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Trevor McClintock | How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profiles 2013


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Do you want to truly be successful with LinkedIn? LinkedIn is becoming one of the biggest social media platforms the world over. Just look at the search results every time you look someone up! Trevor McClintock, Belfast Marketing director presents this handy guide to successfully optimizing your LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn can do much more than find you the right connections; it can help increase conversions, increase B2B sales, and land you that dream job you've always wanted. Social media is king of the world right now, and Trevor McClintock shows you the easy way in a step-by-step guide how to fully optimize your LinkedIn profile.

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Trevor McClintock | How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profiles 2013

  1. 1. Optimizing LinkedIn Profiles Trevor McClintock, Belfast | The Essential Guide to Optimizing LinkedIn profiles In this guide, you will learn how to properly utilize certain tags to help boost your own profiles, and at the same time help generate leads for C-R-L. This includes how to write a professional headline, and a professional summary.
  2. 2. Trevor McClintock, Belfast | Optimizing LinkedIn By Trevor McClintock Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profiles: Easy Step-by-Step Guide Trevor McClintock, Director of Marketing
  3. 3. Trevor McClintock, Belfast | Optimizing LinkedIn By Trevor McClintock LinkedIn is the web’s biggest professional network, and sometimes it’s pushed aside for other social media sites like Facebook. But if you are a professional or own any type of business, then LinkedIn is essential for boasting your personal business profiles, as well as, company or business pages. LinkedIn can create solid leads, and allows you to build business relationships that can get you noticed by customers. PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPH Obviously having a professional headshot is a great way to attract new leads. This allows for a more personable approach – putting a face to the professional so to speak. Facebook and LinkedIn differ greatly, so if you still have your high school photo in your profile image, it’s probably best that it be removed and replaced with a more professional looking picture. WRITE A PROFESSIONAL HEADLINE Your LinkedIn Professional headline will be a few sentences of bold text – LinkedIn allows for 120 characters maximum, and for the most part that’s all you really need. The professional headline can be found below your name on your LinkedIn profile, and can really help increase connections, whether potential clients or Trevor McClintock, Director of Marketing
  4. 4. Trevor McClintock, Belfast | Optimizing LinkedIn By Trevor McClintock other B2B connections. The Headline is often overlooked because LinkedIn automatically populates it with your current job. However, if you want to increase how “searchable or findable” you are, then enticing potential connections through a well thought out and optimized header is essential. A few examples: It’s best to have your job title first, example: “In House SEO, social media, marketing and advertising Manager at ABC Company | Your home for amazing things” Or “The Belfast Marketing Company | Digital Marketing Manager | Belfast” This particular character key – ‘|’ (long bar) is a great way to separate words so you can add more essential tags. MAKING YOUR PROFILE SEO FRIENDLY Even though there are billions of searches each year on LinkedIn for a name or company name, we have to keep in mind they are still searching for particular Trevor McClintock, Director of Marketing
  5. 5. Trevor McClintock, Belfast | Optimizing LinkedIn By Trevor McClintock keywords. LinkedIn search results are sorted by relevance (importance) – this is LinkedIn’s very own algorithm. Please remember that although you might be tempted to accept every connection that comes your way, you should still be a bit picky – I’ll explain further… Your 1st degree connections will always show up first, because they are “completed profiles” – SEO heavy and keyword enriched. The next category is 2nd degree, then of course, 3rd degree. Following on the heels of 2nd and 3rd degree connections is people connected through groups – this is why joining groups is so important. So what does this all really mean? Because most people are unaware of the potential for LinkedIn, and that you can even optimize LinkedIn for better connections, it is extra important to be: a) A 1st degree connection to as many people as possible (grow your network) b) Have a profile that’s 100% complete (this even includes your profile picture) LIST CONTACT INFORMATION You will find this at the bottom of the profile but it’s still important to list the appropriate contact information. LIST ALL SKILLS Take full advantage of the skills section, list as many skills as you can. LinkedIn Skill search can help you out here – type the skill into the “skills search box” and LinkedIn will compare that term to a list of other similar terms, showing you how popular each is. Edit your profile and use the most popular terms. Show everyone your stuff and what you are made of – here is a sample below: Trevor McClintock, Director of Marketing
