FREEZE  A Hiring Freeze Is Your Time To Improve Your Application & Read the Book!  The Manager’s View  Exceptions Experienced federal professionals know that every rule and regulation has exceptions. The following are exceptions listed in paragraph #3 the Memorandum: Federal Civilian Hiring Freeze Guidance, dated 31 January 2017 by The White House:  Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  Pathways Internship and Presidential Management Fellows programs  The head of any agency may exempt any positions that it deems necessary to: Meet national security (including foreign relations) responsibilities, or public safety responsibilities (including essential activities to the extent that they protect life and property).  Cyber Is a Critical Need and Has Many Exemptions  Opportunities are available. ebook/dp/B01MZEZL0Z 10
  11. 11. PROS OF WORKING FOR THE GOVERNMENT  Benefits  Salary is Public Knowledge  Flexible Hours and Telework  Training and Professional Development  Travel ebook/dp/B01MZEZL0Z 11
  12. 12. CONS OF WORKING IN THE GOVERNMENT  Paperwork  The Hiring Process  You Will Not Get Rich, But You Can Save For Retirement  Political Appointees  Competitive ebook/dp/B01MZEZL0Z 12
  13. 13. LONG TERM ENJOYMENT  First Job  Foot in the door.  Second Job  52 Weeks – Career Focus Promotion and Move  Third Job  If at the top of the food chain, find a new food chain ebook/dp/B01MZEZL0Z 13
  14. 14. QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER FOR YOUR JOB PLACEMENT 1) Decide what you want? Do you want a job or career? 2) What job series do you desire? Do you like working outside or inside? 3) Desk or walking? What are your skills? 4) Do you want to work as a manager? Do you have the skills and education? 5) Are you willing to move? Is there a government facility in your area? 6) Do they have your job series? Your desired grade? You have to go where the jobs are located. 7) INTERNSHIPS: There are 1 and 2-year intern programs, most require a college degree. These are now called the Pathway Program. ebook/dp/B01MZEZL0Z 14
  16. 16. HIRING PROCESS  Through The Hiring Manager’s Eyes - Needs and Requirements  The Start Of The Process - Management Chain & CPO  Should I Send An Introduction Letter To A Federal Hiring Manager? hiring-manager/ ebook/dp/B01MZEZL0Z 16
  17. 17. 5 THOUGHTS ON ACQUIRING A FEDERAL JOB 1. Do not submit one application for a career 2. There are 4 million jobs in the federal government. 3. Do not over inflate your worth compared to your experience. 4. Know the departments that are expanding 5. Go where the job is located. ebook/dp/B01MZEZL0Z 17
  18. 18. A LIFE PLAN  Do people need a plan in life? 1) Do you know what is your plan in the next five years or 10 years? 2) What is your plan for three years from now? 3) How are you going to accomplish your plan? 4) What concrete action have you performed to move forward to make success in life? 5) Did you follow a plan to further success?  Join an Association ebook/dp/B01MZEZL0Z 18
  19. 19. IMPROVING YOU MARKETABLE JOB SKILLS  Business Internships  Volunteer Activities  Continuing Education ebook/dp/B01MZEZL0Z 19
  20. 20. THE SECRETS OF FEDERAL JOB HUNTING SUCCESS  7 secrets of job hunting success in this book  No. 1: Think like a hiring manager  No 2 -7??? “NO” “You are stone cold crazy if you think I will give you my secrets!” Buy the book.  ebook/dp/B01MZEZL0Z 20
  21. 21. WRITING CAN IMPROVE YOUR ONLINE APPEARANCE  There are many places where you write and get published (Months to approve an article, especially in peer review journals)  E-Magazines, Blogs, Newsletters.  School or Business or Association  Anytime you can write about how to make work faster or more efficient, this will help others believe you are a professional. ebook/dp/B01MZEZL0Z 21
  22. 22. Following this presentation, are you • more excited about opportunities with the Federal Government? • more clear about opportunities with the Federal Government? • ready to apply for a Federal Government job? • more confident to apply for entry or advancement in the Federal Government system? Poll Question
  23. 23. OPPORTUNITIES FOR BILINGUAL APPLICANTS  Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)  Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)  National Security Agency (NSA)  Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)  U.S. Department of State  Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC)  Department of Homeland Security (DHS)  Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Example: Jane’s Story ebook/dp/B01MZEZL0Z 23
  24. 24. ANY QUESTIONS?  “Leadership and Management Lessons Learned” in 2013  “8 Eyes on Korea, A Travel Perspective of Seoul, Korea” in 2016  “Secrets to Getting a Federal Government Job” in 2017  All proceeds go to, overnmentJob/ Job-ebook/dp/B01MZEZL0Z 24  ebook/dp/B01MZEZL0Z
  25. 25. Q&A
  26. 26. UPCOMING WEBINARS Don’t forget to mark your calendar for other upcoming Center for Career and Workforce Strategies events including: March 29th – Virtual Career Fair • Over 200 employers invited • Currently committed: • FBI (national and local) • Comcast • Office Team • Accountemps • Apple One
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  28. 28. THANK YOU! We appreciate you joining us today for: SECRETS TO GETTING A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT JOB We hope you enjoyed and learned something new from the session Watch for the email containing the link to the recording and the Slide deck for today’s webinar Please be sure to leave your comments and suggestions as you log out See you next time!
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  30. 30. Thank You For Attending