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Certain teed's soffit brochure


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CertainTeed soffit shields your home from extreme temperatures and moisture.

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Certain teed's soffit brochure

  1. 1. Soffit and Vertical Siding CertainTeed 1665 – 2015
  2. 2. PERIMETER™ TRIPLE 3-1/3" Triple 3-1/3" InvisiVent® has the highest ventilation performance of any vinyl soffit available today. Soffit: Triple 3-1/3" InvisiVent Soffit in colonial white. Siding: CedarBoards Double 6" Clapboard in timber blend. Perimeter Triple 3-1/3" offers a smooth, flat surface and provides the perfect balance of aesthetics and performance. Front Cover Soffit: Triple 3-1/3" Soffit in colonial white. Siding: Cedar Impressions Double 7 Straight Edge Perfection Shingles in natural clay. Trim: Vinyl Carpentry® Restoration Millwork® . Shown Here Soffit: Perimeter Triple 3-1/3 Soffit in colonial white. Siding: Cedar Impressions Double 7 Perfection Shingles in charcoal gray. Trim: Vinyl Carpentry® Restoration Millwork® . TRIPLE 3-1/3 INVISIVENT®  AND SOLID S
  3. 3. The classic appearance of wainscoting offers the look of fine detailing and craftsmanship. The authentic look of beveled-edge wood plus the durability of vinyl siding. Combines the attractive appeal of wood with the rigidity and durability of premium extra-thick vinyl. CHAMFER BOARD™ DOUBLE 5 IRONMAX™ DOUBLE 5 BEADED TRIPLE 2 Beautifies the overhangs of any home and delivers outstanding performance, quality and durability. UNIVERSAL TRIPLE 4
  4. 4. ™ Soffit Vents (intake) Ridge Vents (exhaust) The Air Balance System Experts agree that the most effective system is a balance of air intake and exhaust that creates a uniform flow of air through the attic. This system creates a condition in which the roof temperature is equalized from top to bottom, supplying a uniform air flow along the entire underside of the roof deck. Triple 3-1/3 InvisiVent and Hidden Vent offers at least 50% more ventilation than most standard vinyl soffit, providing more than 10 of net-free intake area. This means that not only will InvisiVent provide a balanced ventilation system, but will do so with an overhang as short as 10. Protection against damage to the roofing materials and structure increase comfort inside the home and energy savings. TRIPLE 3-1/3 SOLID Perfect for Vertical Siding Applications, Too. Solid Triple 3-1/3 vertical siding panels are the ideal solution for accent areas where a vented panel is not necessary. The flat face design creates a straighter panel with the look of smooth, painted wood. Deep dovetails between panel faces contribute extra rigidity, while forming a clear, sharp edge that is pleasing to the eye. Ideal as an accent or coordinating panel, Solid Triple 3-1/3 is available in the same color palette as Triple 3-1/3 InvisiVent. Hidden vents provide a smooth, flat non-perforated surface versus most vented soffits with unsightly perforations. Standard vented soffitTriple 3-1/3 InvisiVent PROPER VENTILATION IS VITALSOFFIT
  5. 5. Value Triple 4 Double 5 Soffit 9 colors in Triple 4: colonial white, snow, heritage cream, herringbone, desert tan, light maple, sterling gray, savannah wicker and natural clay 5 colors in Double 5: colonial white, desert tan, savannah wicker, sterling gray and natural clay All CertainTeed Soffits Feature: u Virtually maintenance free, never needs painting. u Class 1(A) fire rating. u Lifetime limited warranty. Triple 3-1/3 u InvisiVent®= and solid styles. u InvisiVent® is the only vinyl soffit to provide more than 10 inches of net-free intake area. u Concealed intake vents provide a smooth appearance. u Matte finish looks like freshly painted wood. u Deep 3/4 panel projection creates sharp definition. u 13 low-gloss colors. u Heavy-duty .044 thickness for rigidity. Perimeter Triple 3-1/3 u Solid and hidden vent styles.