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2010 Tech And It Predictions Trendsspotting


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"2010 Tech And IT" is the third report from the series "2010 Influencers Series: Trend Predictions in 140 Characters".
TrendsSpotting Market Research is now running its third annual prediction reports following major trends in six categories. We will be featuring the predictions of digital and marketing experts on the big changes awaiting us in the coming year.
This year we are adopting a new “tweet style” format, easier for you to focus on, comprehend and forward.

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2010 Tech And It Predictions Trendsspotting

  1. More in this series > Social Media | Mobile | Videos | eMarketing | Consumer Trends
  2. TrendsSpotting Market Research is now running its third annual prediction reports following major trends in six categories. We will be featuring the predictions of digital and marketing experts on the big changes awaiting us in the coming year. This year we are adopting a new “tweet style” format, easier for you to focus on, comprehend and forward. More in this series > Social Media | Mobile | Videos | eMarketing | Consumer Trends
  3. Findings: Major trends in 2010 Tech and IT: Across many of these predictions, we have identified the following trends suggested to influence Tech in 2010: @Clouds – free, private, public, green, data, identity @Mobile – apps, store, iPhone, Android, Location (AR) @Netbooks  cheap notebooks / smartphones, Google @eBooks – Amazon, apps @Social – enterprise, computing
  4. On Google, Microsoft, E-Books & Netbooks @rww RICHARD MACMANUS Founder & CEO Read Write Web a breakthrough of consumer apps for Internet of Things, involving the iPhone, RFID tags and a major consumer product (books or groceries). Google will acquire PostRank and promptly consign it to the same graveyard Feedburner went to. Microsoft will acquire Wolfram|Alpha and Bing will continue to make small gains in the search market. Google will be distracted by increasing consumer complaints about content farms polluting Google search results. A price war will erupt in the e-book market and will offer the lowest prices.. gaining a dominant position in the market with its Kindle E-book Reader. Google will partner with a large PC manufacturer from Asia, which will launch an inexpensive netbook powered by Chrome OS in the U.S. market. It will become a hot consumer item among school kids and university students.. Source: Read Write Web
  5. Data Portability, Google Wave, UI @marshallk MARSHALL KIRKPATRICK Lead Writer & VP, Content Development Read Write Web Google Wave will win some respect back as people discover valuable uses for it and get used to the user experience. Facebook will open aggregate-user-profile and social-graph data for outside analysis. Some serious user interface innovations will blow our minds.. Data portability will become more real, standard, expected and viable. Source: ReadWriteWeb
  6. Cloud Computing, Apple & Netbooks @sarahintampa SARAH PEREZ Feature Writer Read Write Web Cloud computing heats up. AWS, Google, Microsoft and others begin price wars to compete for customers. The iPhone still rules and grabs more mobile market share than ever before, Android becomes the number two mobile platform by year-end. iPhone app backlash begins: Apple surprises us with a brand-new feature that can help us find new and useful apps via iTunes. iTunes announces a web service, thanks to the Lala acquisition. Spotify finally gets the green light in U.S. and people go nuts for it. The netbook craze dies down. People start buying new "in-between" devices - slightly larger and more powerful than today's netbooks, but smaller, lightweight and cheaper than notebooks. Source: ReadWriteWeb
