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Rapid Recap 2016 and AMUG


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Rapid Recap 2016 and AMUG

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Rapid Recap 2016 and AMUG

  1. 1. Dave Pierson Senior Design Engineer MAGNET
  2. 2. 1040 attendees Over 150 technical presentations Majority of presentations focus on Applications of AM technology.. 2017 location pending
  3. 3. Largest Additive Manufacturing show in the US. Growing at over 25% +per year. 26th year. 45K square feet 231 companies exhibiting. AM Production parts..
  4. 4. Metals On Fire..!
  5. 5. Norsk shipped 2.4 metric tons of titanium aerospace parts for certification testing in 2Q2015 Hybrid process.. Large format
  6. 6. 1000+ desktop printers in China Crazy amount of new materials, rubbers, conductive, colors, strength, Post Processing
  7. 7. • ProX DMP 320 • 3D Systems • J750 • Stratasys • Colors 360,000++ • Auto Color mapping • Mcor ARKe • Paper • ~ $ 10K
  8. 8. Envision Tech • Vector 3SP • Micro Plus Carbon M1
  9. 9. New machines released at RAPID HP Jet Fusion (Formerly Multi Jet Fusion) Material- Nylon powder X Jet Direct Nanoparticle Jetting. Silver Gold Mention of Carbide……….
  10. 10. Jet Fusion.. Nylon Powder (PA-12) First machines will print black only ~$150K per machine, optional extra build chambers. Production parts comparable price point @ 55K EAU. Next generation machines printing color, and electronics….. 340 Million Voxel’s per second. 4200 shipping in October, 3200 mid 2017
  11. 11. Ceramics Embedded Electronics Printing of production parts…..
  12. 12. 5,000 to 55,000 Tessla BMW Space X GE
  13. 13. Topological Optimization..
  14. 14. Grab CAD printing optimization
  15. 15. Titan Robotics, (915 x 915 x 1220 mm) 3D Platform Workbench 1 x 1 Meter x .5 meter
  16. 16. Massivit 1800 1 foot / hour z build 1.8 meters z build height 1.5m x 1.2m (X-Y)
  17. 17. GrabCAD Print is an intuitive 3D printing tool for professionals that works across Stratasys printers. With the cloud-enabled software, users can print, schedule, and monitor print jobs from anywhere.
  18. 18. • Carbon • RPU Rigid Polyurethane • FPU Flexible Polyurethane • EPU Elastomeric Polyurethane • CE Cyanate Ester • PR Prototyping • Somos Element (Investment Casting) • Lithoz High temperature Ceramics • Vertex Dental • Prodways
  19. 19. • Toray Toremiru PPS resin particles for PBF systems • DSM Novamid ID Excellent strength and toughness (SLA) $ overhangs • Arnitel ID a highly flexible TPC (ThermoPlastic Co-polymer) • Graphene 3d lab Conductive Filament
  20. 20. Initial brake pedal conventionally manufactured in Aluminum was too flexible. Driver had poor race car feedback on brake point. Target was to develop a brake pedal that is stiffer without compromising weight. Hollow design weight 178G in titanium instead of 190G in aluminum reducing the displacement on stresses from 1.8mm to 0.6mm Further weight savings potential with the use of lattice structures. Concepts are weighing down to 80g
  22. 22. Most pre orders in kick starter history for a 3D printer…16,180 backers..
  23. 23. Impossible objects printed Carbon fiber Fusion 3D High performance FDM Aleph Objects High performance FDM Point Grey Vision system Permabond Infiltrant for 3D Printing FDA
  24. 24. Alcoa 60 Million GE 37 Million Autodesk 100 million Airbus 150 Million NY State 125 Million Google 100 Million (Carbon 3d) America Makes 160 Million in Research HP ?? Million
  25. 25. AM sector is growing at a phenomenal rate…! Look past the Hype….. Looking forward to a very bright future in AM. This is a Very condensed presentation, contact me for more information, Scanned information from AMUG and Rapid available……
  26. 26. kt4bd/AABdPmRhyIm4QlhJUfADHrxia?dl= 0