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BridgeCommunity Overview 2018


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Atlanta's BridgeCommunity commercialization program is in its 3rd year. Get an overview of how startups and corporations are working together to extend their capabilities.

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BridgeCommunity Overview 2018

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  2. 2. What is the BridgeCommunity? The BridgeCommunity is a unique program designed to engineer and accelerate relationships between early-stage startups and global corporations. —— Connect with startups that fit core business needs with first mover competitive advantage —— Network with fellow Corporate Members, share insights, collaborate & learn from each other —— Support the local community through targeted entrepreneurial training Startups receive world-class enterprise sales, marketing, and negotiations training, plus coaching throughout the program as they look to launch pilots with Corporate Members. Corporations receive targeted introductions, help streamlining pilots and minimizing roadblocks, and enjoy a peer-to-peer component to learn from each other’s innovation practices. The Bridge by Coca-Cola began in 2014 as a collaboration between The Coca-Cola Company and the entrepreneurial tech community in Tel Aviv, Israel. The program helps corporations approach thinking, planning and executing in innovative ways through meaningful relationships with startups. In 2016, Coca-Cola launched a second commercialization program in Atlanta, Ga. The Atlanta BridgeCommunity helps cultivate the entrepreneurial ecosystem through startup engagement, partnerships and a local community initiative to help raise the technical skill level from high school onwards. Since inception, 74 startups have participated in the program, and nine corporations have served as partners, including Mercedes-Benz and Turner in Tel Aviv, Capgemini, COX Enterprises, MailChimp, Porsche North America, SunTrust Bank, IHG and The Weather Company in Atlanta. To learn more about joining the program refer to the last page and connect with the executive team. “There are accelerators and there are incubators, and then there’s the Bridge Community. The ability to connect our swiftest and most disruptive startups with corporate partners who can actually use their technology has become a hallmark in metro Atlanta, and has helped us shine the light on our technology ecosystem.” —Grant Wainscott Senior Director, Technology Ecosystem Expansion. Metro Atlanta Chamber 3BridgeCommunity Report
  3. 3. Big Team brings seamless feedback to companies and networks. BigTeam is replacing the “survey” with an award winning user experience and new advances in machine learning. BigTeam allows marketing, product, customer and innovation teams to stress test their product, campaign, design or content ideas with their entire network from one platform. Users upload what they’re working on, and BigTeam will use machine learning to automatically suggest 5-7 questions as well as a list of who in their network has the right expertise to provide feedback. All feedback is then filtered through our NLP platform to immediately show the dominant trends in the feedback as well as suggestions on what to fix first. Agencies can use it to connect their global network, while companies can use it to engage their employee base and customers. Aquagenuity provides easy access to real-time water quality data Aquagenuity provides data-driven solutions for the global water crisis with the world’s first intelligent water quality database & ratings system driven by real-time water quality data. Aquagenuity helps corporations mitigate water-related risks & better engage consumers. Founder and data scientist Doll Avant spent two years aggregating water quality data (from the EPA & research partners) for the entire country into the only database of its kind. The proprietary database now fuels a suite of apps - currently in market for corporations; coming soon for consumers & smart cities Trevor Wolfe, CEO 404.924.5475 Doll Avant, CEO 404.599.7479 Keith Carter, Founder aquagenuity 5BridgeCommunity Report
