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2008 Web and Tech Trends Predictions

While seeking to bring you our 2008 trends prediction from an angle not suggested before, TrendsSpotting presents you the Meta Trends for 2008. For this, we selected a group of 10 Web and Tech influencers suggesting their trends forecast for 2008.

We profiled each forecast according to 3 relevant categories for general trends predictions: "in", "out" and "yet to come". Finally - We ran a tag cloud on all forecasts to present what will be "In" for 2008.

How can this help you?

· You can see it as a summary tool for what we see as the best forecasts for 2008.

· From research perspective-what you get is 2 Influencers Focus Group – one for Web and Tech trends, the other for marketing trends.

· From web 2.0 angle – you get the most popular trend tags to the best / most popular trend reports.

Hope you will find this useful.
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2008 Web and Tech Trends Predictions

  1. 1. 2008 Tech and Web Trends Predictions brought to you by Spotting the trends of influencers
  2. 2. 10 Tech influencer & their trends forecast for 2008. Forecasts categorized into “in”, “out” and “yet to come”*.. Tag cloud on all forecasts to present what will be “In” for 2008. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 2 00 8 TRENDS TrendsSpotting “Influencers Focus Group” note: this categorization is based on our own analysis *
  3. 3. What’s In? TV on the Net What’s Out? iPhone beyond Sales goal Green PC TV, DVR 2008 Consumer Internet Prediction 1 JEREMY LIEW 2 00 8 TRENDS PC +Vista Mobile Messaging Gen X+Y on Mobile Web SN Widget : Users +Marketers Yet to Come WIMAX Mobile Internet Device
  4. 4. What’s In? Outsourcing Innovation What’s Out? Customer as Innovators Interactions as Proficiency Business Technology Trends To Watch . 2 McKinsey Quarterly Automation of Information Unbundling Production from delivery 2 00 8 TRENDS Prediction Market Performance Mgmt Information based Business
  5. 5. What’s In? Slow growth pace What’s Out? BRIC+9 Countries Online Delivery Models Post-Disruption Marketplace in 2008 3 FRANK GENS Web Gadgets Mobile Network Opens Up Social Network Unstructured Data Consumer VOIP 2 00 8 TRENDS Yet to Come Eureka 2.0 Software
  6. 6. What’s In? Affordable Solar Energy What’s Out? Effective Energy Consumption High speed Broadband Tech Trends 2008 4 OM MALIK Open Applications Interconnecting Social Networking Peoples Web 2 00 8 TRENDS Paid Data Web Yet to Come Carriers open up
  7. 7. What’s In? Semantic Web & AI What’s Out? Personalization Virtual Worlds 10 Future Web Trends 5 Richard MACMANUS Mobile +Mobile Web Attention Economy 2 00 8 TRENDS Sites As Web Service Online Video Internet TV RIA International Web Yet to Come Privacy Issues Quality ,Speed Open Laszlo Platform Revenue
  8. 8. What’s In? Green IT What’s Out? Unified Communication Voice & Video BPM Analog Gartner Top 10 .. 6 JON BRODKIN Yet to Come Storage & Infrastructure As service Blade Served Design 2 00 8 TRENDS Meta data Management Virtualization 2.0 Mas h up & Composite Application Web Platform & WOA Computing Fabrics & Real world web Bandwidth Solutions
  9. 9. What’s In? Open Social Open Id ,Android What’s Out? IP Rights Music Sharing Sites Piracy Mark’s List :Mashable’s 2008 Prediction 7 MARK HOPKINS Traditional Music Industry Listener License Attentioning Cool Gadgets, Green Tech 2 00 8 TRENDS
  10. 10. What’s In? Online Video Prediction… Branded Professional Video content 8 JASON GLICKMAN What’s Out? Amateur Content Geo targets Video Search Video Blogs My Favorites Anywhere/Anytime 2 00 8 TRENDS Broadcast + Cable TV Ads by 2010 YouTube Embeded Device Dependency Yet to Come Struct Video content Production Indexing Video
  11. 11. What’s In? 802.11n Wifi What’s Out? ASUS Eee PC Everex gPC Linux & Application Tech Predictions for 2008 9 SAMUEL DEAN 2 00 8 TRENDS WiFi Hotspots Social Networks Wireless USB & Highspeed Bluetooth Yet to Come Wireless USB Embeded
  12. 12. What’s In? Vista Microsoft RIM What’s Out? Green IT Mobile Network XP lives & Greening of Tech.. 10 NANCY WEIL Social Network Sales Linux Virtualization 2 00 8 TRENDS XP , Palm US Election Yet to Come E Voting
  13. 13. 2008 Technology Trends Predictions Cloud tags: what’s in for 2008? Generated by 2 00 8 TRENDS
  14. 14. 2 00 8 TRENDS Discover more trends at: