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Book talk 2

  1. 1. DRACULA Book talk by: Mahrukh
  2. 2. Who published it: Usborne Publishing ltd. Where was it published: Usborne Publishing Ltd, Usborne House, 83-85 Saffron Hill, London EC1N 8RT England. Author: Bram Stoker Genre: Horror, Fiction About the book
  3. 3. Summary: Jonathan Jonathan Harker was a lawyer. He was invited to Transylvania by Count Dracula for a business deal.
  4. 4. Summary: Castle  When he arrived at the castle, Count Dracula was waiting for him. Dracula was a tall pale man and greeted him with a low voice and held his hand out. Jonathan winced when he shook his hand as his hands where ice cold.
  5. 5. Summary: Jonathan's Host  While living in the castle, Jonathan started to notice some strange things about his host. He was nowhere to be seen when it was day time and during meal times.
  6. 6. Summary: Room  Not only Jonathan’s host was strange, the room that he gave him to stay was even stranger. There was no mirror in the room and he had to use his small mirror to shave. One day, Jonathan was shaving and Dracula’s voice came out of nowhere, which startled him and made him cut himself. When he turned around he saw Dracula standing behind him who jumped back when he saw blood on Jonathan’s face.
  7. 7. Summary: Escape  Day by day, Jonathan’s stay became more frightening. He was convinced that his host wasn’t normal. Jonathan pretended to be sick and went to the hospital from where he escaped …
  8. 8. Why did I choose this book?  I chose this book because my father told me to read classic books, so I selected a classic book that was retold in a easy language.  Also I like horror books and the first two sentence made want to read more- “ It was dead of night. Jonathan Harker sat bolt upright in the bed and screamed- No-ooo! His brow was covered in sweat, his heart beat furiously, and he was so scared that he didn’t know where he was.”
  9. 9. Reading Strategies  Instead of buying the original version of the book, I bought the retold version because it had a simpler language.  I used post-it notes to mark the important pages, if the information in that page is important for later in the book or not.  I also used a dictionary to look up the words I didn’t know.
  10. 10. Recommendation  I would recommend this book to people that like horror books. If you buy the retold version, then this book would still be scary and easier to read.