  4. 4. Filtered is a platform to hire technical talent on ability not on resumes. removes unconscious bias from hiring technical talent with objective based coding evaluations and video interviewing. Filtered is a platform used by startups, Fortune 500 companies and staffing firms, helping companies hire better engineers based on ability, not resumes, allowing non-technical teams all over the world to feel empowered hiring engineers. Derek Bugley, Head of Growth 781.248.2470 Paul Bilodeau, CEO Henry Morris, Head of Sales Evisort is artificial intelligence for contracts. Save time and costs while improving operations by activating the data within your organization’s contracts. Evisort can find contracts stored in different systems mixed with other documents and classify them based on date, subject matter and type. Evisort then extracts important operational details - renewal dates, clauses, terms, and party names. Evisort’s platform works across all documents, including scanned PDF’s, non-standard contracts and amendments, helping drive sales, ensure compliance, inform procurement, and support strategic planning and financial analysis. Jerry Ting, CEO Memme Onwudiwe, EVP Sales 937 902 7038 Riley Hawkins, Director of BD Fyiio is a tutorial management platform for creating guides that work. How many times have you tried watching or reading a tutorial and were frustrated? fyiio is working to make sure that never happens again by helping companies onboard, train and support customers more effectively including guidance on creating short-form video and written tutorials tailored to how people prefer to learn. Graph Story offers graph databases as a service. Graph databases are about the value of relationships that exist between data to uncover valuable patterns, increase visibility of risks, and find bottlenecks. Graph Story provides an on-­demand Database as a Service (DBaaS) focused on graph data & analytics in retail, manufacturing, supply chain & logisitcs, IoT and finance. Alex Kuklinski, CEO 1.402.689.3722 Greg Jordan, CEO 7BridgeCommunity Report
  5. 5. MoQuality is a self-learning artificial intelligence that tests mobile apps better than humans. MoQuality’s vision is a world of software where AI automatically tests apps and find issues before users run into them, allowing developers to address them and launch perfect products. Shauvik Roy Choudhary, CEO & Cofounder 575.742.8845 Pushkar Kolhe Inspector 6 is an AI-powered brand analytics tool. Inspector 6 is using AI to change the way that companies define, manage, measure, and build their brands. Managing your brand is hard. It takes time to review creative assets to make sure that they are on-brand. That is time your team doesn’t have. As a result, people from across the organization are producing sales and marketing communications that are off-brand and off- message. It breaks down your brand identity and hinders your ability to grow. John Wolf, Founder 404.939.6537 NeuroLex Laboratories empowers patients with tools to measure their overall health through collecting and analyzing speech samples. NeuroLex is the only deep learning / machine learning platform to focus exclusively on voice data with two products: SurveyLex and ModLex. ModLex is a machine learning tool to build machine learning models from voice files. All that’s needed are two folders of audio/ video files to export a model file for customers to deploy, deploying faster and at a 10x cost reduction. SurveyLex is a voice-enabled survey tool. With this product, survey takers speak, as opposed to type, their responses to survey questions and applies machine learning algorithms to auto-label features such as age, gender, ethnicity, and mood for responses, leading to authentic survey responses, 1.5x reduced number of survey questions, up to 5x reduced survey fraud, and up to 2x higher conversion rates. Pass it Down is a digital storytelling platform innovating how cities tell their story. Pass It Down is an award-winning digital storytelling platform that innovates how communities, museums and businesses tell their story. Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world but most businesses and communities and museums don’t know how to bring their stories to life. Pass It Down is comprised of award-winning technologists and storytellers that use our platform technology to collect, preserve and share stories in a fun and intuitive way. Our main clients are in two channels: 1) community history (cities, museums, and libraries) and 2) Organizational Knowledge (Businesses and non-profits) Jim Schwoebel, CEO 412-613-0772 Christopher Cummings, Founder & CEO 423.255.5647 Josh Waggoner, Creative Director Rodger Maarfi, CTO 9BridgeCommunity Report
  6. 6. Sidewalk helps tech companies and lifestyle brands close more sales to SMBs. Selling to SMBs is like boiling the ocean. There’s no authoritative source for SMB data and analytics that measures where consumers go, what products they consume, and who they are. Sidewalk provides business intelligence for field sales, market insights, brand managers, and innovation teams that enables them to grow sales and market share faster with influential SMBs. Sidewalk helps customers find their ideal SMB client. Mo Yehia, Crossing Guard 11BridgeCommunity Report
