Double page spread overview


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Double page spread overview

  2. 2. The double page spreads maintain a neat and readable layout as most of themfeature the main image on the right hand side and the text on the other side ofthe page. Most of the double page spreads feature text on the other side of thepage maintaining continuity.Both the texts are divided into sub-columns allowing the audience to read thetext clearly and carefully. Most of them also feature a quotation word whichallows the audience to get a feel a personal connection with the artist:‘MICHEAL JACKSON WAS THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER THATEVER LIVED. I JUST WANT TO BE THE GREATEST ENTERTAINERLIVING. ‘This also reflects the rap industry of swearing and slang words whichare typical for a rap magazine.The double page spreads are bold and attractive and appeal to a male audienceas they feature handsome, strong, independent men. Most of the double pagespreads are presented in black and white, maintaining a traditional, sophisticatedlook.In the third double page spread Usher is represented as a typical black, urbanmale smoking a cigar and wearing designer clothes, reflecting his fabulouslifestyle. The fact that there are them is quite uncommon as they mostly featurea single artist in ‘Vibe’ magazines.
  3. 3. The fact that all of the double page spreads all feature men relate to a patriarchalsociety and the fact that the rap industry is currently dominated by men.The use of a double page spread is effective as it allows the audience to readmore detail about the artists and to see what the magazine actually features. Thedouble page spreads also features articles includes such as interviews andreviews which would attract the audience into purchasing the magazine. Themain texts on the double page spreads are highlighted in bold, especially thetitles to allow the reader to feel the importance of it as this is what their eyesmeet first.In the double page spreads above, most of them start off with a quote word toengage the reader into purchasing the magazine. A quote word is effective as itallows the audience to get more information on the artists and makes them feelas though they are talking to them.The use of columns is very effective as it allows the text to be split into sectionsmaking the text easier to read and less boring.All the double page spreads above are displayed in A3, allowing enough spacefor the text and image. The texts are normally written in a traditional fontmaking the text readable and sophisticated. There is normally a plainbackground colour of white or black allowing the audience to fully focus on theimage. The texts fit the style and genre of the magazine as the mode of addressof rap magazines is slang and informal suggesting that the audience also use histype of language in their everyday lives so they can relate to this.The texts are written across the page instead of down the page as this is wherethe human eye goes and is common to use.The poses of the artists reflect the style of the magazine and refer to the articleswritten. On the top left of the double page spreads there is often a ‘Vibe’ logo toallow the audience to identify what magazine they are reading.The colours on the double page spreads reflect the target audience and who themagazine is aimed at, for example in Usher’s ‘Vibe’, mostly grey and blue areused reflecting males.