= u 14 low-gloss colors. u .040 thickness. u Hidden vent style provides up to 9.65of net-free intake area. Chamfer Board™ Double 5 u Solid and fully vented soffit.= u Extra thick .044 construction. u Designed for vertical siding, porch ceiling and soffit application. u 8 low-gloss colors. u 6.4of net-free air per sq. ft.–fully vented. Ironmax™ Double 5 u Solid and fully vented styles.= u Extra-thick .046 construction for optimum strength and flat face appearance. u Designed for vertical siding, porch ceiling and soffit applications. u Unique post-formed lock design helps ensure secure installation. u 32 low-gloss woodgrain colors (sable brown, pacific blue, ivy green, autumn red, charcoal gray and forest for soffit applications only). u 6.4of net-free air per sq. ft.–fully vented. Beaded Triple 2 u Wainscot style in solid and invisibly vented.= u Designed for vertical siding, porch ceiling and soffit applications. u Smooth finish appearance of professionally applied paint. u Extra-long slip-lock design helps provide secure installation. u 8 low-gloss colors. u .039 thickness. u 1.6of net-free air per sq. ft.–invisibly vented. Universal Triple 4 u Solid, fully vented and center vented styles.= u Designed for vertical siding, porch ceiling and soffit applications. u Matte finish. u Post-formed lock design helps provide secure installation. u 36 low-gloss colors. u .040 thickness. u 5.9 of net-free air per sq.ft. – fully vented. u 2 of net-free air per sq. ft. – center vented. 2 2 23/8 4 4 47/16 NOTE: Colors throughout this brochure are simulated. Consult product samples before making final selection. ** PREMIUM COLORS * DELUXE COLORS =SOFFIT USE ONLY ValueTriple4Double5 (SoffitUseOnly) UniversalTriple4 BeadedTriple2 Ironmax™ Double5 ChamferBoard™ Double5 PerimeterTriple3-1/3 Triple3-1/3 Color performance, impact resistance and durability are assured through our exclusive PermaColor™ System, a blend of our own Certavin™ resin, superior micro-ingredients and state-of-the-art pigment chemistry. TM Arbor Blend l Arctic Blend l Weathered Blend l Frontier Blend l Timber Blend l Canyon Blend l Meadow Blend l Glacier Blend l Musket Brown (soffit only) l Autumn Red l= l Terra Cotta l Mountain Cedar l Sable Brown l= l Hearthstone l Suede l Spruce l Forest l= l Ivy Green l= l Pacific Blue l= l Flagstone l Charcoal Gray l l= l Castle Stone l Granite Gray l l l l l Sterling Gray l l l l l l l Bermuda Blue l Oxford Blue l l Seagrass l l l l Cypress l l l l l Green Tea l Linen l l Silver Ash l l Warm Sand l l Herringbone l l l l l Sandstone Beige l l l l l Desert Tan l l l l l l Natural Clay l l l l l l l Savannah Wicker l l l l l l l Light Maple l l l l l l Buckskin l l Sandpiper l Heritage Cream l l l l l l l Autumn Yellow l Snow l l l l l l Colonial White l l l l l l l ** ** ** ** ** * * * ** 3-1/33-1/33-1/33/4 3-1/3 3-1/3 3-1/33-1/33-1/33-1/33/43/4 5 59/16 9/16 55 9/16 55 5 59/16 5 59/16 3-1/3 3-1/3 3-1/33-1/3 3-1/3 3-1/33-1/33-1/33-1/33/45/8 = Vented soffits are for soffit use only. Center vented soffits available in Colonial White and Snow only.
  6. 6. Polymer Shakes Shingles Insulated Siding Roofing and Ventilation Decking and RailingPVC Exterior Trim Beadboard Vinyl Siding Vinyl Carpentry® Trim Housewrap CertainTeed products are designed to work together and complement each other in color and style to give your home a beautiful finished look. Fence © 1/15 CertainTeed Corporation, Printed in U.S.A. Code No. CTS150 R O O F I N G • S I D I N G • T R I M • D E C K I N G • R A I L I N G • F E N C E G Y P S U M • C E I L I N G S • I N S U L A T I O N Professional: Consumer: ASK ABOUT OUR OTHER CERTAINTEED® PRODUCTS AND SYSTEMS: CertainTeed Corporation P.O. Box 860 Valley Forge, PA 19482 Professional: 800-233-8990 Consumer: 800-782-8777