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TriCor Employment Screening Overview of Services

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TriCor Employment Screening
TriCor Employment Screening
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TriCor Employment Screening Overview of Services

  1. 1. Ensuring thefuture byknowing thepast
  2. 2. Corporate Overview  Tricor Employment Screening is a certified women-owned business headquartered in Cleveland, OH. with national and international coverage  TriCor has been providing background screening and drug testing services for more than 20 years  TriCor is a member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA)  TriCor is a member of DATIA (Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association)  TriCor is also a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)  TriCor is one of the few screening companies that is SOC 2, Type II Certified
  3. 3. Why clients choose TriCor  We’re the experts! We conduct thousands of background checks and drug tests each month.  Compliance with the ever-changing laws is one of our top priorities, we continually educate our clients on the latest laws and best practices.  In addition to pre-employment screening, we also screen volunteers, tenants, contingent workforce, students and current employees.  Our turnaround time is FAST!  Our customer service support team is knowledgeable. Your specifically assigned team associate is readily available when YOU need them.  We make ordering background checks/drug tests fast and easy via a variety of secure options.  TriCor can integrate with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  We offer electronic chain of custody forms for drug testing.  We provide the most accurate information!
  4. 4. Accuracy is important Direct-from-the-source information used Experienced production and support staff Partnership approach to doing business Full compliance with Federal, State, and Local Laws Accuracy of information is KEY
  5. 5. Most Common Services  Social Security Number Trace/ID Search Plus Report  County Criminal/Civil Court Record Search  Multi-State Criminal Search  Federal Criminal Record Search  Statewide Criminal Record Search  Nationwide Sex Offender Search  Education Verification  Employment Verification  Reference Verification  Motor Vehicle Record Search
  6. 6. Additional Services  Medical Sanctions Searches  International Searches  OFAC/Terrorist Listing Search  Professional License Verification  E-Verify System/Electronic Form I-9  Employment Credit Report  FMCSA Drug/Alcohol Clearinghouse  Medical/Physical Screenings  Alcohol Testing  Drug Testing
  7. 7. County Criminal Record Check  Conducted in-person directly at courthouse by TriCor’s extensive court researcher network of more than 2,000 criminal record professionals  All searches go back at least 7 years, many further  No databased information is ever used, only real- time court searches  All criminal/civil records are re-verified with the court
  8. 8. County Criminal Record Check  All records include the following information – free of charge  Case Number  Charge  Date of Arrest  Disposition  Case Identifiers  Name  Date of Birth  Social Security Number
  9. 9. County Criminal Record Check  Criminal Researcher Integrity Program – TriCor ‘tests’ our researchers to ensure accuracy  This service is recommended for all applicants, regardless of position  Turnaround time is on average 24-72 hours  87% of reports (including criminal ‘hits’) are completed within 48 hours
  10. 10. Social Security Number Trace/ID Search Plus Report  Verifies candidate’s social security number via a credit databases and public records  Provides alias/maiden names along with current and prior addresses where a candidate has lived in the past 7 years  Important tool in determining relevant jurisdictions to search for criminal records  Checking criminal records based upon addresses on the social security number trace almost doubles the ‘criminal hit rate’  Instant turnaround time
  11. 11. Multi-state Criminal/Sex Offender Search  Contains over 700 million criminal records from all 50 States  Records include Federal level criminal records, Department of Corrections records, Nationwide Sex Offender Search  Provides a “national” scope search at a reasonable price  Effective “locator” tool designed to identify undisclosed or jurisdictions where the applicant has not lived in which a candidate potentially has a criminal record  Turnaround time same day
  12. 12. Nationwide Sex Offender Search  Shows those who have been convicted and labeled as a registered sex offender  Obtained on a nationwide basis  Recommended service to run on all candidates  Same day turnaround time
  13. 13. Employment/Reference Verifications  TriCor’s skilled investigators contact former places of employment and/or references of your candidates  We offer two tiers:  Level ONE: includes dates of employment, position held, eligibility for rehire, and reason for leaving  Level TWO: includes all aspects of Level ONE, plus in-depth interview with former supervisor regarding:  Job performance  Attendance  Ability to get along with others  Etc…..  Turnaround time is typically 1-4 days
  14. 14. Education Verifications  Tricor’s verifications team contacts the primary source – the applicant’s school  Verified information includes:  Degree obtained  Date of graduation  Dates of attendance (if provided)  Education credentials are the most commonly falsified part of an employment application  Turnaround time is typically 1-4 days
  15. 15. Professional License Verification  TriCor’s skilled verification team contacts the appropriate licensing authority to verify an applicant’s credentials  Information typically obtained:  Type of license  Date of licensure  Date of expiration  Current license status  History of violations  TriCor also offers license tracking post-hire to ensure staff licensure and credentials are up-to-date and compliant with local, state and federal laws  Turnaround time is 1-2 days
  16. 16. Driving Records  Accessed directly from the State Bureau of Motor Vehicles  Information provided:  Status of Driver’s License  Traffic violations  Suspensions of driving privileges  Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs  Reckless operation charges  A necessity when an applicant will be driving a vehicle as part of their job duty  Turnaround time is instant
