New york personal injury lawyers


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Sullivan Papain Block McGrath & Cannavo PC has distinguished itself as one of New York's premier law firms. The size, organization, and wealth of our resources place us in a unique position to support our cases with a superior level of investment and service. We represent the individual plaintiff and we are also handing the largest and most complex litigations from last 75 years. For more information visit-

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New york personal injury lawyers

  1. 1. N ew York Personal Injury L awyers
  2. 2. Sullivan Papain Block M cGrath & C annavo PCO ver the last 75 years, our firm has d istinguished itself asone of N ew Yorks prem ier law firm s. The size, organization,and wealth of our resources place us in a unique position tosupport our cases with a superior level of investm ent andservice. We represent the ind ivid ual plaintiff, and we havehand led the largest and m ost com plex litigations - m any ofwhich have touched the lives of all N ew Yorkers.
  3. 3. In the last 1 0 years we have recovered over $1billion for ind ivid uals injured or killed d ue to thewrongful acts of others.
  4. 4. O ur Well K nown C asesThe Firm has served as L ead C ounsel in som e of the m ost well known cases in N ew Yorkand N ew Jersey involving m ultiple victim s:• World Trad e C enter D isaster Site L itigation• N ew York State v. Philip M orris, Inc., et. al.• 9/ 1 Victim s C om pensation Fund (pro bono) 1• 1 993 World Trad e C enter Bom bing• H appy L and Fire• Stouffers H otel Fire• Gullivers Restaurant Fire• M GM Grand H otel Fire• Wald baum s Superm arket Fire• 80 Pine Street Explosion• Anne Street Explosion• Washington Square Park C rash• H IV Infected Blood Prod ucts for H em ophiliacs
  5. 5. New York Personal Injury A ttorney whopractices in your jurisd iction to help you inchoosing which path is best for your situation.
  6. 6. Experienced AttorneysO ur firm has hand led thousand s of cases ranging from the m ost com m on types of accid ents,to cases of negligence that involve little if any preced ent. O ur goal rem ains the sam e:securing of full and appropriate com pensation for those who have been seriously harm edand for the surviving fam ily m em bers of those who have been fatally injured .
  7. 7. L ead ing M em bers• Robert G. Sullivan• Nicholas Papain• Michael N. Block• Christopher T. McGrath• Vito A. Cannavo• John F. Nash• Frank V. Floriani• Marie Ng• Eleni Coffinas• David J. Dean• Hugh M. Turk• Albert B. Aquila• Brian J. Shoot• Andrew J. Carboy• Mary Anne Walling• Eric K. Schwarz• Elizabeth MontesanoThe 17 members who lead our Firm have been innovative in their practice areas and have beenrecognized authorities on specific areas of litigations. They are dedicated to get full andappropriate compensation for those who have been seriously harmed and surviving familymembers of those who have been fatally injured.
  8. 8. Award sOur firm has handled thousands of cases ranging from the most commontypes of accidents. We have awarded with following titles.We have handled thousands of cases and successfully helped people toget injury claims.
  9. 9. C ontact U SIf you need help from expert NY Injury Attorney to get themaximum compensation for your injuries you can contactus-Phone: 212-732-9000Mail us: inquiry@trialLaw1.comWebsite:
  10. 10. Thank You