Tracey webster enterprise development


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Tracey Webster of the Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship talks about training young people to run their own businesses at Making CSI Matter 2012.

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Tracey webster enterprise development

  1. 1. “Long Term financial sustainability through enterprise development and job creation” Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship May 2012
  2. 2. Why we do it – Corporate Strategic AlignmentThe Virgin Group • DNA Virgin Group- entrepreneurial • Richard Branson is a global Icon for entrepreneurship • Virgin has started over 400 companies • 100 businesses are in existence today • Employs 500 000 people globally • Richard Branson a role model and inspiration to the entrepreneurs we support • Virgin Unite is the not for profit arm of the Virgin Group and has invested in many projects and initiatives globally•The Branson Centre is the first initiative that Richard Branson has given his name toand passionate about creating an environment to support and grow entrepreneurship•The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship is totally aligned to the Virgin Brand
  3. 3. Why we do it – National Agenda AlignmentAny developmental programme should service a real need and be designed to meet that needSouth African context• A population of approx 50 million • Over 15 million people are eligible for social grants (SAPA, Feb 2012) • 6.1 million individual taxpayers - 4.8 million taxpayers (79%) are below the tax threshold and pay zero tax (Budget Review, 2012). • 8.3 million households live on less than $8 a day = approximately 30 million people (Dalberg, 2012)• The official unemployment rate is 25.2% (Statistics SA) – the unofficial rate is over 36%• The GEM SA Report 2010 states that 7 out of 10 nascent businesses fail•The national government agenda is to create 5 million jobs over the next 5-10 years•We believe that through supporting entrepreneurs to grow businesses we will play a role in job creation• Research was conducted in 2011 – The “Young Upstarts Report”:• Critical areas of need were highlighted: • Knowledge and business skills • Mentorship • Finance and markets
  4. 4. What We do - The Branson Centre Service Offering Access toRecruitment Training Development Network & ServicesApplication Foundation Mentorship Additional servicesAssessment programme Life coaching Access to financeSelection Advanced Networking Access to markets programme Speaker sessions Industry Master Classes
  5. 5. On going Learning - Pillars Of GrowthUnder-pinning any programme should be a rigorous MER process • Base-Line indicators • Quarterly Assessment toolFinancial Growing business and generating wealthCustomer Achieving excellence in product and service offerings to customers and expanding the customer baseCommunity Positively impacting communities and creating jobsInternal Creating efficiencies and innovating business operationsprocesses (as the businesses mature)Learning Personal development of the entrepreneur and employeesand growth (leadership, skills development and being responsible role models) Based on the Balanced Scorecard (Kaplan and Norton)
  6. 6. Ongoing Learning – Through Collaboration
  7. 7. Ongoing Learning - Through Collaboration and Partnership• Leverage Virgin businesses, successful local/global entrepreneurs, and business leaders to pass onknowledge • Speed Mentoring – Sybil’s story • “Screw it Lets do it days” • Mentorship Programme - EO • Speaker Series • Industry Master Classes – Young Minds Story • Advanced Course Lecturing • Global Platforms – Fast Track•Leverage the convening power of the Virgin Brand – Advocacy • Workshop to unpack the regulatory environment • Other stakeholders input • Minister Pravin Gordhan
  8. 8. Long Term Sustainability - Branson CentreAddressing the sustainability of the Branson Centre• Generating Income through our core –competence • Training and development service provider • Entrepreneurship • Job ready • Programme design and MER toolkit design• Procurement Opportunity for Corporates • Branson Centre Entrepreneurs are compliant, BBBEE certified, supported by the centre • Enterprise Development Spend
  9. 9. Communication - our entrepreneurs are our voice
  10. 10. Communication – Collaboration – On going learning - Events