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Social Event Infographic - Make Yours More Social


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The social event management infographic will help you get more exposure for any event you manage. Using the techniques in this #infographic you will be able to get more social shares, create more engagement and increase your bookings.

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Social Event Infographic - Make Yours More Social

  1. 1. THE SOCIAL EVENT PRE-EVENT EVENT POST-EVENT 3 OUT OF 4 MARKETERS CONSIDER SOCIAL MEDIA TO BE VERY IMPORTANT FOR EVENT MARKETING MOST POPULAR SOCIAL CHANNELS USED • 78% FACEBOOK • 56% TWITTER • 49% LINKEDIN 58%NO. 1 GOAL EVENT AWARENESS EVENT MARKETING GOALS 49%NO. 2 GOAL BRAND AWARENESS 41%NO. 3 GOAL CREATING A NEW INFORMATION CHANNEL ONLY 20% USE SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING TOOLS PRE-EVENT TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE Who is your target audience and why will they attend your event? Break out clearly the types of people who will attend your event. Select a date and time for your event taking into account holiday periods, time of the month and other competing events. PRE-EVENT PLANNING TIPS Planning the marketing of your event is just as important as planning the event itself. Set a realistic event budget that will give you enough to spend on content, advertising and tools. Identify your objectives, Define your event timeline and then break produce your communication plan. Use SMART objectives for engagement, traffic and conversion e.g. event bookings, IDENTIFY THE SOCIAL NETWORKS Identify which social media platforms they use. Prioritise these so you focus on where to spend your budget and time. SCHEDULE COMMUNICATIONS Produce a schedule for content production and distribution. Break workload amongst team to enhance productivity. Use your blog. Plan roles, responsibilities, policies and processes for event and event communications. Brief and train key people. Measure performance of your marketing communications each day and adjust to improve performance. Marketing is now agile, adapt to the what delivers. Produce content that helps your audience: • Solve their problems • How to’s • Checklists • Interviews with key influencers, speakers and customers before event • Conduct & publish surveys per-event PRODUCE CONTENT Select tools based on your objectives and channels. Use social media monitoring tools to listen and respond to audience and that tie in with your key event metrics. Choose a hashtag for the event, but before do your research to make sure it isn’t used for anything else. Look on to check. Use across your social networks. Use related hashtags for market but don’t spam – use too many hashtags each post. Ensure that the registration process is easy to understand and use. Integrate social sharing with registration to encourage people to share their booking with friends. EVENT THE HASHTAG Prepare content briefs/packs and news for the day based on event speakers, keynote speeches and announcements. This makes it easy for people to share news and content easily on the day.VSUAL ASSETS AND PLATFORMS Engage with key press figures and provide them with easy angles on event and exclusive content. Keep them up to date and give them early access for interviews with key figures. Develop your visual content and brand key social network e.g. Facebook page. If you are running the event each year DO NOT use the year, why?, because you then have a ready made audience to market to the following year. MOBILE EVERYTHING Make sure that you event marketing strategy considers mobile friendly content, apps and in particular your website and registration process. Curate content around the event including blog posts, pictures, infographics, conversations, posts and videos. Use these to build traffic and engage your audience. EVENT BOOKING SYSTEMS While it is fresh in people’s memory produce a SHORT survey, Keep it brief but ask for feedback and ideas to improve your next event(s). Build your email lists using opt-ins and free downloads. Send out regular pre- event news, teasers and .useful content. EMAIL LIST If you have budget run a competition. Prizes can be donated by key sponsors and/or you allocate some budget to the competition. Promote through social platforms. Encourage people to check-in to your event and share with other networks. Use Foursquare. CHECK-INS Before event identify your key influencers and people who are reporting on the day. Provide them with inside track information and content for their blogs. POST EVENT Stream live video of keynote speeches, interviews and demonstrations. Make sure your event can handle the bandwidth needed for your customers/attendees to be able to connect online and use social media easily. Check all tech before the day. Capture video of customers testimonials from your event and use these later on YouTube and for blog posts. Be consistent with building the conversation during the event. Encourage people to use event hashtag and also use a hashtag for questions to guest speakers. Connect people to people. SOCIAL NETWORKS Blog about the event, thank people and highlight contributions from people – from the ground up e.g. people that helped make it a great experience. Thank people on your networks and your email list for attending. Summarise key points and any further key dates for content, follow up information. Publish slides to SlideShare and ensure that all other content is freely available for your audience to be able access. As before curate content from others after the event. DO’s DONT’s TOOLS Use promotional apps for a competition or Sweepstake Post too frequently Signpost clearly where people can get information on the day. Use your website for a list of key people and links to their social networks e.g. Twitter. Statistics: Social Media and Events Report 2013 by Amiando and Marketo Event Marketing Guide WordPress Event Management Systems Event Expresso – EVENT WEBSITES THE AVERAGE PERCENTAGE OF MARKETING BUDGET ALLOCATED TO EVENTS TESTIMONIALS LIVE STREAMING BUILD THE CONVERSATION CHECK THE TECH UPDATES WRITE A BLOG ABOUT EVENT THANK PEOPLE SOCIALLY PUBLISH FEEDBACK AND IDEAS SIGNPOSTING Ignore comments and questions Just sell the event – publish useful content, engage and build the community Promote posts and use targeted ads to increase awareness Use Facebook events and invite people FACEBOOK PROMOTIONS EVENT DIRECTORIES Gary’s Guide - Produce a unique hashtag for event. Use too many hashtags Just focus on your own Tweets Show favoritism to any keynote speaker or guest via Tweets Organize tweetups before event. Retweet others posts and connect people to people Produce a board dedicated to your event Just post about products and/or services Post small images Just use photos – try MeMe’s Sketches and Mindmaps Use hashtags for sector on posts Invite others to post to board Use Linkedin ads to target your audience on Linkedin Send blanket direct mail people who you have had no contact with Ignore questions in groups Rely solely on your own efforts – if you work for a business organize employees to help with their Linkedin profiles – team work Target relevant groups – invite people to attend/contribute to discussions/news Post updates and content through company page and personal page LANDING PAGES Promote your event using Google Plus Events Forget to respond to people Spam people through circles for event Use just text, Google Plus is a very visual interface. Add some humor make it fun e.g. MeMe’s Use Google Plus Hangouts to help organize event with key people Use Hangouts on Air to live stream event Make sure your event tab is in prime position on Facebook page Use TwtPic on the day to tweet pictures of guests/customers. Graphics of schedule(s) Post lots in one go - schedule posts Network in relevant communities and invite people Don’t spread yourself too thin – be realistic with your objectives and social networks you choose. Remember to base that on your customer profiles. Vital for videos, SEO and capturing key speeches and testimonials. Encourage others to use Instagram, tag people, place and use event hashtag. Great for creative sketches, video snippets and succinct diagrams. Publish key slides and content – including videos and Infographics. TribalCafe Tel No: 01295 675245