  17. 17. Federal Criminal Record Search  Conducted in-person at the Federal District courthouse by TriCor’s extensive searcher network  Differs from crimes found at the County and State level  Shows violations of U.S. Government laws, typically white-collar crimes, which are investigated by FBI, Bureau Alcohol/Tobacco/Firearms, etc….  All case information provided free-of-charge, no court fees  Turnaround time 24-48 hours
  18. 18. Employment Credit Report  Obtained directly from the credit bureau  Shows payment pattern on lines of credit, loans, mortgages, etc...  Shows civil cases, accounts placed for collection and bankruptcy filings  Especially relevant if applicant will be responsible for cash or valuable company assets  Instant turnaround time
  19. 19. Medical Sanctions Search  Department of Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) List of Excluded Individuals/Entities  U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Excluded Parties List System (EPLS)  FACIS Searches  Many other medical-specific searches are available  Additional Child Abuse Clearance Searches are available and vary by State
  20. 20. OFAC/Terrorist Listing Search  Search is conducted through the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control, Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons Listing and more than 50 other lists  Shows individuals identified as posing a threat to the security of the United States
  21. 21. E-Verify System  Conducted through the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service and Social Security Administration  Verifies whether newly hired workers are eligible to work in the United States  Turnaround time is within 24 hours of request
  22. 22. Electronic Form I-9  The system offers an error-detecting electronic I-9 Form, which virtually eliminates human error  Completely web-based, requiring no employer upgrade  Employers can create a centralized I-9 management process to ensure I-9 compliance company-wide  Seamless one-click E-Verify submission from the electronic Form I-9  Full Compliance with 8 CFR part 274a; Electronic signature and storage of the Form I-9
  23. 23. Drug / Alcohol / Medical Screening  TriCor is partnered with all of the major drug/alcohol/medical testing leaders (Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, eScreen, Concentra, etc…) which allows clients to have access to over 12,000 testing/collection sites nationwide  “Paperless” solution for most tests. Chain of custody forms are electronic, eliminating the need for paper COC forms.  Tests run by SAMHSA certified laboratory (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)  All phases of the testing process implemented and managed
  24. 24. Drug / Alcohol / Medical Screening  Results reviewed by certified Medical Review Officer  All types of tests are available including physical exams, urine, hair, breath, blood, saliva and a variety of instant tests  Pre-employment, post-accident, onsite, random, DOT, non-DOT, reasonable suspicion  Single invoice for background checks and drug/alcohol/medical screening  Turnaround time 24 to 48 hours
  25. 25. Adverse Action Notification  TriCor can send the adverse action notifications as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act  First mailing includes pre-adverse notification, copy of background report, Summary of Rights  Second mailing includes final adverse action notification  Five days between mailings (can be customized)
  26. 26. Ordering Methods  Requests for background checks can be faxed, scanned/uploaded or transmitted electronically via TriCor’s website  Our innovative Applicant Portal allows applicants to request their own background check via secure website  TriCor can integrate with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for one-click ordering  Once the report is complete, an email notification is sent to the user
  27. 27. Customer Service  TriCor will assign a dedicated customer service representative and back-up to your account ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your entire employment screening program  Specific point-of-contact for questions/customer service issues  Dedicated customer service representatives know the specific requirements and intricacies of each account  All calls/emails that are not handled immediately are returned within one hour  Expert customer service is our focus – our knowledgeable staff are here to help you
  28. 28. Online Tracking System  Allows authorized users to quickly and easily search for reports via any number of parameters 24 hours/day 7 days/week  No need to call customer service to check on status of reports  No special hardware/software needed  Data can be easily manipulated/put into Excel spreadsheets and printed from this interface
  29. 29. Technology / Security  All processes are fully-automated in TriCor’s state-of-the-art internal production system  TriCor is able to integrate with most applicant tracking systems/e-recruiting solutions allowing a seamless transfer of data saving both time and money  All TriCor systems and processes use the most advanced data security technology available and exceed Federal Government specifications  TriCor is one of the few background screening agencies that is SOC 2, Type II compliant
  30. 30. Invoicing  Monthly invoices via email or mail  Can be broken down/customized in any way desired
  31. 31. Management Reporting  Total names checked broken down by location for any time period  Reports detailing turnaround time of checks  Reports detailing “Hit Rate” or rate of negative information found  All reports available free-of-charge  Customized reports are available based on your needs
  32. 32. Summary  Accurate, up-to-date information  Industry-leading turnaround time  Innovative technology  Multiple methods of ordering  Online Tracking System  Advanced data and system security  Cost-effective pricing  National/International coverage  FCRA/State compliant  EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE
  33. 33. Ensuring the future by knowing the past