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Guidelines to writing great blogs by

  2. 2. HELP YOUR AUDIENCE Provide more than just great information; feed them information that will pro-actively help them. Stats are interesting but they do not sell or build homes. Self Serving messages do not sell homes. Valuable and helpful information is what people are looking for. Suggest thoughts that will help them build a better home? Cool products they should know about. If a blog was titled “10 ways to get the home you want at the best price.” Would it get read? What about “10 things builders must do when building your home” People love Top 10 Lists.
  3. 3. LESS IS MORE Short blogs are more likely to be read. If it looks too big they won‟t read it. If they are able to take a bite and like it, they will want more! Respect your reader‟s time and give them value. If you have a thesis to share, break it apart into bite size chunks.
  4. 4. VALUE AND EXPECTATIONS Did they find their time spent with you valuable and what they expected? FACT: The more valuable your blog, the more valuable you become.
  5. 5. PERSONALIZE ENTRIES Tell a story about what happened to you or a client. Telling someone information is great, sharing a short story is better.
  6. 6. DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND Want to create dialogue? There is no better way than making things black and white for people. One thing does not recommend is being controversial. This is a formula that may work for talk shows but in business it will cut your prospective client base in half, and every time you post something like this until clients don‟t want to talk to you.
  7. 7. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS A blog is a great way to develop community, trust and relationships Brag about other people, companies, and products. Provide links. Let those people know you mentioned them in a blog. Everyone likes fifteen minutes of fame. Pay it forward!
  8. 8. USE KEY WORDS Homes for Sale, Real Estate, Builder, Boise, Nampa, Energy Star, LEED, etc. Use them more often as adjectives as well. “Boise Real Estate” “Boise LEED Builders” This will help search engines bring more and more qualified readers to you.
  9. 9. BLOG OFTEN Readers are like back yard birds, the more you give them the more they want. In time your blog can become the consumers guide or book of record and you will be the authority. The object of the game is to provide your target reader invaluable information that will thereby make you invaluable. Provide them information that will pro-actively help them. Blogging is a multi tasking marketing tool- branding, developing a following and sharing your expertise. It all leads readers back to you. If people think you know more than anyone else, are just a great person, or enjoy your posts- who will they call? At the end of the day we want to sell- this is one tool. As you develop more posts and a following people will use your blog as the source to start! Don‟t worry so much about the packaging as much as the content! Great information sells itself!
  10. 10. ADD PICTURES Pictures help add emotion to the blog. Try or Bing
  11. 11. DON’T ARGUE WITH YOUR READER. There is nothing wrong with critical thinking but arguing online is a losing battle. Remember rule #6. If it seems to be an argument, don‟t attack your reader. You may want to acknowledge their point and let it go. “Great Points. Thanks for your input.” Don‟t follow it up with a „but‟ or „however.‟ Agreeing with your visitor takes the wind out of the sail. Agreeing makes you both look good!
  12. 12. MY CHALLENGE TO YOU- Share your expertise. What information is your target customer craving? Help visitors make the best decisions. Let‟s give them the best advice available of any website!
  13. 13. BUILDIDAHO.COM Trey Langford Founder 208/724-9636 1401 West Idaho St. Boise, Idaho Learn more about Boise Idaho Real Estate