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James Egerton


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Examining obsessions

Published in: Education
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James Egerton

  1. 1. Examining obsessions: Exam preparation classes, their effects on the individual and society, and what we can do to reduce the negatives James Egerton
  2. 2. Albacete, Spain.
  3. 3. What are we going to talk about?  Positives of exams  Negatives of exams  How can we avoid or transform the negatives? - General courses - Exam classes
  4. 4. +
  5. 5. + (Cambridge FCE writing marking criteria)
  6. 6. -
  7. 7. -
  8. 8. -
  9. 9. - General courses - Exam classes
  10. 10. General courses Objectives Real-world Academic - Survive a weekend trip to London - Watch an English-language film in original voice and understand the plot - Read a novel in English - Hold a conversation with an English- speaking friend - Pass an official B2 exam by the end of 2016 - Pass English-language modules of my university degree
  11. 11. General courses
  12. 12. General courses TBL
  13. 13. Exam classes ´The biggest problem is the potentially negative effect that the exam can have on the exam class…A course consisting far more of testing than teaching´. May, P., 1996. Exam Classes, Oxford: Oxford University Press (page 4)
  14. 14. Exam classes Encourage growth mindsets! Mindset theory (Professor Carol Dwerk):
  16. 16. Thanks for attending! Any questions or comments? Get in touch: I also blog on more TEFL topics at: