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Brochure apg-400-200-series-exterior-trim-9044188


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We strive to engineer and build products that are different and better than any others on the market. It’s an approach
we’ve embraced for over 110 years. That’s because we believe our job is to do more than just make windows and doors.
It’s to make your job easier, and to make you look good to your customers today and for years to come.

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Brochure apg-400-200-series-exterior-trim-9044188

  2. 2. Presenting Andersen® Exterior Trim for 400 Series and 200 Series windows and doors. It’s the first exterior trim that installs in about five minutes. It eliminates measuring, cutting, mitering and filling nail holes, while providing an exceptional fit and finish. What’s more, you can create a variety of window, door and trim color combinations. All of which makes your project beautiful any way you look at it. LESS OF A PROCESS. THE PROCESS OF INSTALLING TRIM JUST BECAME
  3. 3. Quality so solid, the warranty is transferable. The same industry-leading warranty that provides peace of mind for owners of Andersen® windows and doors also covers all Andersen® trim components. Independent of water management system for easy installation. Simply install the window or door per the installation instructions, then apply the trim. Our trim is independent of the window’s water management system, creating ease and confidence in the complete installation. Low on maintenance. High on performance. The Andersen® Exterior Trim system provides a complete factory-finished design solution that’s virtually maintenance-free. Made with patented Fibrex® material, it never needs painting and won’t fade, flake, blister, chalk or peel, no matter what the climate.* Even drip caps are included. For added convenience, color-matched standard drip caps come with all trim surrounds and precut kits. ® preassembled trim surrounds typically install in about five minutes per unit. APPEARANCE EASY TO INSTALL PERFORMANCE Style that gets noticed. Designed for Andersen® products, our thick trim profiles overlap the window frame to create clean shadow lines without visible sealant joints. Mitered brick mould corners and butt joints on flat trim reflect traditional corner joints. A wide range of colors. Andersen® Exterior Trim is av in 11 factory-finished color op that add character and a fini touch to any home. Fibrex® composite material contains 40% pre-consumer reclaimed wood fiber by weight, so it’s environmentally smart. Plus, it’s ideal for creating smooth, colorful matte finishes. Time-saving and cost-effective. Preassembled surrounds and factory-finished exteriors can save time and reduce labor. Innovative trim attachment strip. Trim surrounds connect quickly and securely to a unique attachment strip that is fastened to the framing after the window is installed. No filling nail holes. No visible fasteners. No painting. Simply snap on the Andersen® trim surround and you’re done. Our durable, color-matched factory finish doesn’t require painting. 3 Cocoa Bean trim with Sandtone window rs. vailable ptions ishing Printing limitations prevent exact color duplication. See your Andersen supplier for actual color samples. *Visit for details.
  4. 4. 4 CHOOSE YOUR TRIM STYLE Whether it’s an Arts & Crafts bungalow, a Colonial or the latest in contemporary design, there’s an Andersen® Exterior Trim style that complements any architecture. From wide and flat to narrow with profiles that add character, there’s a look for every home and homeowner. HEAD TRIM OPTIONS 3 5/8" CorniceDecorative Drip Cap 2" Cornice STYLES 2"BrickMouldwithsillnose DoveGraytrimwithTerratone® window 3 1/2"Flatwith sill nose Dark Bronze trim with White window 4 1/2"Flatwith sillnose Canvas trim with Forest Green window
  5. 5. PREASSEMBLED, PRECUT OR LINEAL OPTIONS Cellular Fibrex® Trim Board Andersen offers a 3 ½" wide by ¾" thick cellular Fibrex® trim board in 10-foot lengths. Available in the same 11 exterior colors as the exterior trim system, this solid trim board can be cut or ripped to size and can be fastened using nails or screws. Curved Trim Curved exterior trim is available for select curve- shaped windows in your home. It’s made of highly durable urethane material for low maintenance and lasting beauty,* and offers the same color and style choices as our straight trim pieces. Check with your Andersen dealer for availability. Preassembled Trim Surrounds For maximum convenience, factory-assembled trim surrounds are available for most single window units. Some size limitations may apply. Precut Trim Kits Kits include precut and predrilled trim with all necessary components for easy on-site assembly for patio doors and larger windows. Individual Trim Components 13-foot prefinished trim lineals, end caps, corner keys and field attachment strips allow for on-site fabrication of customized trim surrounds. CHOOSE YOUR COLOR COMBINATION With a choice of 11 exterior trim colors and four window colors, you can match or complement your trim, window or door colors to create a wide range of combinations with beautiful, eye-catching curb appeal. 