  7. On AR, Netbooks, Payment System & OS @suzyperplexus DANA OSHIRO Writer, Read Write Start Read Write Web AR: Geo-locational games and AR will come together in 2010. We're going to see strange behavior from those playing zombie shooter games on their commutes.. Netbooks and gadgets like the PsiXpda are going to gain ground. Mobile Music: Offline music caching will be expected of all streaming music apps. The browser really will be the new OS.. Payment Systems: Between Square, PayPal X and advances in Internet TV, we're going to see payment options integrated in unlikely places. Source: ReadWriteWeb
  8. Clouds, Big Players, Social Middleware @podcasthotel ALEX WILLIAMS Writer, Read Write Enterprise Read Write Web Cloud computing will go through a shake out. too many companies..Users will lose access to their data, leading to a whole new wave of skepticism. Cloud computing technology will become more of a commodity. . The big players will come back strong. IBM, SAP and Microsoft will innovate just enough to show big gains with customers. Consumer-based social networks will make big efforts to gain wider access to the enterprise. Rise of "social middleware" - services that act as a layer between social networks and the enterprise Source: ReadWriteWeb
  9. Clouds, Analytics, Virtualizations, Social Computing Cloud Computing.. Cloud-based services can be exploited in a variety of ways to develop an application or a solution. Advanced Analytics... Client Computing .. choice of a particular PC hardware platform, and eventually the OS platform, becomes less critical due to virtualization. Reshaping the Data Center..lower cost by pod-based approach to data center construction and expansion. Social Computing.. focus on use of social software and social media in the enterprise and participation and integration with externally facing enterprise- sponsored and public communities Source: Gartner
  10. Green, Security, Virtualization, Mobile IT for Green.. Security – Activity Monitoring Flash Memory Virtualization for Availability.. new elements such as live migration for availability that have longer term implications. Mobile Applications. Source: Gartner
  11. Real-time, Clouds, E-Book Readers @mashable PETE CASHMORE Founder, CEO Mashable Real-time Ramps up in late 2010. Look out for real-time collaboration: Google Wave. In 2010, Wave's utility will become more apparent. Clouds: The cloud movement will see a major leap forward in the first half of 2010 with the launch of "Office Web Apps," free online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote released in tandem with Microsoft Office 2010. Convergence conundrum: e-book reader is a fad--carrying an extra device is never desirable, and the major factor preventing convergence is the lack of superior screen technology. Source: CNN
  12. Apple, Google, Smart phones & Netbooks ,SNS @jimgoldman JIM GOLDMAN Silicon Valley Bureau Chief CNBC Twitter.. will fade away. Either acquired or shut down . 3D TV.. New TVs from Sony, Samsung and LG will grab attention. New 3D TV production from upstarts like 3Ality will show viewers enormous possibilities. Digital books/ eReaders manufacturers will enjoy their true break-out year. Apple ..the biggest opportunity for tech investors in 2010. Apple will re-invent mobile computing with tablet Mac. Netbooks start to fade as a fad. Consumers realizes that their iPhones, Blackberrys and Nokia smart phones get the job done at a fraction of the size (and cost.) Microsoft would enter the smart phone arena with a handset of its own. Source: CNBC Tech Check
  13. Apple, Google, Smart phones & Netbooks ,SNS @jimgoldman JIM GOLDMAN Silicon Valley Bureau Chief CNBC Nokia may be Palm’s the best (last ? Only?) hope for survival in 2010. AMD: 2010 could be a much better year with Intel’s $1 billion settlement. Cisco continues to be one of this region's most exciting growth stories. Microsoft will enjoy a big-time renaissance. 2010 will be the year for a two-camera, in-depth production. Google continues to enjoy new revenue streams – YouTube , Android Source: CNBC Tech Check
  14. Smart Phone, LBS, Mobile Apps & Android @matthamblen MATT HAMBLEN Senior Writer Computer World Smartphones will grab an even bigger share of the overall mobile phone market. Apple will move to multiple U.S. carriers. The Android mobile OS will take off.2010 global shipment could be 8.2M for 36 Android based phones. The OS to become no#2 by 2012. Mobile app stores will continue to balloon. 2010: The year of smart phone + LBS. Ads will be a major driver. Laptop, smartphone & e-reader will supplement each other. Source: Network World