  7. 7. 2017 Pilot Spotlight Coca-Cola Pilots with to Drive Consumer Engagement in sub-Saharan Africa, the AI-powered customer experience platform, has landed a pilot with Coca-Cola during their participation in the Atlanta BridgeCommunity program. The startup enables businesses to scale personalized, 1:1 communication with their customers across messaging and voice channels, in any market or language, all while maintaining the highest security standards. works with Samsung, Kia, and Ryanair to facilitate their B2C communication via chatbots and is the only startup to make Forrester Research’s ranking of “Top 10 Chatbots for Enterprise Customer Support.” became aware of the BridgeCommunity through an accelerator in the commercialization program’s referral network. Co-founder, Clara de Soto, joined the BridgeCommunity to expand her startup’s corporate network and put a framework around the corporate sales cycle was navigating on their own. The workshops and toolkit the BridgeCommunity provided gave us a concrete look into the best way to get into enterprises, build a pilot, work through KPI’s and move into an agreement. We finally saw the process in black and white. —Clara de Soto, Co-founder, In the BridgeCommunity’s Connect Days, each startup meets with interested corporation participants on their home turf to discuss piloting opportunities.’s meetings with Coca-Cola sparked immediate internal interest. Word spread that a bot startup had been hand selected to work with the company. When Coca-Cola’s West Africa Business Unit circulated they were looking to start a consumer engagement bot initiative, surfaced as an obvious option given their participation in the BridgeCommunity. Our Connect Days were some of the best corporate meetings we’ve ever had. It was clear all of the right people were in the room and we left with a stamp of approval internally. —Clara de Soto, Co-founder, Waithera Kabiru, Digital Marketing Manager for Coca-Cola Central, East and West Africa, is working with for Coca-Cola’s Under The Crown Promotion in Mauritius, Africa. When a consumer buys a Coca-Cola product, they receive a unique code under the cap to redeem digital prizes from Coke’s flagship TV and Online show on the continent, Coke Studio Africa. This code unlocks access to exclusive music content that is teen centric and uniquely African, packaged as playlists and ringback tones suitable for mobile consumption. In most sub- 13BridgeCommunity Report
  8. 8. One of the most exciting things about this project is that although Mauritius is a small island, the impact of a Facebook Messenger chatbot can be enormous in terms of one-on-one engagement. For the 2017 Coke Studio Under the Crown Promotion, we took a mobile first approach to provide a seamless experience for the consumers, on a platform (Facebook) that they spend a lot of time on. Mauritius is home to 1.28 million people with a striking internet penetration rate of 63%. When Mauritians go online, 720K of them are monthly active users of Facebook, which is about 60% of the population of the island.* The chatbot from Reply. ai is the first step in providing a consumer driven experience. —Waithera Kabiru, Coca-Cola, Central, East and West Africa Coca-Cola chose not only because of the seamless user experience, but also for their platform’s easy integration into all of the necessary internal systems and security requirements. Since inception, has been working to ensure their platform is as globally capable as possible - building in features so companies can scale bots across messaging channels and markets. A prudent decision, as Mauritius is just a part of’s redemption rollout. Coca-Cola’s West Africa Business Unit is looking to expand it fairly swiftly across other markets as piloting benchmarks are hit, starting with Nigeria. has a code-free bot building interface so expansion is as easy as spinning up another account for the next market and customizing it. *Source: Digital in 2017: Hootsuite We are Social Saharan markets, code redemption relies on traditional mobile platforms such as SMS, which are expensive for consumers due to the long consumer journey. Through’s chatbot, Coca-Cola in Mauritius is able to create one-on-one meaningful engagements with consumers who participate in the promotion. The chatbot experience is mostly guided, with the ability for users to ask open-ended questions about the redemption process and select from a menu of items, giving consumers more control over what they redeem than ever before.’s bot is being rolled out over Facebook Messenger, a fertile frontier in the sub-Saharan African market. Startups and Members spent time socially and in organized Connect Days to find opportunities to collaborate. 15BridgeCommunity Report