5 Forest Green Forest Green Red Rock CHOOSE YOUR WINDOW/DOOR COLOR Terratone® White Sandtone Sandtone Terratone® CHOOSE YOUR TRIM COLOR White Prairie Grass Canvas Black Dark Bronze Cocoa Bean Dove GrayRed Rock trim with Sandtone window An online trim visualizer, installation guides and videos are available at Printing limitations prevent exact color duplication. See your Andersen supplier for actual color samples. *Visit for details.
  6. 6. 6 See window installation guide for complete flashing and installation instructions. SIZE CHART FOR EXTERIOR TRIM Follow this chart when calculating combined size of window and trim. BRICK MOULD EXTERIOR TRIM DETAIL Scale 3" = 1'-0" (1:4) 7⁄77 16⁄⁄ " (11) 2" (51) 1 3 ⁄3 4⁄⁄ " (44) 1⁄1 4⁄⁄ " (6) Brick Mould 400 Series Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Window EXTERIOR TRIM DETAIL Scale 3" = 1'-0" (1:4) 3 ½" FLAT & 4 ½" FLAT 31⁄12⁄⁄" (89) 1 1⁄1 2⁄⁄ " (38) 3⁄3 16⁄ " (5) 1⁄1 4⁄⁄ " (6) 3 1⁄2" Flat 400 Series Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Window 3⁄3 16⁄ " (5) 41⁄12⁄⁄" (114) 1 1⁄1 2⁄⁄ " (38) 1⁄1 4⁄⁄ " (6) 400 Series Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Window 4 1⁄2" Flat Brick mould corner key End caps at sill for patio doors FIELD-APPLIED ATTACHMENT STRIP Field attachment strip fastens to framing through the unit installation flange and flashing tape with screws. Trim connects securely to the field attachment strip. See installation guide for flashing instructions. 3 ½" and 4 ½" flat end caps End caps are handed as viewed from the exterior Field applied attachment strip 1 1⁄1 2⁄⁄ " (38) 31⁄12⁄⁄" (89) 13⁄34⁄⁄" (44) 400 Series Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Window End caps modified at sill for patio doors PROFILE ADD TO HEIGHT/WIDTH 3 1 ⁄2" Flat 3 1 ⁄4⁄⁄ " per side* 4 1 ⁄4⁄⁄ " per side* 1 3 ⁄4⁄⁄ " per side* 1 15 ⁄16" 4 1 ⁄2" Flat Brick Mould Sill Nose *For Narroline® double-hung windows subtract 1 ⁄2" from the height dimension. WINDOW & DOOR EXTERIOR TRIM
  7. 7. See window installation guide for complete flashing and installation instructions. Consult with an architect or structural engineer regarding minimum requirements for structural support members between adjacent rough openings. EXTERIOR TRIM DETAIL Scale 3" = 1'-0" (1:4) Sill Nose 115⁄516⁄⁄" (49) 3⁄3 16⁄⁄ " (5) 5⁄5 8⁄⁄ " (16) 1 7⁄77 8⁄⁄ " (48) 400 Series Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Window SILL NOSE 400 Series Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Window 2 1⁄1 4⁄⁄ " (57) 15⁄5 16⁄⁄ " (24) 15⁄5 16⁄ " (24) 3⁄3 4⁄⁄ " (19) Decorative Drip Cap Integrated Flange EXTERIOR TRIM DETAIL Scale 3" = 1'-0" (1:4) End caps are handed as viewed from the exterior Sill nose end cap 2" (51) 3 1⁄4" (83) 1⁄8" (3) 2" Cornice 400 Series Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Window 2" (51) 1⁄8" (3) 5⁄16" (8) 400 Series Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Window 1⁄8" (3) 2 9⁄16" (68) 1⁄8" (3) 3 5⁄8" Cornice 4 1⁄16" (103) 35⁄8" (92) 5 ⁄16" (8) 3 5/8" CORNICE & 2" CORNICE EXTERIOR TRIM DETAIL Scale 3" = 1'-0" (1:4) EXTERIOR TRIM DETAIL Scale 3" = 1'-0" (1:4) DECORATIVE TRIM CAP FlangeFlange 7
  8. 8. “ENERGY STAR” is a registered trademark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. All trademarks where denoted are marks of their respective owners. ©2011 Andersen Corporation. All rights reserved. 04/11 Part #9044188 Respect for the environment is nothing new at Andersen. For more than a century, it’s been part of who we are. Our commitment to recycle and reclaim materials began simply because it was good business. Now it’s part of our commitment to sustainability and responsible stewardship of all our resources. Andersen is committed to providing you with long-lasting, energy-efficient windows and doors. of the U.S. Green Building Council and a strong supporter of its LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System. Andersen was the first window and door manufacturer with Green Seal™ certified products. Andersen makes windows and doors that meet ENERGY STAR® performance requirements in all 50 states. Andersen Corporation has earned the 2011 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year award. -