  15. Online clubs, Gaming, Collaboration, Android @bernardmoon BERNARD MOON Managing Director Lunsford Group Online Shopping Clubs Will Mature- 2010 will be a breakout year for this ecommerce category and it will move far beyond discounted luxury goods. . Gaming Will Advance Beyond PCs and Consoles Real-Time Collaboration: SAP’s Gravity within Google Wave, is a good example. 2010 Will Be Android’s Year -Next year there will be more than 50 Android phones shipping out to a market near you. Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, and others will be spreading the concept of apps, touch screens, and smarter phones to an audience beyond the techno- elite Slowly Google’s open platform strategy might win out versus Apple’s closed approach. 2010 Will Have A Netscape Moment. Source: Venture Beat
  16. 8 Ways Wi-Fi Will Change.. JOHN COX Senior Editor, Network World Inc Broader Broadband (802.11s): More Wi-Fi chips will support 3 and even 4 data streams, with data rates up to 600Mbps . Tougher RF Signals: More resilient, more consistent signal using space-time block coding (STBC). Wi-Fi-zation of Things & Self Managed Clients (802.11v): Innovations in power consumption & Wi-Fi embedded into swarms of consumer electronics, monitors. Improved Security (802.11w): Access points with more management & security brains, cooperating with Wi-Fi clients. Cooperation with Foreign Wi-Fi Networks (802.11u) : Inter-working with external networks. Wi-Fi networks will advertise their services, and the terms under which you can link to them. Personal Area Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Direct): Bypass an access point & link directly to Wi-Fi enabled device. Source: Network World
  17. Cloud Adoption Continues.. NUCLEUS RESEARCH The cloud adoption trend will continue, and vendors without real software-as-a- service strategies will be even more challenged to compete. Cloud platforms will allow ISVs to develop, market, and monetize cloud applications at a dramatically faster rate than traditional ISV development. Analytics go mainstream, to include marketers, risk managers and call center staff.. Structural unemployment cuts of 2009 will not be reversed in 2010. CRM investment continues in 2010 to help organizations identify and retain profitable customers.. More organizations will restrict Facebook and SN sites that negatively affect productivity while more professional sites as LinkedIn, will grow. Twitter falters. Source: Nucleus Research
  18. Cloud Adoption Continues.. NUCLEUS RESEARCH With SAP ERP 6.0 or higher maintenance fees, it opens the door for on-demand ERP solutions and drives a faster decline in SAP revenues. Mobility strategies and budgets will be reviewed in 2010 with netbooks, Blackberries and iPhone apps driving new billing and upgrade models. IT spending is expected to increase slightly with only moderate upgrades from XP or Vista to Windows 7. Incremental investment will be significant with existing technologies from CRM, ERP and PLM vendors. Despite efforts to monetize online content, consumers will push back on online subscriptions, denying that revenue stream. Bonus: Google moves toward a monopoly, causing skeptics to wonder why neither the EU nor US governments have taken a closer look Source: Nucleus Research
  19. Connected TVs, Tablets & Apps @toptenreviews DAN HOPE Writer Top Ten Reviews 3-D and Connected TVs. a big push to bring 3-D into the home: both 3-D-capable screens and content. Content Packages and Subscriptions. to combat piracy and increase revenue on every form of content (everything from news and TV shows to music, books and movies). Tablets Are Coming, or at Least Something Bigger than Phones but Smaller than Netbooks to occupy the 5 to 9 inch screen range. Apps Will Rule.. emphasis on who has the better apps or the biggest collection of apps as a deciding factor for device purchases. Even TVs, laptops and the as-yet- unconfirmed flood of tablets will live or die by their apps. Green Is the New Black- Being "green" (environmentally friendly) will be even more prevalent in 2010. Source: LiveScience