  9. 9. Previous Cohort Startups Provisioning the right access to the right people at the right time. The world’s first AI-based cyber security platform, delivering unmatched threat detection & prioritization capabilities Multi-camera HD live streaming and recording made easy. Mobile commerce in large, populated venues a cc essn w A trusted marketplace for improved auto loan acquisition and direct-to-consumer refinancing. Compliance automation platform that helps you cost effectively manage GDPR compliance and security risk without overwhelming operations America’s medical cost savings company helping millions save billions via medical cost transparency. Cuts out the ubiquity of synthetics with non- toxic, biodegradable, plant-based pesticides. full of ingredients you can trust. A multi-award winning Augmented Reality (AR) platform placing visual content in location. accessed via a smartphone or tablet device. Branded Text Conversations Between Influencers. Generates insights into firm culture from internal communication data to improve performance and address hidden systemic risk. Reduce up to 60% of waste created in the interviewing process by combining digital interviewing and messaging to accelerate your hiring process. Increasing operational uptime while simplifying support infrastructure. FIXD increases customer retention at auto dealership service centers. Consumer facing businesses use ENGAGEcx to see and build relationships with their omni- channel customers. Intelligent vending in your hands. Integration free, cloud based Adtech. We help companies achieve their social impact & sustainability goals through payment and data management software A location-intelligent mobile advertising and sales enablement platform Insurance for the miles you drive. Savings for the miles you don’t. Pushing the limits of 3D printing. re:3d’s flag- ship technology is the Gigabot® —The world’s largest, affordable 3D printer. A new way to discover and experience music across multiple streaming platforms. Enterprise chatbot solution making B2C communication suck less. SiteWhere provides a framework for the rapid development of complex IoT applications. Provides identity & trust as a service by empowering enterprises to authenticate and recognize their customers to transact business safely. We make stolen credentials a thing of the past for enterprises. Bridging the gap between traditional accounting systems, firms and standards with cryptocurrency, blockchain assets and tokens. A Comprehensive Marketing Intelligence Platform for Executives & Analysts. Mogean unleashes black box intelligence and connects marketers to real life information about their mobile customers. Distributed cloud storage marketplace that runs on the Bitcoin blockchain. We are rethinking our relationship with water. Catalyzing the growth of the electric vehicle market by increasing the accessibility and affordability of charging infrastructure. 17BridgeCommunity Report
  10. 10. Atlanta BridgeCommunity Outreach Program The BridgeCommunity Outreach Program is seeding the next set of future technology startups. By supplying technical, business, entrepreneurship and financial literacy training, the program is encouraging the creation of startup companies and promoting intrapreneurship in Atlanta communities that have traditionally been overlooked when growing and searching for skilled technical talent. Anthony Newstead, Co-Founder of Atlanta BridgeCommunity, and Valarie W. Mackey, Founder of WrightNow Solutions, coalesced the local nonprofit sector and BridgeCommunity member companies to create three Future Entrepreneurship Programs in 2017: “I am so proud of what all the students have achieved during these courses. It has been incredibly rewarding to see them all grow and develop through our time together and I hope and believe we are seeing the next set of future Atlanta entrepreneurs in the making. I also want to thank our corporate members, our startups, CapTech, TAG-ED, Year Up, PowerMylearning, all our volunteers and of course our Outreach Lead, Valarie Mackey, all who collectively breathed life into this initiative, provided the resources and the passion to make this happen. This was truly a community effort that I am honored to be a part of. I look forward to continuing the journey together.” —Anthony Newstead Global Group Director, Emerging Technology & Strategic Innovation, Co-Founder Atlanta BridgeCommunity The High School Future Entrepreneurship Program A four week summer coding camp focused on front and backend web design and development, app design, 3D printing and graphical interface design, open to any 10th—12th