  6. 6. Trevor McClintock, Belfast | Optimizing LinkedIn By Trevor McClintock Trevor McClintock, Director of Marketing
  7. 7. Trevor McClintock, Belfast | Optimizing LinkedIn By Trevor McClintock ENDORSE AND BE ACTIVE As you can see from the image above, endorsing one another is also very essential –so please give generously when it comes to endorsements. GET RECOMMENDATIONS Find previous clients who were very happy with your service or product and ask for a recommendation – including existing clients, previous work places etc. SHOWCASE ACHEIVEMENTS If you just knocked them dead so to speak in B2B sales for the month, then please, shout it out loud. Display in your profile under achievements – even in a status update for everyone to see and share. LinkedIn also give you the option to add projects, languages, publications, honours & Awards, test scores, courses, patents, certifications, volunteering and causes to your profile – take advantage of all. The point to remember here is if you have taken a course for example that puts you in front of the competition then people need to know that. LINK YOUR COMPANY PAGE TO CURRENT WORK INFORMATION By linking your current company’s page to current work information, you are given a great opportunity to cross promote or brand yourself along with your company’s services. KEYWORDS The keywords you will be using should be targeted – this means you will be placing keywords in specific spots to get the most attention possible. Use as many keywords as you can that relate to you, your brand, service or product. The keywords you will be using are to be used in different sections of the profile. Keywords in your Name, Headline, CompanyName, Job Title and Skills will rank Trevor McClintock, Director of Marketing
  8. 8. Trevor McClintock, Belfast | Optimizing LinkedIn By Trevor McClintock higher in the search results. If these key fields are left empty or filled with generic terms, you will lose out in more ways than you ever thought. Using All Fields will give you the Advantage You have the option to join 50 groups (not counting subgroups), join and take advantage You have 120 characters available for headline – use them all and create a descriptive, interesting and keyword enriched headline You have 2000 characters available for summary – use them (more on this below) There are 1000 characters available for interests – make use of it In summary: Make full use of all the fields and sections you have available and paint a detailed picture to reinforce your own brand, as well as, a great picture of your company, product or service. Please Note: Keywords in the “Advice for Contacting” section is excluded from LinkedIn search – don’t worry about this section when it comes to keywords. Trevor McClintock, Director of Marketing
  9. 9. Trevor McClintock, Belfast | Optimizing LinkedIn By Trevor McClintock AVOID THE SAME OLD DESCRIPTIVES The following “Buzz” words have been way over used – try and avoid them: Creative Organisational Effective Motivated Extensive experience Track record Innovative Responsible (honestly if you weren’t responsible you would more than likely never hold down a job) Analytical Problem solving Communication skills Dynamic Trevor McClintock, Director of Marketing
  10. 10. Trevor McClintock, Belfast | Optimizing LinkedIn By Trevor McClintock SAMPLE SUMMARY USING A VARIETY OF KEYWORDS THAT MEAN THE SAME THING WILL HELP YOU BE FOUND Just think about all the different ways of saying the same thing, and then vary those ways throughout the summary, and the rest of the profile. Make meaningful sentences, and please avoid just keyword stuffing – this makes the profile look very spammy and unprofessional. Trevor McClintock, Director of Marketing
  11. 11. Trevor McClintock, Belfast | Optimizing LinkedIn By Trevor McClintock REMBER SEOBENEFITS EXTEND BEYOND LINKEDIN A fully optimized LinkedIn profile can have far-reaching effects. By branding yourself and your company, your LinkedIn profile can appear in top results, simply because you are connected to the company. A recent analysis done by BrandYourself, found that LinkedIn was the social network most often appearing at the top of the Google search results. What does this all mean for you? Simply put, this means more opportunities, including job offers, clients, business deals, etc., could literally start pouring in from your personal LinkedIn profiles. Please don’t forget to take full advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer you – including the amount of characters you use… Use them all! Trevor McClintock, Director of Marketing