  20. Google Computers @jkontherun JAMES KENDRICK Editor,jkontherun GigOm Network Google Computers will appear, maybe even for free. They are simply going to be Google Computers. They will do all the things that regular folks want them to do, and right out of the box. Google Computers will be sold in mainstream retail outlets. Source: jkontherun
  21. On Twitter + Monetization WTIA 2010 Kelly Smith Greg Gottesman Glenn Kelman Bill Bryant Andy Sack Founding Partner MD CEO Venture Partner General Partner Curious Office Madrona Venture Radfin Draper Fisher Founder’s Co-Op Charge for search, building on new partnerships with search engines 2010: Twitter will make a lot more money than Facebook. Twitter vs Facebook: promotional vehicle vs social vehicle. Twitter has more potential to make revenue. Twitter is not mainstream, and the traffic numbers suggest it's not going to get there. 2010: Twitter would be sold. It's going to be absorbed by a big company and it's ultimately going to go nowhere. Source: Tech Flash
  22. On Microsoft WTIA 2010 Kelly Smith Greg Gottesman Glenn Kelman Bill Bryant Andy Sack Founding Partner MD CEO Venture Partner General Partner Curious Office Madrona Venture Radfin Draper Fisher Founder’s Co-Op Windows 7 will help them maintain market share. Microsoft could buy RIM. Cloud Architecture: Microsoft Azure will appeal to people with Windows-centric initiatives or comfortable with Windows development Source: Tech Flash
  23. On Google WTIA 2010 Kelly Smith Greg Gottesman Glenn Kelman Bill Bryant Andy Sack Founding Partner MD CEO Venture Partner General Partner Curious Office Madrona Venture Radfin Draper Fisher Founder’s Co-Op Google-branded phone Huge shift to Google in the enterprise. Google is still a one-trick pony. They have not historically demonstrated any other revenue stream. Cloud Architecture: Google is going to deploy more resources than Amazon. Within their core competency. Google's primary sell point will be price. Source: Tech Flash
  24. On Major Mergers And Acquisitions WTIA 2010 Kelly Smith Greg Gottesman Glenn Kelman Bill Bryant Andy Sack Founding Partner MD CEO Venture Partner General Partner Curious Office Madrona Venture Radfin Draper Fisher Founder’s Co-Op Cisco buying EMC for VMware. Locally F5 could get acquired by Cisco Picnik will be purchased by Adobe, and ICanHasCheezburger will be bought by Rupert Murdoch. Redfin will get purchased. comScore will get acquired. Amazon will buy Netflix and Hulu and Blockbuster, renaming them all as Amazon stores. Source: Tech Flash
  25. CMS @cmsoutlook MATT JOHNSON Technology Director Razorfish Federation over Centralization: CMS solutions will need to continue to grow in integration capabilities and function as the connective tissue between federated repositories. Cloud Options: cloud solutions will grow in adoption, especially in Wed Content Management + Marketing scenarios. CMS + API + SOA (Rest, JSON, XMPP): Content will need to continually pushed and pulled to and from more sites, channels, and mobile device. Content will need quick and easy means of integrating into widgets, apps, iphones, android apps, etc. WCM + Analytics + Targeting + Testing: WCM will continue to expand into the complete experience around content. Faceted Search: faceted search with grow in importance to search and locate content via filtering and metadata. Open Source will expand: Open source solutions will grow in adoption, especially in social networking and content distribution scenarios. . Source: Razorfish
  26. B2B To B2C @johnbattelle JOHN BATTELLE Founder & Chairman Federated Media @johnbattelle: A major B2B application will inform a major B2C hit online
  27. On Netbooks @smallbiztrends ANITA CAMPBELL Editor Small Business Trends @smallbiztrends: Netbooks and laptops reflect our individuality. People will buy for stylish design - not a gray box.