grade student attending a Title 1 Atlanta Public School. Non-profit organizations, Technology Association of Georgia - Education Collaborative (TAG-Ed) and SteamSport, facilitated the summer camp. Kristina Smith, Exploring STEM Careers Pipeline Program Manager of TAG-Ed, created the application process and worked with schools to recruit the students. Kristina teamed up with William Oliver, Executive Director of SteamSport, to create the curriculum and run the camp. Instructor, Tony Tatum and Teaching Assistants—Sydney Hubbert, recent Spelman graduate; and Ashley McCray, recent Clayton State University graduate, taught the technical curriculum and shared life experiences with the students to support their personal growth. Twenty students from nine different high schools completed the High School Future Entrepreneurship Program. Participants crafted a pitch for products or services each week - collectively coming up with more than thirty ideas over the course of the program. From solar panel blinds to a sneaker exchange app, the students presented the best of their ideas to an audience of city officials, venture capitalists, corporate partners and parents in a showcase event. The camp was held at John Hopkins Community Center in Atlanta and featured Friday field trips to BridgeCommunity member corporations and startups to connect the camp curriculum to the real world. Students visited BridgeCommunity startup, GridQuire Labs, where they learned from CEO, Andy Katz, new marketing tips and how to present an idea, both verbally and visually, to an audience of potential investors. “I have been an entrepreneur for over five years. Today was one of the top 10 days. Thank you for letting us host these wonderful, smart kids.” —Andy Katz, CEO GridQuire Labs At The Weather Company, students were welcomed by Chris Huff, Executive/Head of Engineering - Waston Marketing, and team for a tour of their digital space followed by a Q&A panel focused on how The Weather Company’s data supports commonly used apps, websites and products. 19BridgeCommunity Report
  11. 11. SunTrust hosted the final field trip, giving students an overview of the role that technology plays in the finance industry. After presentations from the Marketing, User Experience, and Design Accelerator groups; the students used their newfound user experience knowledge in a user experience design thinking exercise that tasked them with ideating and mocking up a personalized web experience. Outside of field trips, the program enlisted the expertise of amazing professionals to visit the camp classroom and speak on various topics. Michael Connor, Senior Platform Architect of Coca-Cola, kicked things off with an engaging presentation and conversation about Artificial Intelligence. Irvin Bishop, Global Digital Leader of Brands, Global Campaigns & Partnerships at Coca-Cola, taught the students about digital marketing and the importance of building your career from things that you are passionate and excited about. Tonia Osby, Chief Operating Officer of BridgeCommunity cohort startup, PayLow Rate, conducted a fun and interactive exercise on User Interface Prototyping - introducing the students to a new UX Design app that they later utilized in prototyping their final products. Andrew Gowasack, CEO of BridgeCommunity cohort startup, TrustStamp, spoke on the ever-important topic of social and professional networking while Heather Turney, Culture and Innovation Manager of ‎Porsche Cars North America, wowed the students with a presentation on public speaking. Both Andrew and Heather gave the students practical tips for establishing a professional presence. Following the camp, students attended a business basics and life skills course held at The Coca-Cola Company’s Technology Offices. The Young Adult Future Entrepreneurship Program The program hand selected student alumni from Year Up workforce development training to learn Amazon Alexa voice programming on the Echo Dot, cloud skills and business basics. Over two and half months, student teams were charged with creating a new Alexa functionality. CapTech Consulting, Inc. created the technical curriculum and generously taught the students pro-bono. The businesses basics classes for both the high school and youth adult program were taught by volunteers from our member corporations, area companies and startup companies in the BridgeCommunity cohort: Dane Bamburry, Sr. Manager, Business Platform Services, Solutions Architecture & Systems Administration at Cox Enterprises, taught a class on negotiation techniques. “The Atlanta BridgeCommunity program is a positive disruptive force in the on-going challenge to develop the next STEM generation. I was honored to have the opportunity to engage with these intelligent young minds in a session focused on negotiations from a corporate and entrepreneur perspective. What impressed me the most was their level of engagement, innovative thought process, and drive which compelled me to attend their showcase presentation. The showcase far exceeded my expectations and I can say with a high-level of confidence that these students are well on their way to becoming major contributors in STEM field.” —Dane Bamburry, Sr. Manager, Business Platform Services, Solutions Architecture & Systems Administration at Cox Enterprises 21BridgeCommunity Report
