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Las vegas concerts, sirens and great accommodation at the excalibur hotel


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Las vegas concerts, sirens and great accommodation at the excalibur hotel

  1. 1. Las Vegas Concerts, SirensAnd Great Accommodation At The Excalibur Hotel Written by Patricia Jones Image: Paul Martin Eldridge /
  2. 2. The last time that I visited Las Vegas was at the beginning ofAugust in 2004. It was very hot and dry there and in particularearly in the evening. We spent most of the time walkingunderground in the huge shopping arcades underneath the hotelcasinos. A quick burst of sunshine between hotels and then back inthe shade.Las Vegas is worth visiting once even if like myself you arent agambler. Its an amazing place and there are other forms ofentertainment besides the huge casinos. One afternoon that wasntspent around the hotel pool, we spent watching flair bartending atan outside bar. We couldnt believe how the barmen managed toserve drinks up while juggling the bottles and glasses and withoutbreaking or spilling anything. I tried it myself at the bar I wasworking in at home and nearly got sacked!We enjoyed visiting Madame Tussauds and taking snapshots ofeach other with our favourite stars. I was really disappointed not tosee Arnold Schwarzeneggers double, but then we caught up withhim later on at Caesars Palace and I got my photo taken with him.We stayed in the Excaliber hotel. A Disney like version of a fairytale English castle. The rooms were great except for the lack of akettle, tea, coffee and milk in them. Coca Cola does not taste asgood as coffee when you first wake up. Apart from that they wereclean, comfortable, well decorated and a good size. Breakfastswere buffet style and everything that you could possibly want toeat was waiting there for us to help ourselves.The casino took up most of the ground floor and you couldntescape the constant noise of the slots. I actually spent $5 on themon our last day, thats a lot for me! Our party was moved on by thedoormen on a couple of occasions when we paused while walkingacross the casino floor to get to the lifts. That was because my 20year old American nephew was with us. Ironic when you thinkthat he had just returned from fighting and risking his life for hiscountry in the Gulf war, yet he couldnt be in a casino until hisnext birthday.
  3. 3. One evening we watched a show in our hotel called TheTournament of Kings a strange story of King Arthur and Camelot,but we enjoyed it. My sister in Law and I discussed going to seeanother show that was on in the hotel called Thunder From DownUnder but that was vetoed in favour of the tournament. A pity,Thunder was voted the best male strip show in Vegas last year.Apart from breakfasts and the finger banquet that came with themedieval show we didnt eat other meals at the Excaliber. Thatwas because we wanted to dine at famous places like the HardRock Cafe, the Rainforest cafe and Caesars Palace Restaurant. Gotto admit the most memorable meals were those Excaliberbreakfasts.One evening we were walking down the strip and saw that a showwas due to start up outside the Treasure Island hotel and casino.The show, called The Sirens of Ti" was basically about sirensluring sailors to their island and then battling with each other.Entertaining enough and even impressive when you see the scaleof it and know that it is free to watch.Our final evening was the most memorable. We went to watch SirElton John at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace where his RedPiano tour originated. Ive never been crazy about Elton and hismusic but I was absolutely enthralled to watch him live. Myfavourite song that night was his performance of the Whos PinballWizard.Some really good memories there, and as we are going back againthis year I expected to see a lot of changes when I was researchingfor our next trip online. I was wrong, everything that I havementioned in this article is still happening in Vegas and thatincludes shows from Sir Elton John and Thunder From DownUnder. - this time!If we go a little later in the year we can see Celine Dion at theColosseum instead of Sir Elton John and thats a tough choicebetween 2 massive superstars who I know will blow us away.
  4. 4. Its an even tougher choice when you see which other superstarsare performing in Las Vegas Concerts this year. Just click ontickets online for the best seats for Las Vegas shows, Broadway,Sporting Events, Theatre, Concerts and Londons West End.Want to learn more about US destinations and travel? Or submityour own travel reviews? Visit the Articles Abroad travel articledirectory now. © Patricia Jones 2012