  28. Recovery, Apple, Yahoo, Oracle NANCY WEIL Managing Editor IDG –News Service We enter recovery -The global economy will limp into the first calendar quarter of next year, with IT playing an important role in the recovery, which will be modest in 2010. Apple bites into e-readers- Apple's tablet/e-reader will be unveiled to great spectacle and fanfare in the first quarter of the year. In other Apple news, AT&T's contractual gridlock on the iPhone will be broken, with Verizon entering that lucrative market. Paging Jerry Yang - Carol Bartz will be out as Yahoo's CEO by the end of 2010, as the company continues to struggle and tries to reinvent itself, renewing its focus on technology rather than marketing and branding schemes. Oracle finally gets Sun and other M&A news Source: Info World
  29. Mobile Broadband, Apple, B2B Data Deals @jtsd JULIEN THEYS Analyst Screen Digest Facebook’s careful and progressive foray into Location-Based services will deal a deadly blow to many mobile LBS startups. Sony Ericsson and Motorola’s handset businesses will face very serious existential crisis and possibly split up. Sony is very likely to take another solo shot at mobile (inorder to leverage the Playstation branding) Palm will be acquired by a bigger fish. Sync services, Address Book/Social Network consolidation and cloud backups are going to be ubiquitous. Apple’s app store will remain an outlier in terms of success. Source: Technobabble 2.o
  30. Mobile Broadband, Apple, B2B Data Deals @jtsd JULIEN THEYS Analyst Screen Digest Open source mobile software will keep tech pundits busy yet customers won’t care A very bad year for Windows Mobile, Microsoft to (try to) unify all its scattered efforts in portable media (WinMo, Zune, Sidekick…) People will keep buying simple phones and not care about mobile web. Wholesale B2B mobile data deals (like Kindle content delivery) to bring in extra cash for operators (big for eBook readers, navigation and automotive industries). Don’t hold your breath: Google hardware, iPhone nano, Android-based Nokias, decent mobile broadband speed & coverage. Tempted to say no Apple Tablet in 2010 because, really, where’s the rush? Source: Technobabble 2.o
  31. On e-Reader/e-Book Market JAMES McQUIVEY SARAH ROTMAN EPPS V.P., Principal Analyst Analyst @jmcquivey @srepps E Ink will lose its claim to near-100% market share for e-reader displays Dual-screen mobile phones and netbooks will eat into e-reader demand. Apps will make non-reading devices more e-book-friendly. Next year will see more e-book apps on more devices. eReaders will get apps, too. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Amazon launch a Kindle app store, too. Amazon will launch a suite of new touchscreen e-readers featuring touchscreens, color and flexibility Source: Paid Content
  32. On e-Reader/e-Book Market JAMES McQUIVEY SARAH ROTMAN EPPS V.P., Principal Analyst Analyst @jmcquivey @srepps B&N will steal market share from Amazon and Sony but Amazon will retain its dominant position as market leader. E-book content sales will top $500 million in the U.S E-textbooks will become more accessible, but sales will be modest. Magazine and newspaper publishers will launch their own apps and devices. China, India, Brazil, and the EU will propel global growth, but the U.S. will still be the biggest market. Source: Paid Content
  33. The Apple Revolution is Coming. @Eweather JASON SCHWARZ Options Strategist Lone Peak Asset Management 2010: Apple will have 10% global PC market share. Apple is in the best position to take advantage of the mobile Web. Android vs iPhone: Modern tech is too complex. Apple’s closed control over ecosystem propel them to greatness in the future. iPhone will succeed in China. Apple's iTouch Tablet will become Its flagship product. Source: Seeking Alpha
  34. Innovations and UI with Computing Devices @hedgeyetech REBECCA RUNKLE Managing Director of Technology Research Edge Technology Mobile Penetration will accelerate in 2010. This, in turn, will drive location-based services, cloud computing, real-time products and services, advertising, and e- commerce. Mobile payment systems will also become the defacto norm. Context Dethrones Content. The convergence of algorithms, location-based services and social media enables real-time, relevant, personalized filtering. Context is King. 2010 will mark the inflection point for television, movie and music content becoming accessible anywhere, at anytime. Apple’s Lala acquisition will prove to be the catalyst that leads the way. Mobility and search by image combine to yield a digitized physical world. Links to the virtual world appear in the real world. Microsoft ’s Decade of Dominance gives way to Apple and Google Touchscreens and gestures will dominate. In mobile, expect more use of gestures, tilt and accelerometers. Gesture-based gaming is around the corner. Source: Forbes