  12. 12. —— Founder of GridQuire Labs - a member of the BridgeCommunity startup cohort, came back to teach the young adults about startup funding and sales. —— DeWayne Griffin and Jeff Scott from State Farm spoke to the students about innovation trends and topped off their involvement by giving a book to each student as a gift for their completion of the program. —— Mark Labs CEO and Founder, Kevin Barrow helped the group understand how to set up their business. The Future Entrepreneurship Program Showcase highlighted the young adult’s Alexa-centric business ideas. The winning team, myPulse, is a fitness app that gives a Fitbit user an activities overview with goal comparison and a detailed description of their heart rate with facts on how to improve heart health. mypulse group members- Akilah Toomer, Laikram Beniprasa, Damian Deavila & Danny Kalika Thank you so very much for including Year Up students in the Young Adult Entrepreneurship Showcase at the Coca-Cola Company Headquarters. The event was absolutely amazing and our young adults learned many valuable lessons through their participation in the program. They are now thinking bigger about their future--- not just a career, but possibly launching their own technology business one day in the future! What a great partnership… Year Up gets them started with a career and your program gets them started in business! This is truly a life-changing experience for our young adults and I do hope that the Atlanta BridgeCommunity will continue offering this opportunity for more of our students and young adults. —Kim Williams, Executive Director, Year Up - Atlanta The App Development Elective Class A partnership between PowerMyLearning and Arthur M. Blank’s Family Foundation to run an app development elective class in Washington High School during the school day. Approximately 20 students took the class in the Fall 2017 semester. “It has been a privilege to come together with the Atlanta BridgeCommunity to create the overall Future Entrepreneurship Program. Being able to see the students on day one of the program with limited to no knowledge in the topic areas to being able to confidently pitch a viable product/solution is inspiring. These are our next entrepreneurs and our next innovators taking companies to the next level ” —Valarie W. Mackey, WrightNow Solutions 23BridgeCommunity Report
  13. 13. BridgeCommunity Team Executive Noa Davidson, Enterprise Architecture and The Bridge Program Manager Anthony Newstead, Co-Founder Bill Maynard, Co-Founder Management Carie Davis, Program Director Shane Reiser, Program Director Communications Tricia Whitlock, Marketing Director Corporate Members Noa Davidson Program Manager of Enterprise Architecture Ben Bronfman Director of Strategy Todd Redmon Principal - Strategy, Innovation & Digital Adam Agnew Executive Vice President Consumer Products Practice Ravi Andrade Digital Strategy & Transformation Arielle Hart Manager, Corporate Strategy & Investments Tim Howe Senior Director Corporate Strategy & Investments Kimberly Shriver Strategy & Corporate Development Manager Matt Kogan Corporate Strategy & Investments Manager Spencer Boice Senior Director Strategy & Corporate Development Heather Turney Culture & Innovation Manager John Claiborne Senior Manager, Corporate Strategy Joe Uhl VP of Operations Jon Smith Vice President of Customer Support Kathryn Pope Alla Burshteyn Recreate PMS(from pdf) Adam Harlow SVP Strategic Partnerships (Corporate Strategy) Patrick Paris Senior VP, Corporate Strategy Innovation and Partnerships Partners Christian Boyd, Atlanta Office Lead & Dir. 404.220.7055 Technology Association of Georgia - Education Collaborative Errika Moore, Executive Director 404.920.2038 The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation William Oliver, Executive Director 678-523-4589 Oneisha Freeman, Marketing & Communications Manager 404-390-1023 Grant Wainscott, Senior Director of Technology Ecosystem Expansion Kim William, Executive Director KWilliams@YearUp.orgs 470-891-5183 BridgeCommunity Report BridgeCommunity Report
  14. 14. Design Matters, Inc. 404.855.1338