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Gluten free certification program gfcp marketing presentation


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Gluten free certification program gfcp marketing presentation

  1. 1. Gluten-Free Certification Program
  2. 2. Setting The Stage 9.0 MM Canadians are gluten free1% have celiac diseasewith only 5% diagnosed6% have gluten-sensitivity22% are gluten avoidersfor non medical reasons
  3. 3. The FactsThere are an estimated 2,300,000 Canadians requiring gluten-free products for medicalreasons• 300,000 suffer from celiac disease,• Approximately 2,000,000 suffer from some level of gluten sensitivity.• Celiac disease is on the rise - It is 4x more common today than is was in the 1950s. Itis expected to double every 15 years.• 71% of consumers buy at least some gluten-free food/beverage products & 51% willcontinue to purchase.• Gluten-Free Consumer inquires are the second most requested ingredient question forretailers & food service establishments.• The “Halo” Group: Family members and those seeking a gluten-free diet for itsperceived health benefits adds approximately 7,000,000 to the total number ofCanadians looking to buy gluten-free products.
  4. 4. The Facts – Who is Our ConsumerWhat they didn’t realize was that Andrew wasn’t the only one who would have to getover feeling different. “I felt like one of those people who think that nothing you do isgood enough for my kid,” Nettie says. From family meals at the holidays to play dateswith friends, food is the heart of their social interactions, and when the food changed,so did everything else.They replaced all the pots, pans, colanders and utensils, which were too contaminatedto use. Next came a new toaster and mixer and rolling pin and a once-in-a-lifetimecleaning of the oven. “I couldn’t get rid of my grandmother’s cast iron skillet, though,”Nettie says.They endured their first holiday season of saying no to Christmas cookies, and the firstvisit to relatives in Louisiana where Martinez had to explain that Andrew and Dannycouldn’t eat the gumbo, no matter how little flour the cook put in the roux.
  5. 5. The FactsThe cost of buying certified gluten-free foods is astronomical, especially tosuch a savvy, budget conscious shopper:o$3.50 for a baguette (“They are good, but not that good,” she reports),$5 for six flour tortillas (“that’s why we always have corn tortillas”),o$6 for oatmeal that used to cost $2 (“we don’t eat as much oatmealanymore”),othe tiniest loaves of bread you’ve ever seen for $6. That’s enough breadfor one round of the homemade lunches she makes for the kids every day.
  6. 6. The FactsMartinez says that gluten-free icons and labeling help tremendously, butsometimes you still can’t be sure. Last year, she purchased what she thoughtwas gluten-free rice mix from Zatarain’s. When she discovered it containedorzo pasta made with wheat, she contacted the company and got coupons forthree free boxes.
  7. 7. The Facts
  8. 8. The Facts Reasons for Gluten -Free Consumption100%39%DigestiveHealth31%NutritionalValue25%Lose Weight5%“Treat”CeliacDisease
  9. 9. The Facts Gluten-Free More Trend than FadUnderstanding the focus on digestion is shedding insights into what some have called afad and others a trend in the ongoing growth of the gluten-free market.
  10. 10. Market Growth• The 2013 market for Gluten-Free products inCanada is currently estimated to be $90.0million• Reports show a 10% (CAGR) growth of gluten-free sales until 2018 with a value of $145.2million in Canada• According to the researchers, the growth isfueled by an increase in celiac disease and foodallergy awareness & diagnosis. Also the gluten-free avoider consumer segments perceivegluten-free foods as healthier i.e. no GMO, nopreservatives, heath food store heritage*Source: MarketsandMarkets
  11. 11. Key Market Research Findings*Source: Google Trends 2013
  12. 12. Key Market Research Findings*Source: Google Trends 2013
  13. 13. Key Market Research Findings*Source: Google Trends 2013
  14. 14. Key Market Research FindingsMajor drivers for gluten-free products are healthbenefits & general interest in healthy eatingThe winning imperative for the gluten-freeproducts industry is new product developmentHigh price of gluten-free products have restrictedthe growth of the marketHowever, consumers have to serve this GF dietas there is no alternativePrivate label brands will cause a significantgrowth of the GF market revenueThe global gluten-free food products market isdominated by US companies*Source: MarketandMarkets 2013
  15. 15. The FactsThe US market is the fastest and largest growing gluten-free market in theworld.Canada represents about 4% of world dollar volume, but is growing at parallelrates to the US.Region 2011 2012 2013 e 2018 p CAGR%2013-2018U.S.$ Billions1,768.9 1,942.3 2,141.1 3,548.7 10.6Canada$ Millions74.5 82.2 90.0 145.2 9.8
  16. 16. The Facts Canada Gluten Free Food Market By RevenueType 2013 e$ million2018 p$ millionCAGR %(2013-2018)GF Bakery &Confectionary40.1 64.9 10.1GF breakfastCereals5.4 8.0 8.3GF Snacks 16.4 27.0 10.4GF baking Mixes& Flours12.8 20.5 9.9GF Meat &Poultry9.1 14.4 9.5Other GF Foods 7.1 10.5 8.0Total 90.9 145.2 9.8
  17. 17. The Facts Gluten Free Market Revenue By Retail Format2013Canada$ Million2013Canada%2013US$ Million2013US%Stand Alone Natural 10.8 11.9 237.0 11.1Natural Chains 16.3 17.9 358.2 16.7Grocery 48.5 53.4 1,030.9 48.2Mass 7.7 8.5 236.3 11.0Club 4.5 4.9 76.8 3.6Drug 0.1 0.1 21.4 1.0Other 3.0 3.3 180.5 8.4Total 90.9 100.0 2,141.1 100.0
  18. 18. Competitive LandscapeNew product launches have been the mostwidely used strategy in this market.Partnerships and collaboration of thebusiness entities is the second most soughtafter growth strategy.75% Newproducts7%Expansion12%Agreements6% Mergers&Acquisitions
  19. 19. Competitive Landscape Key BrandsBoulder Brands 58%Dominos Pizza 8%Dr. Schar6%JovialFoods 5%Bob’s RedMill 8%Kellogg5%
  20. 20. Gluten Certification ProgramsObservations: Consumers have in the past relied upon the natural channel to providecertified brands of gluten-free products. Does this suggest the move into grocery & more mainstream supportsthe need for GFCP mark? Recent industry workshop on certification programs suggests consumerslack trust in the food industry (i.e. Rice & Arsenic). The use of a mark like GFCP builds confidence in brands. Certification of gluten-free products leads to more consistency andconsumer confidence.
  21. 21. Program BenefitsFeature WSGAT BenefitGFCP has CCA endorsement – onlyCanadian programOne clear endorsed messageProcess not just ingredient drivenprogramSafety for consumer, protection formanufacturersEnsures a brand is safe Creates trustProvides a differentiator Adds value to your brandAccess CCA data bases Targeted marketing opportunitiesacross North AmericaSimple story for consumers tocomprehendVisual and addresses language issuesAccess to GFCP marketingprogramsTargeted and cost effective reach ofthe gluten-free target audience acrossNorth America
  22. 22. Summary The gluten-free category in dynamic growth appears to be a strong trendnot just a fad. GFCP is the only Canadian program endorsed by the CCA in Canada. Market research confirms the effectiveness of the mark on brands andhigher trial and purchase intent scores with consumers . The GFCP is a cost effective way to build trust between your brand andconsumers. You are part of a program directing the development of the gluten-freemarket and food industry’s future.
  23. 23.