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Intro to JHipster


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Presented by Andrej Gasteovski at SkopjeTechMeetup 8.

Building a modern web (or mobile) application requires a lot of tools, frameworks and techniques. Java Hipster a.k.a. JHipster is a free and open-source Yeoman generator that can develop a modern web application using Spring Boot and AngularJS with tons of options in just a few clicks. We will see the full stack that JHipster is using, what can be done, pros and cons and a simple application generated by JHipster.

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Intro to JHipster

  1. 1. Andrej Gasteovski SkopjeTechMeetup 8 | March 1st, Piazza Liberta Intro to JHipster
  2. 2. What is a hipster? ˈhipstər/ noun informal 1. someone who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.
  3. 3. Trends in web development Server-side Annotations Microservices Environments Monitoring Front-end JS Frameworks HTML5 / CSS3 CSS Preprocessors Mobile First Front-end optimization
  4. 4. Stand-alone Spring application Embedded Tomcat, Jetty.. Simple Maven configuration Metrics, health checks, externalized configuration No XML configuration Spring Boot
  5. 5. Most popular JavaScript Framework Model - View - Controller Single Page Application Two Way Data Binding, Templates, Directives.. Angular2
  6. 6. Main features Generating Spring Boot / AngularJS application Setting Spring Security Spring Boot Metrics Dashboard REST API with Spring MVC JPA Support and NoSQL CRUD Generation Internationalization
  7. 7. Demo Time
  8. 8. JHipster 4.0.0 Angular 2 support npm + bower -> Yarn Gulp -> Webpack ‘AAA’ ranking on Sonar