  35. Innovations and UI with Computing Devices @hedgeyetech REBECCA RUNKLE Managing Director of Technology Research Edge Technology Cloud is the next killer app--those without it will be killed. Data and applications will move off the desktop and into more centralized compute nodes, enabling accessibility and collaboration Office Web Apps and Google’s Chrome OS will accelerate the shift to Web-centric computing. Real-time will be an expected feature throughout the Web. Smartphone adoption will accelerate real-time’s relevance big time in 2010. Location-based services will be a part of social media (Twitter), a part of mobility (Android) and a part of an increasing number of diverse interactions on the Web Standalone GPS devices and stand-alone mass market cameras/video cameras will finally die. A larger-screened device will show the world that stand-alone products-- Garmin GPS devices, Flip Video Cameras or Kindles – are feature sets. Privacy will continue to erode at a dizzying rate. Consumers will voice concerns, but ultimately the value of the new products will outweigh the loss of privacy. Source: Forbes
  36. Improved Growth and Stability Worldwide @fgens FRANK GENS Senior VP & Chief Analyst IDC 2010: Growth returns to the IT industry. 3.2% growth for the year, returning the industry to 2008 spending levels of about $1.5 trillion. Improved growth and stability in the worldwide telecommunications market, with worldwide spending predicted to increase 3%.. Emerging markets will lead the IT recovery, with BRIC countries growing 8–13%.. Cloud computing will expand and mature as we see a strategic battle for cloud platform leadership, new public cloud hot spots, private cloud offerings, cloud appliances, and offerings that bridge public and private clouds. Ascension of mobile devices (over 1 billion access the Internet, iPhone apps triple, Android apps quintuple, and Apple's "iPad" arrives). Source: IDC
  37. Improved Growth and Stability Worldwide @fgens FRANK GENS Senior VP & Chief Analyst IDC Public networks will continue their aggressive -evolution to fiber, 3G, 4G wireless. 4G will be overhyped “Socialytic" apps will challenge current market leaders. Sustainability as a source of renewed opportunity for the IT industry. Smart meters and electronic medical records will hit important adoption levels IT industry’s transformations will drive a frenetic pace of M&A activity. Source: IDC
  38. 2010 HDTV Trends JACQUELINE EMIGH Tech Journalist PC World LCDs with LED Backlighting.. as consumer demand for LEDs increases and more manufacturers move into LED production. 240Hz Refresh Rates. Internet Connectivity. With Netflix, Blockbuster, and Amazon all getting into the act, more and more content is becoming available in terms of VOD. 2160p Resolution TV makers will roll out the first 2160p HDTVs - targeted at people who already own 1280p HDTVs and are looking to upgrade. Source: PC World
  39. 2010 HDTV Trends JACQUELINE EMIGH Tech Journalist PC World Slicker Laser TVs.. as consumer demand for LEDs increases and more manufacturers move into LED production. 3D TVs. it will take another 2-4 years for 3D TV to go fully mainstream. (issues still to be sorted out: formats for picture capture, display, goggles, etc). More Skinny OLED Displays - bright-screened but energy-efficient OLED TVs will become more commonplace. Would remain a niche market until at least 2015. Source: PC World
  40. On Enterprise Mobility @forrester FORRESTER 4G network - for users who appreciate much faster download speeds and reduced latencies.. Machine-to-machine (M2M) applications and services . Consumer M2M applications will cover remote monitoring of homes appliances automobiles. Enterprise M2M will take off in focused vertical markets like healthcare energy transportation. Android will take 10% of the mobile device market in 2010 due to "heavy industry support" from Qualcomm Verizon Motorola and Google as well as the growing embrace of the open OS by developers. About 15% of non-mobile employees in 2010 will pressure IT to support their personal mobile devices for work activities. Mobile "app stores" will become a key software distribution channel for small- medium businesses in addition to consumers. Source: Network World
  41. On Enterprise Mobility @forrester FORRESTER To cost-effectively manage this growth in mobile users devices and data IT will look to emerging cloud-based mobility services. A new breed of third-party managed services for these functions. Cloud services to deliver information on demand to smartphones and coordinate the user's identity and information across several devices and applications. Enterprise mobility vendors (application vendors) to continue merging or going out of business. Service providers and systems integrators will invest more in mobility solutions for vertical markets. Source: Network World
  42. On Microsoft, Netbooks & Apple @gartenberg MICHAEL GARTENBERG VP, Strategy & Analysis Interpret LLC This is the year of Vista - I mean Windows 7 The good news for IT departments is that there won't be much of end-user demand for the new operating system, so they can take their time to deploy. PCs finally fragment as a platform - Netbooks, smart phones and traditional laptops and desktops. Expect a lot of device overlap and confusion about taxonomy. "Tweener" devices will have their hype and then die. Apple becomes a business standard. Microsoft won't produce its own phone Source: PC World
  43. 2010 Tech Predictions Finally, Apple Unveils the Tablet… Your Phone Replaces Your Wallet Murdoch Pulls Out of Google.. Starbucks Will Stalk You Microsoft Pushes Out Steve Ballmer.. Google Faces Antitrust Suit.. Source: News Week
  44. Clouds, Data, Analytics @redmonk RED MONK Cloud API proliferation will become a serious problem. Data as revenue –datasets increasingly recognized as a serious, balance sheet- worthy asset Developer target fragmentation will accelerate. It’s all about the analytics. Marketplaces will be table stakes. Source: RedMonk
  45. Location, AR, Green @redmonk RED MONK New languages to watch: Clojure and Go NoSQL will bid for mainstream acceptance. Location, location, location Augmented Reality will begin to make a mark in the mobile space. Greener business processes Source: RedMonk
  46. Google, Cloud, SOA, Devices @redmonk RED MONK Google will significantly ramp up enterprise efforts. Hybrid Cloud. SOA without the SOA. A big upswing in enterprise demerger activity New devices: Smart phones, tablets, toys, TVs Source: RedMonk
  47. Users, Technology and IT @redmonk RED MONK Users no longer tolerate slow and dumb computers. Technology every where and at all times changes how people go about their daily work and lives.. New technology actually seems to work; but it’s not as open as we’re used to. Identity management standards The consumerization of IT, end-users expect more out of their “computers” and the related software. Source: RedMonk
  48. Location, Mobile Banking, Machine Translations, News @robsalk ROB SALKOWITZ Co-Author Listening to the Future Geo-social applications take off.. geo-social reminders tagged to LinkedIn and Twitter connections, tied together by iPhone app that will be overexposed on CNN Headline News. Mobile banking comes to the U.S... a secure mobile transaction platform that makes it easy, safe, and routine to use mobile devices. Machine-translation finally matures Ultra-local blogs become viable newspaper-substitutes Geolocation drives transportation efficiencies Source: Internet Evolution
  49. On Virtualization & IT.. DAN POWERS VP, Global Technology Services IBM Internet Security Systems virtualization is changing how we run, manage and store our applications and data. This trend will accelerate in 2010 and beyond. A foundation in security will be necessary for organizations to reap the most benefit from virtualization. Source: Virtual- Strategy
  50. Clean Tech Predictions PETER NEIH ANDREW CHUNG Founder & MD Principal There will be increased availability of equity, debt, and project finance capital, along with an increased flight to quality Massive project deployments and manufacturing capacity growth will be undertaken, as winners and losers become more apparent.. Momentum in plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles to continue, as a greater variety of vehicles starts to arrive to market. Electrical storage will be the key enabling technology.. 2010 could see several public exits from some of the emerging leaders; consolidation, M&A, partnership, and JV activity expected to grow. Source: Lightspeed VC
  51. ? Did You Know Tera Era, our storage requirement is graduating from GBs to TBs. Search trends indications Read More On The “Tera Era” >> Trendsspotting
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